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Thursday, May 6, 2010


What will happen if Manny Villar and President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo merge? Well, below is the result:

Villarroyo - The Hottest Loveteam to Beat!

Seems that he/she is a child of Villar and Arroyo huh. Beautiful, isn't it?!

Today loveteam is a huge hit! Different loveteams exist. Kimerald, Melason, Enrich, Alkris...who's your bet?! Or probably you really love...'Villarroyo'?!

This is another black propaganda that circulates around the net. They say that Villar is the secret 'real' bet of GMA rather than Gibo Teodoro. As they say, Gibo is only GMA's 'front' or 'pa-mront'!

What can you say about the picture? Cool! They two have the so-called 'perfect chemistry'! If this is really true, then they were the ever hottest loveteam to beat! They will surely erase the name of Kimerald and Melason replacing them with only Villarroyo!

Well, expect that things like these were not the last! Since May 10, 2010 is quickly approaching, more and more 'black propaganda' will be exposed on TV, radio, prints, internet, and other forms of media! Hayz! How can we properly decide if our politicians keep on throwing 'putik' with one another?! All of us now were all confused and undecided...!

Brokeback Presidentiables!

What do you think will happen if our presidential candidates love each other instead of fighting one another the way they did now? Well, the result will be...'Brokeback Presidentiables'! Haha!

This is another image tagged to me by my friend in Facebook. It is now widely circulating around the net!

Hmmm...the picture really smells fishy huh! But then, it makes the coming 2010 Presidential Election this May 10 lighter and funny! Virtually, there's no war, hatred, and fight between each candidates! Hope that they were like that...too close...treating each other more than a bestfriend! Haha!

Well, now you know! You already knew why our Presidentiables today were NOT loving each other. They were fighting rather than loving. So be glad that you see them fighting! If you don't...'kabahan ka na!" Better be happy on the way they do today! Unless...Haha! C",)

Black Propaganda!

Since the 2010 Presidential Election is nearer and nearer, the campaigns of the different candidates were becoming hotter and hotter! Each candidates throw different issues to their rivals. Some candidates even filed a case against their co-candidates. As they say..."nagbabatuhan sila ng putik!"

Above is just an example! It was a picture tagged to me by my friend in Facebook!

And since the election was not yet over, expect more and more issues to come. With this kind of trends, voters became confused. They didn't even know now who will going to take the seat in Malacanang. Now, they became undecided. And many decided not to vote anymore! "Sayang ang isang boto...!!!"

Presidentiable Quick Profiles

Who will you going to vote this coming 2010 Presidential Election?

Well, four days to go and the biggest event in the country will going to happen. Have you already decided? Or confuse 'till now?

I have here with a very short profile of the running presidents. Kindly click that image above to see the full details. Hope that in very little deed, I made your minds clear.

As they always say..."Vote Wisely!" C",)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hot May: The Summer Outings and Election Special!

May this year is really a one hot month! Two hottest things are going and about to happen. Are you ready for these two hot things?!

Well, these two things are my special features for this month! What are those? Why did they make the month of May even hotter? Wanna know them? Here they are:

The Hot 2010 Election

The Hot Summer Outings

After you learned and enjoyed the anniversary special of the history of my blogs series last April, let's unwind for a while and feel hot!

My first offer for this month is all about the 2010 election. One week to go before the much-awaited presidential election. So expect that I will feature some election related post. But don't feel nervous or tired about election news 'coz in my upcoming posts, I will feature the funny side of election. It's more about humor on election! Let's counter-attack the heat of this election as I put laughter on it!

The second one is all about summer outings! Every summer season, all of us really feel fun under the sun with the different summer outings we have. Like in my case, I have different outing lineups to join. One was our recently concluded company outings in the beach of Batangas while others are the upcoming team outing in either Laguna, Cavite, or Bulacan, the outing together with my former publication family, and the cool get-together reunion with my college 'Biagaon Barkada' in Puerto Gallera! I can't promise that I could join them all. But it's sure that I will make special feature about these hang-outs!

So excited to be in The Rock Land this month of May? I know you really are! Expect also that I will feature some of my past cool summer trips which happened on the previous years!

Feel hot, hot, hot this May as we unfold these two hot stuffs! Enjoy! C",)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby James Campaign for Villar!

After the most talked-about "Baby James for Villar" incident in Bacolod during the campaign of his uncle Noynoy Aquino here comes another one!

Yup, this picture is now widely circulating around the net and is now the most viewed! As you can see, Baby James is endorsing Villar!

Before you got panic or think that Baby James is now the major endorser of Villar, this picture is just a product of Photoshop! It is just an edited picture linking Baby James to Villar! I got it from a famous entertainment site!

Too ironic! It this is really true, then voters will further got confuse! Or maybe they will think that a new alliance was formed! If there is "Villarroyo" before, then now there is..."Villanoy"! Haha! c",)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Biolitico Man!

Savior...savior...savior...?! Who's gonna call when danger comes?! It's no other than...Bioman! Red 1, Green 2, Blue 3, Yellow 4, Pink 5...oops...something had changed!

Are they my favorite childhood superheroes? Or I've post a wrong one?!

Oh, I see now..! Hmmm...seems that political color is conquering us! Are they the new superheroes that will save us? Or maybe the remake or revival of the hit Bioman or Power Ranger?! Well, if that's the case, how can we call them now?

Ah...for this generation let us call them..."Biolitico Man"! The new Bioman superheroes topbilled by our favorite famous politicians!

And the sequence now be...

Orange 1, Green 2, Blue 3, Yellow 4, and Pink 5!

And of course their counter-egos will be:

Manny Villar as Orange 1, Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro as Green 2, Mar Roxas as Blue 3, Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III as Yellow 4, and of course Bayani "BF" Fernando is Pink 5!

Now who is your bet...?! c",)

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