Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blooper Videos with Kris Lawrence!

This is really fun! During the album ("Spread the Love" launch of Kris Lawrence, yours truly and Kris not only talked and posed different shots together. We also had our video interview. Take note, it's not once but twice! Or should I say three takes! 

Yes, our first two videos were mainly bloopers! Hahaha... Yeah, bloopers that truly made our moments fun and lively!

Well, this is my first time here in Bits of Rocks that I will share my blooper videos with my encounter with the different celebrities. And I got two for you in this particular event with Kris!

First Blooper Video:

In our first blooper, Kris thought that we were having photo shoot. Therefore, he is posing for a photo.   

Second Blooper Video:

Here in our second blooper, I mistakenly called Kris Lawrence as "Kris Cayzer."  Hahaha! Kris laughed out loud hearing it!  

Hahaha! Ops, as I've told you, we got three videos! The third one, the serious one (with a little blooper) will be shared on my next post! :) So stay tune guys! (RCB)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rodjun Cruz and Rocky: A Cool Moment Together!

Rodjun Cruz is now creating a buzz in Philippine TV as he plays the character of Martin, a bisexual lover of Dennis Trillo in the controversial hit TV series "My Husband's Lover." And because of his lovable role in the series, Rodjun eventually becomes a 'gay magnet!'

In person, Rodjun is truly cool and friendly! I met and mingled with him during the 2012 Star Awards for TV. We posed together for pictures and filmed our videos.    

Here is one of our cool videos wherein we promoted my websites at the same time, we had a light talk. Let's watch this:

Aside from acting, Rodjun is also a good dancer. He dance very well! Unsure if he can sing good as well!

Great meeting you Rodjun! It was another "Double R" or "R2R" moment now with Rodjun Cruz! See you soon dude! Keep up the good work in MHL. (RCB)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Buboy, Our Cute Little Kitten!

Our mother cat Choleng gave birth three months ago to three white cute kittens. Then early this month, she gave birth again to five new with variety of complexion. Sad to say that in the five new kittens, two already died. :(

The first three kittens (panganay) were named as Buboy, Nonoy, and Ning. Yes, two boys and one girl.
They were so makulit and playful! I love to take photos of them and post in Instagram!

Below are three of the cute photos of Buboy, my favorite of the three kittens!

Buboy is so active! He is always roaming around in our house. He even runs so fast! And he has the coolest and cutest voice!

Later on, I'll post more photos of them! You can always check my Instagram account and follow me at http://instagram.com/rockenroll_04 to see more new photos. (RCB)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gerald Anderson and Rocky Pose After the Game!

For the nth time now, yours truly and the Primetime Action-Drama Prince Gerald Anderson met and mingled in the different events. The latest was during the Celebrity Basketball wherein Gerald was the star player of their team! 

Of course, me and Geh got more new photos together. And one of these is the one below posted in Instagram:

Right now, Gerald is very busy for his comeback in movie and in TV series. He is leading in the newest Star Cinema action-suspense film "OTJ (On The Job)" with Piolo Pascual. And in the TV series, he is set to return in Primetime via "Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin" with Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz.

Congratulations Geh-geh! Two thumbs up for your successful career!

More photos of me and Gerald on my succeeding posts! So stay tune! (RCB)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Kris Lawrence and Rocky: RnB Meets RCB!

For the first time, I met in person the so-called R&B Prince Kris Lawrence! Kris is a product of the Kapamilya singing reality show "Star in a Million." He stayed in  ABS-CBN for a while then transferred to GMA-7.

Kris is very popular in making great R&B music. Two of his hits which I loved most are "When I See You Smile" and "I Will Take You Forever,"  a duet with the actress Denise Laurel

One afternoon, I had a lunch with Kris in GMA network wherein he launched his new album "Spread the Love." That album is actually his third, but his first under GMA Records. 

Here are some of our cool photos with Kris Lawrence:

Kris' new album contains all original composition. Some of the songs included in the album are "Nightmare," "Rider," "Tell Me," "Ikaw Pala," "Try Again,"  and "Unbreakable" completing the 12 songs in the album. 

"Ikaw Pala" is actually the song used in the current GMA Telebabad Koreanovela "The Innocent Man." It is now playing in the different radio stations.

On my next posts, I will share with you my cool interview video with Kris as well as our kulitan bloopers uploaded in YouTube. Kris Lawrence truly rocks! It was such a great experience when RCB meets the R&B! (RCB)  

Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 2013 - "Fighting the Ghost Month"

We are now on the month of August, the second month of the third quarter. The month of August according to the Chinese Calendar is the so-called "Ghost Month."

August in the Chinese calendar is the counterpart or is the same as the month of November in the Western calendar when we celebrate the Halloween or the month of the souls. August is said as the month when the good and bad spirits visited the earth.

Since I'm one-fourth Chinese, I am joining the Chinese community in commemorating the ghost month. Bits of Rocks will be inline with this celebration. But we will not doing any rituals or spiritual actions. Rather we will fight the ghost month with good and positive sharing.

Yes, for this month, expect for sharing of my good and interesting events and happenings in my busy life. More celebrity moments to reveal, more exciting things to share!

So scare no more and embrace the good things here in your favorite blog. Prior of posting this August flavor of the month, I've already shared with you two great posts about my life's latest happenings! More to come in my upcoming posts. Stay good, cool, an positive guys! (RCB)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Maintaining My Gym-Fit Body!

Last week, I enrolled in my new gym and started having my workout!

Check out some of my Instagram photos during my gym session: 

It's almost two years now when I stopped working out in gym because I became too busy attending different events and meeting many stars. I even got pressured in my previous work. So my health and fitness routine was set aside.

You may recall that one of my goals for 2013 is to go back in gym and start toning my body. And thanks God, I manage to put it in my busy schedule!

I may say that I am more busy this year than last year. I have more events, new business, blogging career, and a nightshift work but it's good to note that I can still manage to workout and chisel my body! :)

On my later posts, I'll give you updates on my workout sessions! So stay tune! For now you may enjoy my first workout photos.

You may follow me on Instagram via my newly created official Instagram account at: http://instagram.com/rockenroll_04  (RCB)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jose Sarasola and Rocky on the Court!

On  the last Sunday of July, July 28, 2013, yours truly was exclusively invited to attend the very first "Celebrity Basketball" wherein the celebrity actors compete with the STI Varsity Team.

Once more, I mingled with the celebrity actors like Derek Ramsay, Marco Alcaraz, Ejay Falcon, and Gerald Anderson. Yup, I will share with you my cool shots with them. And let's start it now.

Here are two of my photos with Jose Sarasola:

Jose is Kapamilya actor-model. He is a product of the reality show "Fear Factor." I first met Jose in person during the 2012 Yahoo OMG Awards.

Jose played well with the other hunk actors. He is such a great celebrity basketball player.

Catch my upcoming posts for other exclusive scenes from the said event! (RCB)

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