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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thank You #Kapuso GMA-7 Network for Two Blog Awards for Two Consecutive Years!

For two consecutive years, yours truly received two blogging awards from the Kapuso network, GMA-7.

The two blogging awards were given during the annual Christmas Party for the Bloggers wherein different stars graced the event. Last 2015, the stars who graced the event were Ken Chan, Glaiza De Castro, Bentong, the T.O.P. band, and Favio Ide.

This year, Ken Chan was also present who himself  together with Lucho Ayala gave me the award. Also present on the event was Rich Asuncion and the "Meant to Be" hearrthrobs namely Ivan Dorschner and Addy Raj.

Thank you Kapuso for these two blogging awards and for appreciation! I will continue to be an inspiration to the readers, viewers, and netizens! Until next year! (RCB)

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#TeamRunnerRocky: The Fresh Trio Selfie

Still looking fresh after the race...!

Three of the members of my very own running team, the Team Runner Rocky had our selfie after our fun run. 

More of the team's stories in full details are now posted in my sports, fitness, and marathon blog, the Runner Rocky. See you there! (RCB) 

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Healthy Dinner with Team Herbalife

Herbalife is known for providing nutrients and food supplements to the community at the same time, encouraging many to have a healthy lifestyle. And yes, they even have a group of athletes called the Team Herbalife bringing more victories to the country in terms of sports and fitness.

Glad that we're part of the team, the blogging group in promoting the brand's campaign to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Check out our recent team's dinner below with lots of healthy stuffs:

Watch out for more of Herbalife's health activities specially in my sports, fitness, and marathons blog, the Runner Rocky. Let's stay fit and fab! (RCB)

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Pictorial in Bora

In the heat of the recent Star Magic Ball 2016, let me also share with you our ala-Star Magic Catalogue pictorial in Bora last August featuring the Happy Kids:

Well if time permits, I will share with you more cool photos during our vacation. (RCB)

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

"Nagmahal, Nasaktan..." Those Applicable to Me...

JTeri, a now popular graphic artist created these cool caricatures dubbed as "Nagmahal, Nasaktan" spreading good vibes in the world wide web. His caricatures teach how a person deals with heartaches and eventually move on from pain, improve himself, and emerge into a better person.

From his creations, I have picked 14. And yes, these picks speak to myself as these things were what I did during my breakups. Here they are:

"Nagmahal, Nagsaktan..."

... Naging Blogger
... Nag-emote sa Bintana
... Nag-selfie
... Nag-gym
... Naging yummy
... Bumili ng House and Lot
... Nag-Stalk
... Naghabol
... Nag-jogger pants
... Nag-trending
... Nag 25K Run (nag-ultramarathon pa!)
... Nag-mowdelling
... Nagmahal uli
... On Repeat (wag na sana uli!)
How about you, what's your "Nagmahal, Nasaktan" story?! Feel free to share!

Thanks again to JTeri for sharing these caricature photos through his Facebook account. More power to you bro! (RCB)

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Through the Years with Ken Chan

We already met with today's hottest chinito actor Ken Chan wayback in 2014. That was during the launch of his very first self-titled album.

In 2015, we met very often. The first one was during our set visit in his previous afternoon teleserye "Healing Hearts." And then before the year end, we had a Kapuso Christmas party and that time, he was already playing the character of "Destiny Rose."

Now in 2016, we had a great time during the GMA Bloggers' Style Camp where he won the most number of awards. And he was also prepping up for his upcoming concert "My Destiny."

Check out below my three years with my chinito brother Ken Chan:

Well to sum up our years:
   2014 - album
   2015 - TV series
   2016 - concert

In 2017, what do you think will be our major project with Ken? Will wait and see! Ken Chan and Rocky Chua truly rule! (RCB)

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A Cake Treat

As part of our celebration for the successful sign-off of our Europe Fanfare Project, I have treated my teammates with a chocolate cake from Goldilocks.

And here is the said cake with an artistic design:

This is such a cool modern design truly fits for a celebration like this. Cheers for success! (RCB)

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Crazy Little Thing Called Mario

Thai heartthrob actor and today's in-demand endorser Mario Maurer made his new visit in the country to promote Thailand via an event dubbed as "Experience Thailand with Mario Maurer," August 6, 2016.

