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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 2013: "Spending Nights with the Stars"

We are already on the month of July opening the second quarter of 2013. And for this month, brace yourself as I tour you in my nights with the stars! 

In the previous months, I have lots of awards night which were not yet shared in this blog because of my different commitments. Therefore, I allot this month of July to post all those shinning awards nights moments with your favorite celebrities! So expect more red carpet moments from yours truly!

The month of July is also the month of the Yahoo! OMG Awards night. Remember, it was last year when I first attended the Yahoo! OMG Awards night, my very first memorable awards night! I attended it together with the love of my life (that's why we're one year together na celebrating our first year anniversary!) This year, again, we both attended the same event (the presscon) and the upcoming awards night this July! So expect more posts and photos to be published here pertaining to these prestige events.   

Aside from our Awards Nights Special for this month of July, expect also for more exciting events that I will share with you this month. As you know me, I lot surprises!

Definitely, the stars shine brightest this month together with yours truly! The Rockstar rules! (RCB) 

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