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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Journey to Our New Home 3: A Glimpse to My Purple Room

Few days left and we will soon transfer to our new home sweet home! Yes, this will be our opening salvo for 2019 - the grand opening of my very own house.

But before we make our transfer, let me tour you first to the process of its construction sharing you some of its interesting phase. Now on the third part of our "A Journey to Our New Home" blog series, let me introduce to you my bedroom, my very own master's bedroom!

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the purple room:

The Area of The Master's Bedroom

That purple area facing the huge front window will be the sleeping area. A master's bed, a dual bed will be place there. Part of it are the drawers and the important spots to put my different collections - toys, action figures, magazines, and coffee shops' planners.

Meanwhile, here is the other part of the purple room:

Pre-Final of the Office Area

Yellow and Purple are a Perfect Match

Yes, painted in yellow will be my office area. Since we will be in a work from home setup sooner this year here in our office, I allotted my very own office here in my room.

Well you wonder why purple?! It's because, purple is a sleeping color. It let's you relax. And why yellow on the other side, the office area? Simply because, purple and yellow are a perfect match! Yes, this combination depicts NBA's Lakers. But in a Filipino point, it can also be your favorite ice cream flavor - ube queso or our Christmas' favorite - bibingka't puto bungbong.

Since our home's design is more on a millennial theme, I'll ensure that every place, every area will be highly instagramable!

I'll be revealing more on our next home invasion. Stay tune folks! 01/15/2019 (Bits of Rocks)

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