This was actually my third time to meet Mario - first was for "Suddenly its Magic" movie presscon in 2012 while second was in 2013 for "Pee Mac" premiere night.

Finally on our third meetup, I already had selfies with him. Check these out:

I already shared my story with Mario Maurer on my fitness blog Runner Rocky wherein he showcased his own version of Thai boxing! You may also check out my YouTube channel Runner Rocky for exclusive video clips of his new visit.

Great seeing you again Mario! 'Till your next visit! (RCB)

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Saturday, July 30, 2016

What is your Viber's Emoticons?

Viber, the worldwide most used communication app just celebrated its success as it reached it 25 Million Filipino Users. And because of that, yours truly becomes part of this celebration held at the Valkyrie, The Palace in BGC.

We had enjoyed the party as well as enjoying the app's emoticons. As seen in the above photo, I've played the widely used emoticons. Which of those are your favorites? Feel free to share them and send me some if you want! 

Meanwhile, you may read the full stories and my experience joining the party in my other blogs namely:

Congrats Viber! More and more users to come! Toast! (RCB)

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Runner Rocky on Its Fresh New Look

Yours truly's sports, fitness, and marathons blog Runner Rocky now sports a fresh new look! 

As I celebrate my second year anniversary in the running community and as I upgrade myself into the field of running and fitness, it's now time to upgrade my fitness blog as well!  

And yes, it now clearly defines its three major topics - sports, fitness, and marathons! And my fitness interviews with the different celebrities and personalities are also featured in this new website.

Check out below a glimpse of the new

Green is the color theme of the new Runner Rocky. And different topics were also segregated in different tabs on the header.

We will be having a grand online launch of Runner Rocky's new website theme together with its new logo soon. 

What can you say on the new Runner Rocky? What other suggestions can you give?! (RCB)

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Enjoying a "Move-A-Thon" Experience!

Have you experienced watching your favorite movies 24 hours at the same time dancing?! Well, we did... we did witnessed the audience watching and dancing at the same time! And we owed that for Star Movies who brought this one of a kind record-breaking event for movie marathoners! 

On June 27, 2016 at the House Manila in Resorts World Manila, yours truly together with my friends Miyo Briones, Vin Ello, and Gabriel Nico Los Banos had a chance to witnessed the 7TH Movie Marathon installment of Star Movies dubbed as the "Move-A-Thon." As the term suggests, "Move-A-Thon"  is a combination of movie marathon and dance moves at the same time. Hence, "Move-A Thon" or move (dance) + marathon. The event was actually a competition - a movie marathon that required non-stop dancing from contenders who wanted to be declared the Philippines’ ultimate film lovers. Groups of avid film viewers shimmied and shook their “groove thang” for up to 24 hours straight while watching the best and most popular movie musicals of all time—all for the chance to win the grand prize of PHP200, 000.  

This was not the first time that Star Movies spearheaded a movie marathon like this. Take a look in the following years with creative movie marathons from Star Movies:

2010 - Straight-Up Movie Marathon with Unlimited Food and Drinks
2012 - A Fitness Theme with Yoga and Physical Challenges
2013 - A Rigid Boot Camp Theme
2015 - "Scare-A-Thon" of All Horror Movies
2016 - "Move-A-Thon"

Since I'm a horror movies lover, I got interested with their last year's installment! In this event, 500 participants were required to sit completely still until one winner remained.

This year's "Move-A-Thon" was also the first time that the contestants formed a team. Contestants danced non-stop for an entire day while watching the most entertaining musicals in movie history, and because of the nature of the contest, Star Movies took the movie marathon out of the cinemas and onto the dance floor, holding it in the nightlife mecca of House Manila at Resorts World Manila. The channel and partner sponsors also provided contestants with food and beverages throughout the day.   

During our stay in the afternoon, we had watched two of the musical theme movies - the "Dirty Dancing" and the Disney's "Frozen." And yes, we also enjoyed unlimited food and drinks! The event also served as our hangout at the same time!

