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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Received My Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates Gift Package!

Just this morning, I received my Cadbury Dairy Milk package delivered via LBC! The package contains three variants (with 2 pieces each) of the my favorite Cadbury chocolate brand!

The three top-selling variants of the chocolates were the Fruit & Nut, the Cashew & Cookies,  and the  Dairy Milk. Of these three flavors, I opened and tasted first the Dairy Milk  since this is my favorite variant! It's smooth and creamy! I love to taste the milk mixed in a chocolate! The two more flavors were shared to my mother, brother, uncle, and hopefully to the love of my life!  

I love to eat chocolate since my childhood days. And yes, Cadbury is the brand I love the most! And take note, the brand is the oldest and the original chocolate brand in the world!

Well, to give you a quick trivia  about Cadbury, Cadbury Dairy Milk's delicious history started in 1824 when a young Quaker named John Cadbury opened a tea, coffee and cocoa shop in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. The shop prospered within 18 years and by the year 1842, John Cadbury was selling 11 kinds of cocoa and 16 kinds of drinking chocolate. His brother, Benjamin eventually joined him to form the Cadbury Brothers of Birmingham Company. 

The company eventually emerged as a family empire dominating the different parts of the world! Until in 2003, a local Philippine brand partnered with Cadbury. Nice!

The Three Variants of Cadbury Dairy Milk

The Chocolate Gift Package was Delivered Via LBC

Unboxing Six Pieces of Three Variants of Chocolates!

Until now, Cadbury is the leading chocolate brand in the world! Then why do you think it stands above the rest?! Well for me, it's definitely because of its "smooth and creamy" package. “Smooth and creamy” refers to the texture of Cadbury Dairy Milk and the pleasure that comes with eating it. 

This Friday, I'll attend the Cadbury event and will experience more exciting "smooth and creamy" surprises! Thanks much Cadbury for this lovable gift chocolate package! You rock! (RCB)

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