Monday, June 30, 2014

Sam Tsui plus Kurt Hugo Schneider plus Rocky Chua Batara equals ROCK!

Today in the modern world, YouTube is the easiest medium for stardom. If you have the talents, guts, and charm, show it to the world via YouTube and you will instantly rose in fame!  

Well, this is how these two heartthrobs started. Known for their covers and medleys, Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider eventually became a popular YouTube duo who captivated the hearts of many fans (including me of course) around the world!  

Many fans were really wishing to see these cute guys in person. Well, their wish was granted as they came live in Manila for the very first time via their Asian Tour Concert which took place in SMX Convention Center, Pasay City last June 25 and 26, 2014 where they performed and serenaded fans with their music! But prior to that said concert, I was lucky enough to meet, mingle, and talk to them in person during our grand presscon!

On the Monday afternoon of June 23, we had a fun lunch together with these boys in the Eclipse Lounge of Solaire Resorts and Casino. While enjoying our meal, we enjoyed at the same time asking questions to them. And yes, they answered our questions willingly and shared interesting facts about themselves.

According to Sam and Kurt, they enjoyed doing collaborative covers of hit songs by Adele, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry. Their own-made versions of the hit songs touched thousands of people around the world!

The duo is really best in doing creative mash-ups! And yes, they gave sample of their cool mash-ups during the event! I will share with you one on my next post. :) The most notably mash-up they made is the Michael Jackson Medley!

Sam shared to me how he started from a humble beginning. Since he is inclined to music, he started his YouTube channel as a music-focused channel! Kurt then became his production partner to give viewers a creative touch of his cover versions. Eventually, each song on his channel garnered millions of views! To date, his videos have amassed over 500 million hits on YouTube alone and in 2013, debuted his original album "Make It Up." Wow!  

On the other hand, Kurt also shared his own success story. It's glad to know that Kurt is songwriter, director and producer of films, music, videos, and recordings. He has over four million YouTube subscribers, 25 million monthly views, 800+ million total views, and over 150 videos on his YouTube channel called KurtHugoSchneider. Amazing!

Kurt is the man behind the production of most of Sam's music and videos, and also known for collaborating with other YouTube stars and musicians.

Sam and Kurt already created a big name for themselves on the internet. What more, their partnership truly created a bigger impact, a sure-fire viral hit! And me as a blogger and social media master joining them, what more can you expect?! #BiggestHit 

Since I already started singing my cover versions of the different songs shared and uploaded in Sound Cloud and already have my two YouTube channels namely RockyBatara and  Vids of Rocks, I'm thinking to have a mash-up with them sooner in the coming days! What do you think?!

Sam and Kurt were already recognized in the mainstream. They already featured in the popular TV shows and different commercials in the U.S.A.

On my next posts, I'll share with you my cool selfies with Sam and Kurt so stay tune!  (RCB)

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Monday, June 16, 2014

#Selfie: Pokwang and Rocky!

Let's continue our #Selfie and "My Illegal Wife" experience! This time, I'm with my favorite comedy actress, Pokwang!

Check out my selfie and wacky shots with Mamang Pokie:

For the nTH times now, I got many photos together with Mamang Pokie. I've supported her with her movies like "A Mother's Story," "24/7 in Love,"  and "Call Center Girl."  This time, I'm with her for her newest Star Cinema and Skylight Film's comedy flick, "My Illegal Wife."

Aside from our selfie, check out our full body photo:

Because of the success of her different movies under Skylight Films, Mamang Pokie is now dubbed as the "Queen of Skylight Films."

Congratulations Mamang Pokie and see you again soon! Keep up the good work! (RCB)

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#Selfie: Rocky and Zanjoe Marudo!

Here we go again for our favorite segment, "#Selfie."  This time, yours truly is with the hunk Kapamilya actor Zanjoe Marudo.

Check out my selfie shots or should I say double selfie with the actor:

Zanjoe is currently leading the newest Star Cinema and Skylight Film's comedy movie "My Illegal Wife" pairing him to Pokwang.

Zanjoe is now dubbed as the "King of Sky Light Film" after proving his box-office worth in last year's "Bromance: My Brother's Romance." 

Thanks for these photos bro Zanjoe! See you again soon!  (RCB)

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Meet My Mario Maurer Lookalike Swimming Instructor!