In the end, the team dubbed as The KPop Moveathoners composed of Regiely Prado, Rona Liezl Cruz, Paul Ian Lorica, Michael John Prado, and John Wilford Prado was hailed as the grand winner!

Sponsors like the Cadbury, Dosfenal, Listerine, and the Resorts World Manila itself gave their own special prizes as well!

This was such another remarkable and unique event from Star Movies for all the movie lovers! looking forward for its exciting edition next year! (RCB) 

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Friday, July 8, 2016

July 2016: "Work. Blog. Run. Repeat."

"Working, blogging, running..." These are the three verbs that describe my month of July 2016 keeping me busy on the start of the third quater. My calendar for the whole month was already blocked by different commitments related to the said three items.

Work - Yours truly is currently the Team Lead of our Project which is set to released on August. Well, I'm coordinating tasks, status, updates, issues, etc. to our onshore counterpart and leading the team here in Manila. 

Blog - Blogging is already part of my system. Everyday during my free time or before I go to sleep, I always ensure that I update my 4 blogs a minimum of one article post per blog. Attending events is also part of my blogging hobby

Run - My four Sundays of July just like last month were already booked by four major diffferent running events. Name it, I have it. And I feature those runs in my sports, fitness, and marathons blog Runner Rocky. Just like blogging, running then turns into my passion, my hobby, and my interest. 

Weekdays for work and blog, weekends for run and blog...and then the process repeats. That's how I manage for the meantime my month of July. And all the stories related to the mentioned three will be shared here (hopefuly all). So see you all in my suceeding posts. (RCB)

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Korean Barkada Dinner at Big Mama

The glaze chicken is what we love most...! Therefore we returned and satisfied our cravings here in one of the Korean restaurants located in Makati City.

This was our second time around to spend our barkada dinner in Big Mama, a Korean restaurant in our city. Well, as its name suggest, you will truly enjoy its big serving! The chicken will definitely surpass your expectation!

Aside from the chicken, what captured our senses were the seafood soup, the kimchi, the veggies, and the shrimp and tuna makis!

Well as you can see in our group photos above, happines fulfilled the place - we were all delighted not only with the food served but also with our cool kulitan bonding together!

Big Mama is now our second Korean resto hangout next to Dong Won. 'Till our next barkada food trip...! (RCB)

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The 7-Day Nature Photography Challenge

Challenge accepted and surpassed! For 7 consecutive days, I have posted different nature photos of the 7 places I have visited in the Philippines. My friend nominated me to do this for 7 days. And I will do the same - to nominate a Facebook friend per day which corresponds to these 7 nature photos.

And here are the 7 nature photos I have posted:

Day 1 - Benquet
Day 2 - Corregidor
Day 3 - Ambon Ambon Falls
Day 4 - Tayak Hills
Day 5 - Cagbalete Island
Day 6 - Puerto Gallera
Day 7 - Caliraya

You may check the details of the said travel photos in my Facebook and Instagram accounts. (RCB)

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 2016: "Let's Talk About Something"

We are now on the second half of 2016. As always, things and events keep on happening. 

We have too many things to discuss and too many topics to blog about. But the question goes, can I blog all of them in a very limited time? 

This month of June is also the month to celebrate my 2nd year in the running community. So in my running and fitness blog Runner Rocky, expect for a month-long runniversary feature stories. 

So let's continue blogging and sharing of the different things that made us busy within these days here in my personal blog as well as in my other blog sites and social media. (RCB)

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Friday, May 27, 2016

It's Rocky to be with Ate Vi

For the second time around, I have met again the Star for All Season, Gov. Vilma Santos!

Well despite her busy schedule, she was still able to grace the bloggers for the blogcon of their movie "Everything About Her."

Fresh from my marathon in Laguna, I didn't missed a chance to see and talk with her again. And yes, aside from lots of selfies, I even had an exclusive video interview with her.

For the meantime, I will share with you first two of our selfies together. My video interview with her to follow. Here are our said photos:

We really look like mother and son on these selfies. And I can even replace her son Lucky Luis Manzano. :)

I first met Gov. Vi in 2012 during the blogcon of her horror movie "The Healing."

