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Friday, June 26, 2015

Rocky and Enrique Gil: "On the Gil of Rocks"

How many photos and selfies do we already have now?! Well, from the first time I met and talked with him in person way back in 2012 up to now, I already build a photo  album of me and Enrique Gil together.

Great meeting and mingling with now popular Xander of "Forevermore," Enrique Gil. But this time, he is now Drake of the newest rom-com movie, "Just the Way You Are."

Well, just like we always do everytime we meet, we pose wacky and selfie together. And here are our latest pictures:

By the way, I love the outfit of Quen on that day! I like much his red-black checkered shirt! He looks more cool on his outfit! It even blended to my attire which is dark blue. As you can see in our photos above, we're perfect together complementing one another! 

On my later post, let me share with you more photos and videos with the one and only Enrique Gil! Yours truly and Quen together form the so-called "On the Gil of Rocks!" (RCB)

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