Mario Maurer is a Thai heartthrob actor who becomes popular in the country after leading in the movies like "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," "Love of Siam," "Pee Mak," and "Suddenly It's Magic." He already visited the country thrice to promote his movies and the local clothing brand wherein he is the endorser. I already met and mingled with him in person. But due to certain circumstances, I didn't got a chance to have a photo opt with him! :(    

During our merman photoshoot for Manila Ocean Park's Mermaid Swim Experience, I got a swimming instructor with a face so familiar. Yes, he has a great resemblance with the Thai actor Mario Maurer. He even look and speaks like our very own actor Enchong Dee. His name is Gibran Karl Alonzo or you may simply call him as GK.      

If his face is familiar to me because he has a lookalike actors, he was the first one who told me, "you look familiar." Unknowingly, we already friends in Facebook right before we met! Nice! 

As I have said in my previous post, being a merman is fun and hard at the same time specially to the one like me who has no talent in swimming. What more, my feet were tight in a fish's tail making the swimming moves more difficult. Yes, I really felt nervous because I didn't know how to swim and to float my body in the water. But this feeling was lessen because of GK His kindness and patience broke the barriers!      

He kept on teaching me the right way to swim and how to float on water. But still, I didn't listen and kept on insisting that I can't. "Magtiwala ka sa'kin, hindi ka lulubog..." But still, I didn't follow him because I'm still nervous with water.

Even though I'm a disobedient child in terms of swimming, he didn't left me and still help me overcome my fear. There was even a time that I accidentally hurt him dahil sa katigasan ng aking ulo. But still, his patience, kindness, and friendliness prevailed. He carried me to our starting location because I can't swim and float!  

Here are some of our  behind-the-scene photos after our 'pahirapan sa paglangoy' moments: 

Actually, GK is a Sharks and Rays Trainer in Manila Ocean Park. Then, he was also assign as a mermaid / merman swimming instructor in this place's special attraction. Thanks God that he was assigned to me!  

Prior to working here at Manila Ocean Park as a swimming instructor of sharks, rays, mermaids, and mermen, GK worked in Singapore as a manager of a huge burger company. He is also a part-time freelance model. He already appeared in the different print ad campaigns of famous clothing lines. I got amaze seeing his many creative, artistic, and hot modelling photos in FB and Instagram.

Not only because he looks like Mario Maurer, I admire GK because of his attitude. His character and quality as a person in and out were truly adorable! I'm proud that I met him in person! No wonder why I love to have more and more photos with him!

Thanks much GK and keep up the good work! See you again soon! (RCB)

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Merman Experience!

"Dyesebel," "Marina," "Mutya," "Aryana,"  or even "Kambal Sirena!" Yes, mermaids were really a huge hit fantasy creatures nowadays in the different TV series. But not only today in our modern world, throwback from the past, movies about mermaids or the so-called half-human, half-fish creatures dominate the human imagination here in the Philippines and around the world. Do you still remember our very own Lorelai, the 60's mermaid played by our veteran actresses?! Or do you still can recall the different actresses who played the most coveted role of "Dyesebel" in the different Filipino movies? I'm sure, all of us were familiar with Disney's Ariel, their very own "Little Mermaid" creation!     

Since all of us were captivated by the charm of mermaids, many of us dream to have fins, tails, and swim like them. Even the actress like Anne Curtis who is now playing "Dyesebel" in ABS-CBN's hit Primetime fantaserye revealed that her greatest dream and role to play is a mermaid (sirena). Her dream was granted twice by her Kapamilya network first when she portrayed "Dyosa" in 2008 wherein one of her three characters was the mermaid Agua Dyosa and second this 2014 as she bagged the role of Mars Ravelo's one of his famous comic creations.  

But of course in reality, not all of us can be given a chance to play or swim like a mermaid! Therefore, Manila Ocean Park granted the dream of many to be like a well-love mermaid as they introduce their new attraction called "The Mermaid Swim Experience."

In the said event, guests will be given a chance to transform and swim like a mermaid. They will wear the mermaid's tail at the same time, they will be taught how to swim like a mermaid by the swimming instructors. Photo opts and pictorials were also part of the program. A hard copy of their best 4R photo will be given as souvenir after the event.    