Thanks for the time Ate Vi. If you enjoy our photos together, definitely, you will love more our video. Watch out for that! (RCB)

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy Meal - A Food Trip for the Angry Birds

We're having another round of Barkada Food Trip. But this time, we spent our snack or light meal in McDonalds for the sake of collecting the Angry Birds toys.

Well, before I share with you my collection of the said kiddie toys, let me share with you first our Happy Meal moments:

During this night, I got my first Angry Bird toy which is the Light Up Red. I wil show it to you on my next post.

The toy is just a part of the thing that makes you happy. A simple dinner like this with good friends is already a huge thing that makes you happy... a moment to thank for! #HappyMeal :) (RCB)

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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Batman V Superman: The Collectible Hexagon Toys

Collector's Mode On! This time for another "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" toy collection.

SM Cinema is bringing these cute miniature characters of the said 2016 hit superhero movie inside a hexagon. 

There are seven characters to collect. They are batman, superman, wonderwoman, the armored batman, the batman in shades, the superman statue, and lex luthor. Check them out below:

If you collect all these seven hexagons, you can form a huge hexagon putting them all together!

And also when you buy each toy, there's a popcorn inclusive that you can enjoy! So for the price of Php179 each, you can have a toy and a popcorn! :)

As of this writing, I already bought batman, wonderwoman, and superman. There's 4 more to go to have them all! Goodluck! (RCB)

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Seven Years of TV Series Craze

TV Series Craze, my most successful blog site in the field of showbiz and entertainment is now on its Seventh Solid Successful Year!

This website which started on April 2009 is today's one of the pioneers, most searched, and most visited entertainment website. This also serves as one of my achievements as a blogger. Yeah, this blogsite even paveway for me to enter showbiz. 

7 years with more than 7 million hits, TV Series Craze is indeed one of Rocky's huge success in the blogging community.  And yes, I'll promise to write more interesting articles and blogposts about your favorite celebrities, TV shows, movies, and other trending topics.

Let me also take this oppurtunity to say thank you for your continuous support in this blogsite.

Happy Seventh Year Anniversary TV Series Craze!!!

... Seven years and counting...Toast to our success! (RCB)

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Breakfast for Four

They always say Friends are FourEver! And yes, it sounds true. Friends will never let you down and will never leave you (hopefully) even though you had done the craziest thing on earth!

Friends stay on Four. Let me share with you below our last Saturday's cool breakfast together ending our busy week:   

Well, "buti pa ang friends may FourEver, eh sa relasyon kaya..." Just cracking a hugot line for friendship. :)

What are friends four?! Let's enjoy, chill, have fun, and enjoy the moment! (RCB)

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May 2016: "Change is Coming"

Are you ready for the coming out of the new day? "Change is Coming," the trending topics nowadays!

This month of May, we'll not focus ourselves on election or any political topics. Insteads, we'll be dealing with our own changes and personal growth. How are we on the past few days?! As we stepped on the second quarter of 2016, can we assess ourselves on how far we've already reached?!

So for this month, join me as we embrace the changes in our lives. Measure our own success and achievement and ready ourselves for the next challenges. Go on and fight! (RCB)

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Derrick Monasterio Launches his Self-Titled Album

From a tween heartthrob to an actor to a hunk and now... to a singer!

Kapuso young star Derrick Monasterio proves his other talent aside from being an actor. This time as a singer. He launched his newest album, a self-titled album under GMA Records containing love songs and his choice of music.

The album contains six tracks, the love songs namely "Kailangan Kita," "Batobalani," "Give Me One More Chance," "Kailangan Mo, Kailangan Ko," "Pa'no Nga Ba?" and "Reyna" with bonus track called "Ang Aking Puso," a duet with Julie Anne San Jose.

Except from "Kailangan Kita," all the songs in his album were all original. "Kailangan Kita" is an original composition of Ogie Alcasid. Derrick is so thankful for Ogie who let him revive the song for free. 

During our blogcon, Derrick gave samples singing some of the tracks in his album. He even shared kulitan moments with us the bloggers. And he gave funny comments with his co-stars and real-life friends Bea Binene and Alden Richards.

