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Aside from this personal and celebrity blog, I also have other blog sites covering entertainment, fitness, running, lifestyle, trends, fashion, foods, magazine covers, TV series, movies, music, music videos, lyrics, arts, photography, tech, gadgets, and gizmos. These genres give rise to my six active blog sites serving all your internet needs. I'm updating and maintaining them all frequently.

So are you ready to get to know all of them?! Well, here they are: 

My Personal, Lifestyle, and Celebrity Blog -

The Overall Entertainment and TV Series Trends Site -

My Running and Fitness Blog -


The Lifestyle, Trends, Fashion, Food, Tech, Places and  Magazine Site -

A Total Movie Blog -

A Music, Lyrics, and Music Videos Site with a Personal Touch -

The Techie Blog -

Just click on their logos above and you will automatically prompted to the said websites!

These blogs comprise the so-called, "The Rock's Blog Network!" Yes, this is like a league of all my blogs!

So what are you waiting for, visit them now and feel the difference!

But wait, there's more...!

Aside from these blog sites, you can also reach me in my other social media like Twitter and Instagram.

You may follow me in my official Twitter account: @therunnerrocky

And of course, if you want to see and enjoy lots of cool photos, you may also follow me in my official Instagram account via: @therunnerrocky

Also, you can watch my videos via my two official YouTube Channels. These are:

1. Runner Rocky

2. Bits of Rocks

3. Rocky Batara Channel

And if you want to hear my music, my cover songs, you may visit my official Sound Cloud account via:   

Of course, if you want to contact me or send me invites to your upcoming events or coverage, feel free to email me at:

Hope you enjoy all my Blogs and my Social Media! God Bless you all! c",)

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