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Friday, May 29, 2015

Let's Get Wacky with Dennis Trillo

For the nth time around, we met again with my co-Half Chinese actor Dennis Trillo or Dennis Ho in real life. And this time, for his new movie "You're Still the One."

The movie is a romance drama. He is playing the character of Jojo who fell inlove with Elize, played by Maja Salvador.

We will not talk about the movie for the meantime. Rather, I'll show with you the wacky side of Dennis. Here we go as we got wacky:

This is not our first time that we went wacky. Wayback in 2013 during the promo of their album "TomDen," Dennis showed his more wacky side. Yes, much funnier that this! I'll share it with you soon as our throwback!

Great mingling with you again Dennis! We enjoyed the moment! See you soon. More photos with Dennis and Rocky on the next posts. (RCB)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Fun Shots with Maja Salvador and Dennis Trillo

Two of the brightest stars from the rival networks ABS-CBN and GMA-7 were paired in a romance-drama movie "You're Still the One." They are Maja Salvador and Dennis Trillo.

Unlike their movie which is full of drama, pain, and bitterness, our recently concluded two-day blogcon or bloggers conference were full of fun, laugher, and happiness! Well, here is one of the proofs. :)

Here are some of our cool and cute photos of Maja and Dennis right after our second day blogcon and before their mall tour:

This is just a teaser of our cool encounter with the casts of "You're Still the One." In my next posts, I will share with you our one-on-one on should I say heart-to-heart conversation with the three lead stars of the movie. So stay tune!

Great meeting you again Maja and Dennis! Thanks for the time! (RCB)

Friday, May 22, 2015

Meeting Lazada's Adam Levine

Adam Levine is the lead vocalist of one of my favorite bands, the Maroon 5. Almost all of their songs captured my heart and put important memories in my life. The latest in my track from them is "Daylight."

Great to know that Lazada, an online shopping portal have their very own "Adam Levine." Check him out below:

He really looks like Adam Levine right?!

He is Florian Holm, one of the executives of Lazada. We met again for the second time around. Our picture above was during our recent Lazada event, the launch of their great mobile app sale , Tuesday night of May 19, 2015.

We first met at exactly two months ago - March 19, my birthday which was also the third year birthday celebration of Lazada! What a coincidence!

Thanks for the night Florian a.k.a "Adam!" See you again soon! I'm a big fan! #fanboy :) (RCB)

Live. Laugh. Love

Live. Laugh. Love. 

These were the three L's seen on a coffee shop. A tagline for their coffee flavors which at the same time essential to our life.

Live. Laugh. Love. - that's so simple to deal with challenges in our life! (RCB)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Thoughts from the "Hopeless Romantic"

'Hugot' films were currently  in-demand and much accepted by the movie-goers nowadays. Well, admit that many of us truly relate in the movies like "English Only Please," "You're My Boss," and "That Thing Called Tadhana."

Now, another 'hugot' film which is based from the best-selling book of Marcelo Santos III is showing on cinemas. And inline with this movie, let me share with you some of its hopeless romantic thoughts:

Relate?! Definitely, all of us were struck by those words. These were truly "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic" like me! (RCB)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"Para Sa Hopeless Romantic" - Our Very Own Version!

How many of you were so-called "Hopeless Romantic?!" Well, count me in since I belong to many!

The hit book of Marcelo Santos III known as  "Para Sa Hopeless Romantic" now has its movie adaptation from Star Cinema and Viva Films starring today's two of the hottest loveteams namely the JaDine or James Reid-Nadine Lustre and the JulNigo or Julia Barretto-Inigo Pascual.

Well, we even made our very own version. Yes, with my officemate friends, we recreated its cool romantic movie poster with ice cream as the proofs. And here how it looks like:

Of course, here is the original movie poster which inspires yours truly to make our own:

So do you love our very own "remake?" Now which of the two posters give you more 'kilig' feelings?! (RCB)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy 6 Years with AdSense!

Aside from my entertainment website TV Series Craze which is now celebrating its 6TH Year Anniversary, proud to say that I am also celebrating my 6 years with Google AdSense.

AdSense is an elite ad network from Google which brings revenue on your websites. The same month and year when TV Series Craze was born, I also became one of the elite bloggers associate with AdSense. That was April 2009, the month and year were my blogs rose, started to become active, and bring home incomes for me!

6 years with AdSense is such another accomplishment and achievement of yours truly in terms of blogging and social media! Another thing to be proud of! Thank you AdSense! (RCB)

TV Series Craze Now on Its 6 Successful Years!

The well-loved, the most visited, and the trending entertainment website of yours truly which is TV Series Craze is now on its 6 Successful Years.

Being the creator of this successful site, I am so proud of its achievement. For 6 years now, it continuously evolves dominating the world wide web. As of this writing, it now gains more than 6.9 Million hits and visits.

Its Facebook Fanpage which is now got more than 2,500 likes.

Born in April 17, 2009, TV Series Craze is now one of the most searcheable entertainment website. It is also now one of the most-shared websites and currently one of the favorite sites of fans, viewers, readers, and netizens.