Well, just like Derrick who is now a fitness enthusiast, I've conducted a fitness video interview with him. He gave some workout and diet tips. I'll share the said video interview with him on my fitness and running blog Runner Rocky.

Meanwhile, here are our selfie and wacky shots with Derrick after the blogcon:

Derrick is currently leading in the hit afternoon teleserye "Hanggang Makita Kang Muli" pairing him with friend Bea Binene. According to him, this TV series is one of the best project he had ever done. The story is so unique and interesting. 

Great one Derrick! More power on your singing and acting career! More new projects to come. (RCB)

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April 2016: "Celebrate Success"

After one month of hiatus, yours truly Bits of Rocks is back to give you exciting happenings and updates in my life and things around me.

The month of March kept me too busy in event, work, sports, travel, and in my personal life and relationship. But this month of April, I will share with you those things which made me too busy.

April is a celebration of success. This is because April marks the rise of my blogs at the same time, the birth month of my hit entertainment site TV Series Craze. This month also marks my 3rd successful year in my current I.T. company. And of course, I will also share with you my last month's series of birthday celebration.

So let's celebrate success this April! And let's give thanks to all the blessings with have received! (RCB)

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

February 2016: "Rock the Year Right"

The start of the year 2016 is really good to me. In terms of career, blogging, running, or even in personal aspects, I can say that the year of the monkey brings me luck.

As we entered the second page of the 2016 calendar, seems that it keeps me more busy. Well, forgive me for not updating this blog regularly as I keep on attending my commitments in the different fields I have mentioned on.

So before the month of February 2016 conclude, hope that I can share all those things to you. 

Let's rock the year right and let's embrace the good things coming! (Bits of Rocks)

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Night of Love and Music with Dan Hill This Valentines

I grew up with love songs. I love listening to music specially to love songs. Until now, my best form of relaxation specially when I'm in the office or blogging my article posts, I listen to the love songs saved in my iPhone 6. 

The love songs like "In Your Eyes" and "I Fall All Over Again" were some of my childhood favorites. And yes, glad to hear that the man behind these love songs will come in the Philippines to serenade our hearts with his lovely music.

Dan Hill, the famous love song singer dubbed as The King of Romance will come in Manila this February 2016 for two pre-Valentines concerts. The first one will be on February 10, 2016 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila while the other one will be on February 13, 2016 at the Midas Tent in Midas Hotel and Casino

Our tickets for two were ready! And we will see Dan Hill on his Resorts World concert:

Glad that yours truly Bits of Rocks is one of the blogger partners of this exciting Valentines event. And we're excited to see Dan Hill in person. I'll definitely have my one-on-one interview with him after his song numbers!

Brought by Redstone Entertainment and TAG Media, the ticket prices are as follows:

Resorts World Manila (1500 Seater):

SVIP - Php 6,500.00

VIP - Php 6,000.00

GOLD - Php 5,500.00

SILVER - Php 4,000.00

DELUXE - Php 2,500.00

Midas Hotel & Casino (400 Seater):

SVIP - Php 8,500.00

Tickets are available at TicketWorld - 891-9999 and Resorts World Manila Box Office Booth - 908-8000 local 7700. You may also buy your tickets here via Bits of Rocks my website for a 20% Discounted Price! 

Also joining Dan Hill in the concerts are The Mobb Band, The Angelos, and the mother of Janella Salvador, Ms. Jenine Desiderio.

So see you all in the concert and let's have a romantic Valentines! (Bits of Rocks)

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

2015: "A Year of Runs and Loveteams" - Uncovering My Top 15 of 2015 #2015YearEnder

Since 2009, it's always my tradition every end of the year here in Bits of Rocks to share with you my personal yearender blog post wherein I share the highlights of my year. From Top 10 to now's Top 15, exciting revelations of the year that was always surprise my readers.     

2015 was really a very good year for me. Yes, it was truly my lucky year. "2015: A Year of Runs and Love Teams," sounds intriguing right?! Yeah, that best describes my 2015 as my year revolved mostly on runs and on my personal 'love teams.' And I will describe these things one by one.

