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Wednesday, July 10, 2013 and Rocky Rock the Red Ribbon's 'Macaroons for a Cause!'

For the first time, I finally met in person the international singing sensation! Yes, he is a Filipino who became famous worldwide as the lead vocalist of the band called Black Eyed Peas.

What good thing about this man is that he is not only busy sharing us his great music! He is also busy helping the needy via his foundation called, the Foundation! And one of the projects of this foundation is the "Macaroons for a Cause" which aims to bridge the gap in education in the Philippines. Right now, they were building its first school.

Joining together with the widely loved bakeshop Red Ribbon and Franklin Baker Company, Foundation launched the project in an event dubbed as "In Tune for Education: The Macaroons for a Cause" launch held in Teatrino Music Hall, Greenhills, San Juan on June 4, 2013. 

The people behind the project gave their inspiration messages. What more, even serenade us with his signature songs like "We Can Be Anything (An education campaign song), Where Is The Love, and Bebot.

Check out some of our photos during the event:

You may even read the full articles regarding the events in my lifestyle blog which is The Lifestyle Portal.  Here are two of the links: Apl.De.Ap and Red Ribbon Launch "In Tune for Education: Macaroons For A Cause"  and Meet the People Behind the "In Tune for Education: The Macaroons for a Cause" Project

You may even watch's videos message posted in my other YouTube account. Here: Vids of Rocks

Congrats Apl.De.Ap and Red Ribbon for this great project! Keep up the good work guys!  (RCB)

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