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Friday, July 8, 2016

July 2016: "Work. Blog. Run. Repeat."

"Working, blogging, running..." These are the three verbs that describe my month of July 2016 keeping me busy on the start of the third quater. My calendar for the whole month was already blocked by different commitments related to the said three items.

Work - Yours truly is currently the Team Lead of our Project which is set to released on August. Well, I'm coordinating tasks, status, updates, issues, etc. to our onshore counterpart and leading the team here in Manila. 

Blog - Blogging is already part of my system. Everyday during my free time or before I go to sleep, I always ensure that I update my 4 blogs a minimum of one article post per blog. Attending events is also part of my blogging hobby

Run - My four Sundays of July just like last month were already booked by four major diffferent running events. Name it, I have it. And I feature those runs in my sports, fitness, and marathons blog Runner Rocky. Just like blogging, running then turns into my passion, my hobby, and my interest. 

Weekdays for work and blog, weekends for run and blog...and then the process repeats. That's how I manage for the meantime my month of July. And all the stories related to the mentioned three will be shared here (hopefuly all). So see you all in my suceeding posts. (RCB)

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