Are you ready to know my Top 15 of 2015? Check these out as I ranked them from least Top 15 up to the leading No. 1:

15. ) 10 Years of #rockyron 

- Who said there's no 'forever'?! Well, there is! A friend can be forever! And glad that we met again inline with our 10TH Year anniversary, September 14, 2005. We unexpectedly met again during my Banchetto Night Market event in BGC. He approached me and had a new round of selfies and pictorials the way we always do way back in college. Rockyron, our tandem and the original "Mulawin" superheroes reunited after 10 years to celebrate a decade of friendship! 

Just to note, after college, we also met in 2010 and 2012 before our 10TH year reunion last September 2015.

And yes, rockyron is our combined name - Rocky and Byron (Lord Byron his complete name). And both of us were 1/4 Chinese, if I am Chua, he is Tan on the other hand.

rockyron Then and Now

The Best Nine Photos in Instagram

14.) The #BloggerKing Reached 2K Plus Followers in IG 

- Aside from Runner Rocky, you can also call me as the Blogger King being one of today's pioneer and one of influential bloggers with a true passion and heart for blogging and social media (humbly speaking). Last year, I've reached my target to gain 1,000 plus followers in instagram although I'm very new to that said picture-sharing social media. And my target for 2015 is reach 2,000 followers. August 2015, I have achieved my goal as I reached my target followers. As of this writing, my IG followers are 2,264 though I have minimal posts.            

First Time to Meet Them in 2015

13.) #FirstTime Fresh Faces

- Though my blogging career revolves around meeting different stars, celebrities, and personalities, I still haven't met yet some of the known names in our industry. And 2015 paved way for me to meet the different personalities in the fields of music, showbiz, fashion, and sports. 

Some of them that I have met this 2015 were Chris Banchero (PBA Heartthrob), Gabbi Garcia (GMA Young Actress), Chris Dayto (AZKALS Player), Hideo Muraoka (Brazilian Model), Gabe Norwood (PBA Star), Luane Dy (TV host), Mica Reyes (Volleyball Superstar), Shot Reyes (Gilas Pilipinas PBA Coach), Reyn Talosig (Model Athlete), Daryl Ong (Singer Heartthrob), Neil Perez (Policeman and Mister Philippines 2015 Winner), and Jason Dy (The Voice Ph Grand Champion).             

Glad that I met them for the very first time!

Meet My New Inaanak, Baby Emmanuel

The Ninong Runners

12.) #ProudNinong to My New Godchildren Baby Sophia and Baby Emmanuel

- I got two new inaanaks this 2015. They are Baby Sophia and Baby Emmanuel from my two close friends.

Baby Sophia is the first baby of my college bestfriend Marfe Antoniette Bermudo-Mallari. She was wed last 2014 to my now's bayaw Richmond (you may read back their wedding story in my 2014 blog post). The name Sophia or Pia is Angel Locsin's name in her movie with Richard Gutierrez called "Let the Love Begin" which reminded me of someone. :) I wasn't able to attend the baptismal of Baby Pyang because I was in Baguio (March) during the said date.      

My second godchild for the year is Baby Emmanuel, the son of my close friend Eric Del Mundo. Eric is one of my close friends in our running group Team Run Direction and in our barkada group Happy Kids. Eric and I became close friends only this 2015 after our urban guerilla race last April. I bet, Baby Emmanuel will be a runner and marathoner soon since majority of his ninongs were runners! And did you know that right after our Run United 3 Philippine Marathon in SM Mall of Asia, we rushed to the church in North EDSA to attend Baby Emman's baptismal?! It was such a cool marathon story - from run to baptismal!

Baby Sophia and Baby Emmanuel are like my own anaks. And I'm proud to be their cool ninong

Certified Kapuso Blogger Award! Proud Kapuso!

