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Monday, October 21, 2013

October 2013: "Treating the Month of Halloween"

It's already October 2013! Yes, the month of October is a month characterized by Halloween, Trick or Treat, ghost stories, and other supernatural happenings. This is the month when most of the Halloween parties take place as well as the month where we can always watch horror movies or documentaries on TV. Aside from that, October is also a month of October Feast which most beer drinkers love! 

Since I'm still flooded with events and other social media happenings in addition to my regular work, let me make this month as my treat to all of you my avid readers.

For this month, I'll treat you with good vibes, cool happenings from my different events, more inspiring stories, and extra-ordinary encounters. And of course, more unexpected offerings for the coming days will be served!

I will also share with you cool photos from my official Instagram account (@rockenroll_04) driving out the stress and negativities in our loves!

What more can you ask, let's make October our month of "Treat and Treat!" Cool! (RCB)

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