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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Congrats Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla!

The Kapuso stars Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla are currently the talk of the town after the news of Kylie's pregnancy to Aljur's child. Therefore, Kylie's character as Amihan in the GMA-7's telefantasya "Encantadia" was killed!

Afterwards, the two announced that they were already engaged. And they were happy to have a baby. And followed by Robin Padilla's (Kylie's father) approval and excitement of his grandchild.

Different reactions spread in the world wide web. Some netizens bashed Aljur. Others get mad because their favorite Encantadia  character was pulled out from the show.

I already met these two in various events before. And yes, they were both good. And I would like to congratulate these two first for having a baby and second for their engagement! "Kayo din ang nagkatuluyan sa wakas!" I'm so happy for you both!

Sharing with you again my very recent photos with Kylie and Aljur from two different events before:

The Beautiful Amihan During Our GMA Bloggers' Event

With Gorgeous Machete During Our Wellness and Fitness Event: 

Having a baby is truly a blessing! It is an answered prayer! You both are not only successful in your respective careers, but successful in your lovelife as well! Soon, you will be a one happy family! 

Congrats again Amihan Kylie Padilla and Machete Aljur Abrenica! 01/28/2017 (RCB)

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Aljur Abrenica's "Daylight" Song Number is Captivating!

Kapuso hunk actor Aljur Abrenica gears up for his upcoming concert in Music Museum this coming November 7, 2013. The concert is dubbed as "Come and Get Me."

During the bloggers' conference held in Congo Grille in Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Aljur performed three special song numbers. Two of these songs were "Daylight" by Maroon 5 and his special composition.

Well, here are the two said songs:

Aljur's Version of "Daylight:"

Aljur's Original Song Composition:

 Aljur is truly not only a good actor but also a great singer as well!

What can you feel about these two songs?! Can you relate with them?! Well, in my case, the answers is Yes! :)

Nice one Aljur! Two thumbs up for your talent! You truly rocks! (RCB)

Aljur and Aki Together Again!

We met again with the Kapuso hunk actor Aljur Abrenica two weeks ago. This time via a blog conference held at the Congo Grilled in Tomas Morato, Quezon City for his major concert dubbed as "Come and Get Me."

Before our question and answer portion, Aljur performed three songs like the Maroon 5's "Daylight,"  his original composition, and Rico J. Puno's "Macho Gwapito."  On my next post, I'll share with you these said song. :)

Of course, just like we always do, we posted cool photos together. Here are three of our photos together:

Our other cool photos including the wacky shots were already posted in my official Instagram account: @rockenroll_04. Don't forget to follow me on my IG to see these cool photos together with your other favorite celebrities.

Aljur and Aki truly rock! (RCB)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aljur Abrenica for Bits of Rocks' 5TH Year Blog Anniversary!

The Kapuso hunk actor Aljur Abrenica returns here in his favorite blog site. This time, he is expressing his greetings to our Bits of Rocks' 5TH Year Blog Anniversary     

Here is the very own Machete of today's generation, Aljur Abrenica:   

Aljur is already featured in this site many times now. We even had our cool videos together during various events. He even greeted my birthday last March 2013.

Aljur is currently part of the epic-serye "Indio." But after this primetime fantasy series, Aljur is set to return in drama series with onscreen partner Kris Bernal.

Thanks much for this Aljur and see you again soon! God bless! (RCB)     

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Video: Birthday Greetings and Message to Rocky from Aljur Abrenica!

Kapuso hunk actor Aljur Abrenica was really a part of my birthday celebration this year! I got not only one but two birthday videos from him!

I already shared with you his first kwela birthday video for me. Now, I will share with you the serious one containing his inspiring message.

Once more, here is the Machete himself, Aljur Abrenica:

It's also good to know that Aljur and I were both celebrating our birthdays on the month of March - me on the 19TH  while he on the 24TH. Hmm...I think I should also give Aljur a birthday video like this! :)

Aljur is currently seen in the GMA-7 epic series "Indio" where he is playing the character of Datu Bagandi.

Thank you so much for this Aljur! See you again soon! (RCB) 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Video: Cool Birthday Greetings from Aljur Abrenica!

Kapuso hunk actor Aljur Abrenica is currently celebrating his 23rd birthday today, March 24, 2013. "Happy Birthday Aljur!"

But prior to his birthday, he greeted me since my birthday comes first (March 19) before his. He got two birthday videos for me. The first one is the wacky one while the other contains an inspiring message.   

Let me share with you first his wacky one:

Aljur is really a cool guy! I met him three times now. And I'm glad that we both celebrated our birthdays on the month of March.

On  my upcoming post, I'll share with you the second birthday video.

Thanks much for this Aljur! Happy Birthday too! (RCB)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Aljur Abrenica and Ian Batherson: Meeting the Starstruck Hunks!

Aljur Abrenica  and Ian Batherson were both products of the hit artista search reality show "Starstruck." Aljur emerged from third batch while Ian from the fifth or last batch.

I met the two "Starstruck" hunks during the BlueWater Day SPA new endorsers launch wherein they were the two new image models. And I really had fun mingling and talking with them! We enjoyed picture taking together as well as video recording which I will share in my succeeding posts. 

Check out two of our photos:

I belong! We three were perfect combinations! It also seems that I'm also a product of the artista search and endorser of the SPA as I joined them!

That was already my third time to meet Aljur in person. And we already knew each other since we already had videos before! For Ian, that was my first time to meet him! Ian is actually the man in the Close-Up TV commercial.

The two even greeted my 5TH Blog Anniversary and my upcoming birthday. I'll share those videos and our other photos later on!

It's truly fun spending time with them! They were truly cool guys! (RCB)

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