The Awards Night During our Year End #KapusongPasko Party

11.) Certified Kapuso Blogger Awardee #CertifiedKapuso

- Though I started as a Kapamilya blogger and most of my followers were from Kapamilya, I'm glad that the Kapuso network recognized me as one of their best bloggers. Kapuso station truly take care of me - they always invited me in their events, recognize my talent, and talagang pinahalagahan ako! I admit, I'm not a Kapuso before but because of this good treatment and the efforts from the GMA social media people, they caught my heart! Nakuha nila ang puso ko! And I'm now proud to be one of them! I can't say no whenever they invited me in their events and I really make ways to attend their happenings.  

Kung binabalewa ka lang at dinededma ng istasyong sinuportahan mo, here in GMA-7, I really feel the love! Thank you for the love Kapuso! MaGMAmahalan tayo kahit di na Pasko! Excited for their new events this 2016.      
Winning the Happy House Donut Franchise

10.) So Lucky in Most of the Raffles #LuckyRocky

- 2015 truly proved to be my lucky year! I always won in most of the raffles whether minor or major from different running events, presscons, or even in our company. Some of the major prizes I have received this year from the raffles were a Happy House Donut Franchise during our EntrepRun media launch, a Soleus GPS Watch during our Financial Fitness Run, and a membership privilege and overnight stay at the New World Hotel during our company Christmas Party! So lucky indeed!

Unboxing My iPhone 6 New Gift

Selfie Using My iPhone 6

9.) iPhone 6 The Most Expensive Gift I Have Received #ForeverThankful

- Receiving a 64 GB iPhone 6 as a gift was truly the biggest luck I received for the year 2015. It was given to me by my friend and owner of the restaurant. I've organized and hosted her events and write good reviews and write-ups to her restaurants. I even brought good bloggers to her during our food tasting event. iPhone 6 then served as my recognition. Thank you very much mam!

Aside from iPhone 6 this year, last 2013, she gave me a Canon Digital Camera which she bought in Hongkong. I'm very much thankful for this!

My Blog Logos Printed in the Race Singlets and Billboards

My Blog Logos in the Huge Billboard of Johann Mendoza Concert

8.) A Proud Media Partner of Major Events #MediaPartner

- Yours truly the Blogging King ruled this 2015. I was the official media partner of different events of different fields - mapa-running, mapa-showbiz, or mapa-concert. The logos of my blogs were printed in their official posters, tickets, or even in the singlets.

This 2015, I am the official media partner of the following: Celebrity Basketball (Basketball with the Stars) held in De Lasalle University Dasmarinas, Johann Mendoza Concert in Music Museum, Glow City Zumba Party in Quezon City, and Guerilla Race 2015 in Timberland Heights San Mateo Rizal.                       
The Fitness Buddy RocKarl

RocKarl Conquered The First Ever Music Run in the Country

7.) The Fitness Buddy #RocKarl

- 2015 was my year of fitness, runs, and obstacles. This year, I have conquered a military-inspired run called the Guerrilla Race aside from taking fitness training into the next level via Crossfit in Crossfit Salcedo and Men's Health Training Combine. And glad that I found my fitness buddy Karl Mikhail.  

I dubbed Karl as a "Master of Obstacles." He's not the typical gym-goer because he has skills in stunts and obstacle courses. In fact, he ranked second place in our recent Guerrilla Race in San Mateo Rizal.

Karl and I both have a passion in fitness. He even trained and showed me some fitness stunts. We conquered different obstacle runs such as the two Guerrilla Races and the Men's Health Urbanathlon Survival of the Fittest in addition to the runs like Run for Odyssey, Affinitea Brown Race Marathon, and The Music Run. Soon in my blog Runner Rocky, we will share our fitness videos demonstrating fitness activities and stunts. RocKarl rules!

So Happy with the Happy Kids

6.) And We Called Ourselves as The #HappyKids                 

- A brokenhearted version of me brought me to our barkada group called as the Happy Kids.Yeah we are group of good friends founded by now my close friend Fahad.

Fahad and I became close friend last March 2015 during the time that I was brokenhearted. I revealed to him my situation. And he shared to me his own heartaches. From then on, we became good friends together with my other close friends in TRD like Eric and Ian.

Our group expanded with the addition of new good friends. And we called our group as the "Happy Kids" since Fahad our founder always uses the hashtag #HappyKid in most of his status. Happy Kids is our cool barkada reminding me of the youth-oriented shows before like "Gimik"  and "TGIS."  