Today, male mermaids or the so-called mermen were also a hit! Even the rockcoustic heartthrob Sam Milby as well as the other hunk actors like Jay Gonzaga and Markki Stroem joined the bandwagon playing the hot sirenos in "Dyesebel." Ops, sila lang ba ang pwede? Well, I joined them transforming myself into a merman and had my pictorial in the said establishment. Here are some of my photos: 

Being a merman is really a fun and hard experience at the same time specially to me who didn't know how to swim! But there's nothing to worry since the instructors in Manila Ocean Park were all kind and patient. They will teach you how to swim and act as a real mermaid. In my case, I'm so lucky that I had the instructor GK or Gibran Karl Alonzo as my swimming instructor. I will discuss more about him in my next posts. :) I will also share with you more of my merman photos! 

For more details about the Manila Ocean Park's Mermaid Swimming Experience, reservations, promos, schedules, and prices, you may visit their official website at See you there! (RCB)

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Quick Review: 'Maleficent'

Fairy Tales do exists in the modern world! Yes I admit, I am a fairy tale lover even though I was a kid! Therefore this newest fairy tale movie from Disney awakes the childhood in me!

"Maleficent" for me is a modern fairy tale movie. It combines the recipe of the traditional fairy tale story we used to love and the modern action twist which excites our hi-tech minds. 

The movie reminded us of the "Sleeping Beauty" wherein the princess (Aurora) was cursed by Maleficent to sleep forever when she reached the age of 16 after her finger was tuck by a needle. Only true love by a prince will awaken the princess! But in the movie, they put a twist in this traditional story!

Just like a well-love fairy tale, the movie teaches the viewers moral lessons. The story revolves around friendship, betrayal, revenge, forgiveness, and unity!

Once more, the lead star Angelie Jolie didn't failed the expectations of viewers. She created another remarkable role. Her character as Maleficent, a hero and a villain (bida-kontrabida) at the same time is truly awesome! Perfect performance by an actress! I even appreciate her action skills!

Once more, let's relive the movie with its full trailer:

 In a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest, 5/5 or 5 stars will be my rating for this film! Yeah, I really love this film adding to the collection of my best film of 2014 list! (RCB) 

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Quick Review: 'The Amazing Spider Man 2'

I am really an avid fan of the "Spiderman" movies specially when the Hollywood hunk heartthrob Andrew Garfield took the lead role! In 2012, I was amazed with the first sequel of the movie dubbed as "The Amazing Spider-Man" which also served as our reunion with my college 'ka-loveteam.'

Two years later, here we go again with another "Spiderman" movie. But this time with a new partner!  And this movie will be my first entry to my new segment here in my blog called "Quick Review."

"The Amazing Spider-Man 2" is more action-packed and more realistic than the first part. It is more action-packed in a way that they introduced two to three villains in the movie with different superpowers which put the life of Spiderman at risk! And yes, it is more realistic because the movie let the girlfriend of Spidey (played by Emma Stone) died. But of course she died with a worth, she sacrificed her life to save the only man she loves who is Peter Parker.        

The movie also puts in realization that even though you're a superhero, you are still human who get hurt and challenged by the usual human fate.

Here is the full trailer of the movie:

For me this movie tops my first list of best film for 2014 so far. No wonder why Spidey tops the highest-grossing film in the country for 2014!

My rating for the movie with the scale of 1-5 with 5 as the highest will be 5/5. Yes, a perfect score of 5 stars!

I can't wait and see its third part! (RCB)  

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June 2014: "Taking the Month by Storm"

We're already on the mid part of the year, the month of June! Half of 2014 has already concluded! And yes, since we were always busy in all of our commitments, we didn't notice that time is fast approaching!

The past few months truly kept me so busy. I didn't even had a chance to post here in my blog many of my events, activities, and commitments. But still, I have my personal Instagram and Facebook accounts which were always updated in a real-time manner.  

So what's up for June?! Well, aside from sharing you my usual routines, I'll start something new. One of these new things is the so-called "Quick Review" segment which is my quick movie review of all the movies that we had watched. I'll gonna keep it brief, concise, and direct to the point maintaining your enthusiasm and removing boring moments.    

Aside from the said new idea, I will also share with you my very recent activities which will amaze and surprise my readers.

So let's embrace June, let's start the mid-year exciting, let's keep on rocking! Happy blogging at the same time, happy reading! (RCB)

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