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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taste the Blended Tamarind Juice Drink!

I found my new favorite juice drink! This is  the Tamarind natural blended juice drink!

Yes, it gives you the natural taste of a tamarind or popularly know as sampalok!   It combines the sweet-sour taste of a tamarind!

Here is the said actual drink in a cool glass bottle:

This juice drink is brough to us by the brand called Locally (Blended Juice Drink). This tamarind juice drink is dubbed as "Tamarind My Bell!"

But wait, there's more! Aside from tamarind, other flavors are kamias and dalandan! The two flavors are dubbed as "Kamias you Are" and "You've Dalandan It Again" respectively!

Check them out below:

I've already tasted both the tamarind and the dalandan. Next to try is the kamias! 

What do you notice about these juice drinks?! Well, they were all homegrown fruits - fruits which are all found only in the Philippines! (RCB)

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Meet Beep, the Unified LRT/MRT Card!

"One Card for All!" This is now applicable to the LRT / MRT card as they phased out the previous stored value MRT/LRT card and replaced the card entrance/exit passage.

The Light Rail Transit and the Metropolitan Rail Transit now introduced the new unified card named Beep.

Well unlike the previous card, Beep is reloadable. Yes, you can load whatever amount you want unlike the previous wherein the stored value amount was only 100 pesos max. This card is reusable. You will pay 20 pesos for the Beep card and load whatever amount you want. You can keep it until 4 years since the expiration of this card is up to 4 years.

And unlike the previous card, using it is so easy! You will just need to swipe it in the passage.

Now let's take an up, close, and personal look at this card below:

The Front Side of the Beep Card:

The Back Side of the Beep Card:

An Official Receipt Whenever You Load Amount:

You will Swipe the Beep Card in this Arrow and it Will Allow You to Pass:

Well if you don't feel to use this long-term  Beep card since you're not a regular LRT/MRT commuter for instance, the single journey card is also available. This is the white card with a label of Single Journey.

Since I'm a regular LRT/MRT commuter, I now have my own Beep card which I availed last month!

LRT Line 1 was the first one to use this Beep card since last week of August 2015. But starting this October 3, 2015, MRT and LRT 2 will also use this. Therefore if you have one Beep card, you can use it all in LRT 1, LRT 2, and MRT without any hassle of buying a different one! 

What can you say about this unified card? Did it elevate a solution to the usual LRT/MRT problem?! (RCB)

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

#ThrowbackThursday: In White with Michael Pangilinan

Let's start our #ThrowbackThursday with my awards night photo with the man behind the hit song "Pare Mahal Mo Raw Ako," Michael Pangilinan.

Here is one of our many photos together one year ago during the PMPC Star Awards for Music 2014:

I first met Michael last year during the ABS-CBN's "Himig Handog P-Pop Love Song" presscon. Afterwards, I often see each other in different events.

My video interview with this guy is also up in my official YouTube account.

Right now, Khel is one of the contestants of the second season of the hit singing reality show, "Your Face Sounds Familiar." Good luck Khel! See you again soon! (RCB)

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My Professional Scrum Master Certification

It was already more than one year ago when I got my second professional certification in the field of Software Testing. This is the Professional Scrum Master (PSM).

Here is my said certification which strengthens my professional career:

My first certification in my field is the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) which I got last 2012. 

Now that I have PSM and ISTQB which are both international certifications, the question goes, what other certification do I need to take in my field of software testing and engineering?! (RCB)

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Ken Chan and Rocky Chua: The Chinito #Selfie

Before I'll share with you my video interviews with Ken Chan, let me show to you first some of cool selfies together!

Ready, set... here they go:

The Pogi Selfie:

The Wacky Faces:


Well, seems that we really missed one another! If photo speaks a thousand word, Rocky and Ken together then speak a thousand photos! (RCB)

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Chinitos Ken Chan and Rocky Chua Share Success Stories!

It was exactly one year ago when me and  the young celebrity actor-singer Ken Chan first met. And that was during the launch of his self-title album wherein he showcased his singing talent in an album containing his original songs and his own versions of different hit love songs. Glad that I interviewed a younger version of Ken sharing his music which I've already shared in my blogs and in my YouTube channel last 2014.

This year, me and Ken crossed path once more when we had our set visit in the afternoon teleserye "Healing Hearts." But this time, we didn't anymore talk about music. Rather we discussed acting and exciting TV projects.

During our second metup, we exchanged  stories on how we became successful in our own fields - me in the field of running and blogging while him in the field of singing and acting. As yours truly now becomes known as Runner Rocky, Ken on the other hand now turns as Destiny Rose.

Ken is now one of the most in-demand Kapuso young actor. He made a remarkable role in "Healing Hearts" playing a close friend of Joyce Ching and Kristoffer Martin. And of course, he always makes our midnight fun and lively via "Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman" being one of the regular hosts and performers.

Aside from these two regular TV projects, Ken eventually transforms into an exciting character of a transgender, a lead role in the newest GMA Afternoon Prime TV series, "Destiny Rose." Yes, in the series, get ready to see the female version of Ken!

During our conversation, Ken shared how he got his role. He underwent the normal audition process. He was so thankful that he bagged the role since the competition during the audition was really stiff as the other famous actors also auditioned for the role!

Ken also revealed his preparation for his character as "Destiny Rose." Yes, he had his own diet to maintain his figure as a girl. He was strict in the food and drinks he takes. I will share with you the video of  my fitness and diet interview with Ken in my fitness blog Runner Rocky (

It was also good to know that Ken is also a theater actor. He already played different lead roles on stage. If I'm not mistaken, the popular Pinoy play "Sa Ngalan ng Ama" was his favorite.

And what me and Ken have in common?! Well, both of us were half Chinese! Definitely it's obvious since we're both chinito and his surname is Chan while my middle name is Chua! 

On my next post here in my blog, I will share with you my whole video interview with Ken wherein he shared his career goal as an actor, his dream roles in the future, and his dream leading lady! Who do you think is Ken's dream leading lady that he wants to work with?! Well, find out on my next post! :) RocKenroll Ken and Rocky! (RCB)

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Run and Travel at the Same Time in Caliraya

Yours truly Runner Rocky travelled and ran at the same time in the beautiful place of Caliraya, Laguna during our 34 Km trail marathon dubbed as the Caliraya 360.

I have took almost 418 photos as we roamed around the beautiful place. We had experienced the uphill and downhill route with fun amidst the sunny weather.

I will share our complete running experience in this marathon in my running blog Runner Rocky ( while the beautiful views of Caliraya here in my personal and travel blog Bits of Rocks.

So stay tune folks for more upcoming exciting posts! (RCB)

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

September 2015: "Let the BER Begins"

BER month started as the month of September begun. And what BER-months mean to us - Christmas, gifts, bonuses, parties, thanks-giving, celebrations! And of course, "busy" as many of us specially yours truly are committed into different activities.

As September begins, I'll be also preparing lots of yearly routines for my blogs, passions, celebrations, and now into my new world - running. Lots of new events were also instore for us. Hope that I can post them all here in my personal blog as well as in my other websites.

So before we start discussing a particular topic, let's embrace September, the start of the Ber-Months, and let start the Ber-Months right! 

Lots of surprises will be on my next posts! Stay tune! (RCB)

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