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Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 2013 - "Fighting the Ghost Month"

We are now on the month of August, the second month of the third quarter. The month of August according to the Chinese Calendar is the so-called "Ghost Month."

August in the Chinese calendar is the counterpart or is the same as the month of November in the Western calendar when we celebrate the Halloween or the month of the souls. August is said as the month when the good and bad spirits visited the earth.

Since I'm one-fourth Chinese, I am joining the Chinese community in commemorating the ghost month. Bits of Rocks will be inline with this celebration. But we will not doing any rituals or spiritual actions. Rather we will fight the ghost month with good and positive sharing.

Yes, for this month, expect for sharing of my good and interesting events and happenings in my busy life. More celebrity moments to reveal, more exciting things to share!

So scare no more and embrace the good things here in your favorite blog. Prior of posting this August flavor of the month, I've already shared with you two great posts about my life's latest happenings! More to come in my upcoming posts. Stay good, cool, an positive guys! (RCB)

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