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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taste the Blended Tamarind Juice Drink!

I found my new favorite juice drink! This is  the Tamarind natural blended juice drink!

Yes, it gives you the natural taste of a tamarind or popularly know as sampalok!   It combines the sweet-sour taste of a tamarind!

Here is the said actual drink in a cool glass bottle:

This juice drink is brough to us by the brand called Locally (Blended Juice Drink). This tamarind juice drink is dubbed as "Tamarind My Bell!"

But wait, there's more! Aside from tamarind, other flavors are kamias and dalandan! The two flavors are dubbed as "Kamias you Are" and "You've Dalandan It Again" respectively!

Check them out below:

I've already tasted both the tamarind and the dalandan. Next to try is the kamias! 

What do you notice about these juice drinks?! Well, they were all homegrown fruits - fruits which are all found only in the Philippines! (RCB)

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