One of its major achievements this year, TV Series Craze now acquires its own domain via

And of course, we already had our new icon logo. Check it out below:

Thanks to my good bestfriend Romeo "Miyo" Briones Jr. of for designing this cool red logo for TV Series Craze.

Happy, happy, happy 6 year anniversary TV Series Craze! 6 years and counting of "Serving Fresh the Hottest Trends in TV Series and Entertainment." More success, more years to come! (RCB)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

#Dubsmash Craze - Sam Milby: "I Never Said That I Love You"

Did you remember this famous line: "I never said that I love you?" Yes, that is the famous line of the rockoustic heartthrob Sam Milby from the hit 2006 teleserye, "Maging Sino Ka Man."

Now, let's relive this killer line from Sam via the worldwide craze Dubsmash

Yeah, I have not only one but two versions of Sam's dubsmash. It's hard for me to choose which between the two to share it with you since both of them were great. Therefore, I decided to share both!

Ladies and gentlemen, here are my two Sam Milby's dubsmash videos:  

 Did I got the same emotion?! Well, it's up to you! More dubsmash videos to share on my next post. (RCB)

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#Dubsmash Craze - Angel Locsin: "Hanggang Ngayon Hindi Mo Pa Rin Tinatantanan ang Asawa Ko"

Let's continue with our Dubsmash craze, the latest trend in the worldwide web. This time, let's take Angel Locsin's one of the killer lines in the hit TV series "The Legal Wife."

Here's how yours truly did the said controversial line:

Haha! What can you say about my acting?! Convincing?! Well, more to come in my next post! :) So stay tune! (RCB)

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#Dubsmash Craze - Piolo Pascual: "I Deserve an Explanation"

Dubsmash is currently a worldwide trend! It is a selfie video of a person dubbing a line from a famous movie, song, TV series, commercial, or from a well-know person. Different versions of dubsmash were currently on my news feeds of my different social media.

Well, pahuhuli ba naman tayo?! Definitely, yours truly already created different versions of Dubsmash from the famous artists which were now uploaded in my YouTube Account. And yes, I will share it all to you here in my blog Bits of Rocks.  Let's start with the ultimate hunk Papa Piolo Pascual.

Here is a famous line of Papa P. from the blockbuster movie, "Starting Over Again:"

What can you say about my performance?! Is is acceptable?! Haha! Well, it's only the start. Watch out for more on my next posts! :)

Stay tune! (RCB)

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Rocky and Patrick Deyto: "The Runner Meets the Player!"

Seems that I found my long lost brother after I met the AZKAL's football player, Patrick Deyto.

Yes as many say, we have a resemblance. Our eyes, our teeth, our smile - look similar!

Well, check out some of our photos below and see it yourself:

Patrick is currently the image model of Mizuno, a leading Japanese brand of sports gears. You may see many of his photos, posters, or even billboards in the different stores of the said brand.

I also got an oppurtunity to interview this hunk guy giving us fitness tips on how to stay fit and healthy. He even shared his own fitness secret which keep him hot and fit! I'll share with you the said video interview here in Bits of Rocks and in my running and fitness blog which is the Runner Rocky (

Great meeting you Patrick! See you around in the sports field! (RCB)

The Miming #Selfie

One of my favorite kittens love to take selfies of his cute face infront of the camera. Whenever I hold my iPhone 6 facing him, he looks towards it posing cute.

Well, meet my white cute kitten named Nunuy and some of his stolen selfie shots in a cute collage:

Nunuy or Nuy is so tame. He loves to sleep in bed, sofa, or in soft pillows. You can even hug him all you want!

On my next posts, I'll share with you more photos of Nuy as well as his other siblings. 

This cute kitten including his mother and his siblings living with us in our home sweet home really relieve our stress and tireness. They were truly lovable to take care with. (RCB)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

#Selfie: JayR Turns Wacky with Rocky!

The RnB King JayR Silona showed his wacky side during our pictorial with yours truly!

Well if we always see him transform from one singer to another in the top-rating singing reality show "Your Face Sounds   Familiar" in ABS-CBN, this time in Bits of Rocks, get ready to see his wacky face.

Alright, here he goes:

I started to get close with JayR after I interviewed him last March 2015 during the presscon of "Your Face Sounds Familiar." Yes, he revealed with me why he decided to transfer from the Kapuso to the Kapamilya network! And I will share with you the said video interview on my next exciting post!

See you again soon JayR! (RCB)

Friday, May 1, 2015

May 2015: "Travel and Trends"

Superman is yours truly's trademark for the year. Yes, after creating a legacy last year playing as a merman in Manila Ocean Park, this year, I transformed into superman via a fun run dubbed as "World of DC Superheroes All-Star Fun Run."

Being superman is one of the trending topics I will share with you this month of May 2015. What more?! Well, since dubsmash is today's worldwide hit, I will share with you here in this blog my very own dubsmash creation featuring famous  lines from Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, Coco Martin,  and Angel Locsin! And of course, lipsynch of songs from the different artists!

The month of May is also a month of tour and vacation. Therefore in this month, I will feature different places where I travel before.

So are you excited for brand new topics to be featured this month here in Bits of Rocks?! Let superman or should I say SuperAki or SuperRocky takes you to conquer travel and trends! (RCB)

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