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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Buboy, Our Cute Little Kitten!

Our mother cat Choleng gave birth three months ago to three white cute kittens. Then early this month, she gave birth again to five new with variety of complexion. Sad to say that in the five new kittens, two already died. :(

The first three kittens (panganay) were named as Buboy, Nonoy, and Ning. Yes, two boys and one girl.
They were so makulit and playful! I love to take photos of them and post in Instagram!

Below are three of the cute photos of Buboy, my favorite of the three kittens!

Buboy is so active! He is always roaming around in our house. He even runs so fast! And he has the coolest and cutest voice!

Later on, I'll post more photos of them! You can always check my Instagram account and follow me at to see more new photos. (RCB)

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