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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The 2019 Seattle's Best Planner

This will be my second time to collect the Seattle's Best planner. I've started collecting the planner last year together with Starbucks and Coffee Bean.

But before I share with you my unboxing video in my YouTube Channel (since I'm not yet complete with my stickers), let me first share with you the look of the planner the first time I saw them in the coffee shop. Here they go:

Just like last year, the planner comes in four colors or four designs. Will be revealing more details on my next post.

P.S. watch out also for my Starbucks and Coffee Bean 2019 planners on the next post. Enjoying collecting stickers and stamps! 11/06/2018 (Bits of Rocks)

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how many stickers do u need to collect to avail the planner?

You need 18 stickers (9 regular drinks + 9 Christmas drinks) to avail the planner.

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