Friday, June 26, 2015

Rocky and Enrique Gil: "On the Gil of Rocks"

How many photos and selfies do we already have now?! Well, from the first time I met and talked with him in person way back in 2012 up to now, I already build a photo  album of me and Enrique Gil together.

Great meeting and mingling with now popular Xander of "Forevermore," Enrique Gil. But this time, he is now Drake of the newest rom-com movie, "Just the Way You Are."

Well, just like we always do everytime we meet, we pose wacky and selfie together. And here are our latest pictures:

By the way, I love the outfit of Quen on that day! I like much his red-black checkered shirt! He looks more cool on his outfit! It even blended to my attire which is dark blue. As you can see in our photos above, we're perfect together complementing one another! 

On my later post, let me share with you more photos and videos with the one and only Enrique Gil! Yours truly and Quen together form the so-called "On the Gil of Rocks!" (RCB)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

"I Reserved an Acceptable Minion!"

Sounds familiar right?! Yeah, me and the ultimate heartthrob Piolo Pascual already utterred those words which is the title of this post. :) Do you think, these cute mini-me can deliver those lines better?!

Well just like you who is always kid at heart, I'm excited for the return of the Minions. And as they dominate the big screen, they will conquer at the same time our favorite fast food chain, McDonalds. Once more, for every Happy Meal that you will order, you will get a free minion. 10 new designs of minions were set to offfer!

But, since I'm segurista, I already reserved my minions! I availed the fast food's pre-order promo which secured me of these 10 minion designs.

How to pre-order?! Well, check out the image below:

How to Reserve:

My Minion Coupon:

To read more details of the promo, please read my post in my lifestyle blog: 

I can get my 10 minions starting June 20 in the McDonalds branch where I availed the coupons.

After I get my minions, of course I will definitely post them here in Bits of Rocks

Yeah I'm so excited! Collector mode is on! (RCB)

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Rock and The GabRu's Collaboration #GMABloggersStyleCamp

Yours truly collaborates with today's GMA hottest and most kilig loveteam, the GabRu in an exciting project dubbed as the GMA Bloggers' Style Camp.

The tandem of GabRu which is composed of Gabby Garcia and Ruru Madrid now gives life to the characters of Sophia and Eric in the TV series remake of the hit romance movie "Let the Love Begin."

As they breath new life to the respective characters previously portrayed by Angel Locsin and Richard Gutierrez in the 2005 movie version of the series, Gabbi and Ruru easily captivate the hearts of many viewers with their romance-comedy chemistry.

I'm so glad that yours truly is assigned to work with them in the said newest GMA project. During our pictorial, the studio was filled with fun and laugher as the love team offered an unlimited kilig and kulitan moment sharing good vibes in every shoot.

Let me share with you first my selfies with the love team after our shoots.

A Selfie with GabRu:

Posing Wacky with GabRu:

GabRu After our Photoshoot:

Well, if you want to know what our project is all about, check out the video teaser posted in my Instagram account. 
Here is the link:

Yes, this will involve an online participation as fans, viewers, netizens, and supporters will vote for their favorite tandem. Of course, we will all vote for Team Gabru! Here is the link where you can cast your votes:

More details will be revealed soon. Don't forget to visit my other two entertainment and lifestyle blogs for more information. Here are their links:

TV Series Craze: 

The Lifestyle Portal: 

Great working with you Gabbi and Ruru! Stay tune guys for more new exciting announcements! (RCB)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mark Neumann and Rocky Chua: The Baker King and The Blogger King

After two years, yours trully the "Blogger King" and now the Pinoy "Baker King" met.

It was great to meet again the TV5 heartthrob Mark Neumann who is now playing the character of Tak Gu in their very own Pinoy adaptation of the hit Koreanovela, "Baker King." We both attended the launch of Starmobile's newest digital TV phone.

Well as we always do whenever we meet,  we took many photos and selfies together. And yes, we look great together in pictures depicting our cute handsome faces.

So are you ready with our new selfies together?! Here we go:

But wait, there's more! Here are the collage of our new photos merged into one:

I first met Mark in 2012 when he was a contestant of TV5's artista reality search show, Artista Academy. I conducted a video interview with him before the show's finale night. And he gave me a video greetings inviting my fans to visit and support my websites namely Bits of Rocks and TV Series Craze.

We even attended together different awards nights on the same year.

We last met in 2013 if I'm not mistaken during the celebrity screening of ABS-CBN's afternoon series "Dugong Buhay."

It was nice meeting, tallking, and mingling with you again Mark now known as Tak Gu! 'Till next time bro! (RCB)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 2015: "Selfie Selfie on the Wall"

It's already June! And yes, we are almost concluding the first half of the year 2015. Time flies so fast specially when you're always busy. 

June is known as the back to school month or the wedding month known as the June Bride. But the month of June here in Bits of Rocks will be tackling more on selfie! 

Since yours truly is really too busy joining and taking part on different events, one most important souvenir I should have is to take a selfie photo (or an album of photos) with celebrities and personalities present in the events. And those selfie shots will be share with you here in my blog. 

So stay tune folks and let this month of June serve as an online photo album of Rocky's selfies! (RCB)

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ending the Month of May with Four Consecutive Events

It was not only a back-to-back. Rather, it was a back-to-back-to-back-to-back! Four consecutive events ended my month of May 2015 which covered my four blogs of four different genres. As they say, yes "lagare kung lagare!" "Mahirap pero masarap!"

Here are my four consecutive events on the last two days of May which kept me too busy with a lack of sleep:

Saturday (May 30):

* Event 1 - Men's Health Training Combine, 6am to 11am | Sparta Gym, Mandaluyong City

* Event 2 - GMA Bloggers Style Camp - Team GabRu, 12nn to 6pm | Studio Central, Quezon City

* Event 3 - Honda Let Your Beat Out Launch, 6pm to 1am, Music Hall, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

Sunday (May 31):

* Event 4 - Alaska World Milk Day, 4am to 8am, SM Mall of Asia Running Grounds, Pasay City

Now what can you say about my timeline?!

The good thing was that, I shifted from IT to sports to showbiz to lifestyle to running! Yes, fresh from work when I started my first physical fitness event on a Saturday morning. 

Definitely on my succeeding posts here and in my other blogs, I will share with you all those events one by one! So get ready and stay tune folks! (RCB)

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