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Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Merman Experience!

"Dyesebel," "Marina," "Mutya," "Aryana,"  or even "Kambal Sirena!" Yes, mermaids were really a huge hit fantasy creatures nowadays in the different TV series. But not only today in our modern world, throwback from the past, movies about mermaids or the so-called half-human, half-fish creatures dominate the human imagination here in the Philippines and around the world. Do you still remember our very own Lorelai, the 60's mermaid played by our veteran actresses?! Or do you still can recall the different actresses who played the most coveted role of "Dyesebel" in the different Filipino movies? I'm sure, all of us were familiar with Disney's Ariel, their very own "Little Mermaid" creation!     

Since all of us were captivated by the charm of mermaids, many of us dream to have fins, tails, and swim like them. Even the actress like Anne Curtis who is now playing "Dyesebel" in ABS-CBN's hit Primetime fantaserye revealed that her greatest dream and role to play is a mermaid (sirena). Her dream was granted twice by her Kapamilya network first when she portrayed "Dyosa" in 2008 wherein one of her three characters was the mermaid Agua Dyosa and second this 2014 as she bagged the role of Mars Ravelo's one of his famous comic creations.  

But of course in reality, not all of us can be given a chance to play or swim like a mermaid! Therefore, Manila Ocean Park granted the dream of many to be like a well-love mermaid as they introduce their new attraction called "The Mermaid Swim Experience."

In the said event, guests will be given a chance to transform and swim like a mermaid. They will wear the mermaid's tail at the same time, they will be taught how to swim like a mermaid by the swimming instructors. Photo opts and pictorials were also part of the program. A hard copy of their best 4R photo will be given as souvenir after the event.    

Today, male mermaids or the so-called mermen were also a hit! Even the rockcoustic heartthrob Sam Milby as well as the other hunk actors like Jay Gonzaga and Markki Stroem joined the bandwagon playing the hot sirenos in "Dyesebel." Ops, sila lang ba ang pwede? Well, I joined them transforming myself into a merman and had my pictorial in the said establishment. Here are some of my photos: 

Being a merman is really a fun and hard experience at the same time specially to me who didn't know how to swim! But there's nothing to worry since the instructors in Manila Ocean Park were all kind and patient. They will teach you how to swim and act as a real mermaid. In my case, I'm so lucky that I had the instructor GK or Gibran Karl Alonzo as my swimming instructor. I will discuss more about him in my next posts. :) I will also share with you more of my merman photos! 

For more details about the Manila Ocean Park's Mermaid Swimming Experience, reservations, promos, schedules, and prices, you may visit their official website at See you there! (RCB)

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