"Happy Kids" starring Fahad, Rocky, Ian, Eric, Emart, Eduardson, Karl, Chano, Onin, Gil, Emerson, and Julius. Haha! We were all fitness enthusiasts as well!       

And before we jump to the next item, did you know that aside from Fahad, the hashtag #HappyKid was always used by my ex in the posts?!

5.) Aching for the Three Letters - The #ASeries

- I don't want to elaborate this anymore. And yes, this was the caused of my heartaches this year! I suffered from this from March to October. Imagine 7 months! And the 3-month rule didn't work for it! Ang dami nang itinambal sa akin ha pero ang hirap niyang palitan! LOLS!

Well if I have four letters in 2014, this 2015, it was downed to three letters! Read between the lines na lang to avoid issues. Baka maghabulan na naman kami pag nagkita!
Playing the Character of Superman!

4.) The Vengeful Iconic Characters #Superman and #AmorPowers   

- If in 2014 my most remarkable character was a merman when I turned to be a merman in Ocean Park, this year my iconic character was the man of steel Superman. I wore the superman suit during our DC All-Star Superheroes Run in April. And yes even in real life this year, I was like superman when I was able to defeat the 'salot' (villains) in our office!      

My life and challenges I've underwent this 2015 were like in "Pangako Sa'yo." Just like the iconic Amor Powers na inapi nung una eventually turned vengeful and powerful defeating the enemies! "Matitikman nila ang batas ng isang api,"  her famous line in the teleserye holds true. 

Well I can say, para akong pusa na may siyam na buhay (sa opis) na pilit pinabagsak pero di nila nagawa! In the end, ung mga gustong magpabagsak sila pa 'ung nawala 

3.) Tandems, #LoveTeams Rule    

- Love teams were truly a huge hit in showbiz this year. Well, magpapatalo ba naman tayo sa KathNiel, JaDine, LizQuen, KimXi, at AlDub since I also have my own love teams in real-life?! And yes, not only one but seven ang naging ka-loveteam ko this year! Haha!

But the negative side of it, naging puro love teams na lang wala nang naging for real life! ;( Reel versus Real, should I believe now to #WalangForever?!

My Certificate Being the Emerging Influential Blogger

Runner Rocky is No. 1 in the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2015

2.) Hailed No. 1 in the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2015 #EmergingInfluentialBlogger 

- It was more than a dream come true! Before, I just wished that my new blog will be part of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs. But, God gave me more - my new blog Runner Rocky took the No. 1 spot in this prestige credible award-giving body.  

Bloggers and online influencers will pick and vote for the new blogs (one year old blogs) which they think made a great impact and influential to people. And they voted for Runner Rocky, my fitness, sports, and marathon blog. It received the most number of votes surpassing the other new blogs. Therefore, it captured the No. 1 spot. Thank you!

Some of My Runs for 2015
Certified Ultramarathoner

1.) #RunnerRocky - The Blog, The Runs Rolled Into One    

- In relation to Item No. 2, the Top 1 in my Top 15 of 2015 list goes to no other than Runner Rocky! Yes, aside from being an emerging influential blog today as proven by the mentioned award above and as being a media partner in most of the huge events in  2015, my year also revolved mostly in fitness and running and I wrote all of them in the said blog. And of course love teams, di ba mostly sa running nabuo?! 

In terms of running, 2015 also paved way for me to conquer new forms of runs namely the obstacle races like the Guerilla Races and SyncRUNize, the music-inspired run like The Music Run, and of course the ultramarathons like the 50K Ninoy Aquino Day Ultramarathon, the 50K 2-Man Relay Rizal to Rizal Ultramarathon,  and the 120K Bonifacio Day Ultramarathon (4-Man Relay). I am now indeed a certified master of obstacles and ultramarathoner at the same time!  

And that's my list of my Top 15 of 2015 highlights of my year concluding my 2015. Indeed my major roles for the said year was a runner, blogger, and lover all rolled into one! How do you find my real-life stories for the year?!

2015 now signing off! (Bits of Rocks)  

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