Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dennis Trillo and Rocky: "The Lovers!"

It's truly nice to meet in person and talked with today's hottest Primetime actor Dennis Trillo now popularly known as Eric Del Mundo, "The Lover" of the current hit GMA-7's TV series, "My Husband's Lover."

Yes, these photos below were taken last year during the 2012 Yahoo! OMG Awards Night. And that was also the first time that I met and talked with Dennis!

In these photos, many said that we're truly look like twin brothers! We even shared same shade of attire. Well, check out our photos below and see it yourself: 

Are Dennis and I were meant to met since both of us were playing the character of "Lover" in a complicated relationship?! Then who between us played the role more effective?!

In this particular event, Dennis and I walked together in the purple carpet!

That was my first meeting with Dennis! I met him again in two more events which I will share in my next posts. What more, we had our video together!

Dennis and Rocky, today for this particular time can be called as "The Lovers!" Read between the lines! (RCB)

The New Born Kittens!

We have three new cute little kittens now playing around our home! Yes, the three cute baby kittens were the children of our female cat named Choleng. All in all, we have now 5 pet cats in our house - Macmac the male older cat, Choleng the mother cat, and the three cute kittens!

It's more than one month now after our female cat Choleng gave birth to three healthy kittens! Three white kittens add more happiness in our home today!

Let me share to you the pictures of the three cute little kittens one week after their birth day. Here they are:

Yes, when they were babies, a big red basin served as their cradle! Even their mother slept inside it to feed her babies!

Now, these baby cats grew. They were now bigger and can sound louder specially when begging for foods!

On my next post, I'll share with you more cute photos of these three cute little kittens with their mother! So stay tune! (RCB)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ian Batherson Reveals Transfer to the Kapamilya Station!

Last April 2013, I got a chance to talk and interview the Kapuso hunk actor Ian Batherson. During our conversion, he revealed to me that he already signed contract with the Kapamilya station!

Yes, Ian is a product of GMA-7's artista reality show "Starstruck" along with Roco Nacino, Steven Silva, Enzo Pineda,  and Paulo Avelino. He even joined another reality show in the network which is "Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Doubles."  Then he starred in the afternoon TV series "Sisid" with Jackie Rice and JC Tiuseco.

In our video, Ian shared his contract with his new network ABS-CBN along with upcoming projects. Watch our video below:

Aside from the reality shows on TV, Ian is also dubbed as the "Close-Up" guy as he became more famous as a heartthrob in the said toothpaste TV commercial.

Are you excited to see Ian now in the Kapamilya?! (RCB)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Birthday John Lloyd Cruz!

Today  is June 24. And what is important in this day?! Well, today is the birthday of my mother! Celebration is in the house today!

But aside from my mother, today also is the birthday of the versatile actor John Lloyd Cruz! Well if me and Julia Montes have the same birthday which is March 19, my mother on the other hand has the same birthday with Lloydie!

I've already met, talked, and mingled with Lloydie many times now. We were together in many of his events courtesy of Star Cinema and ABS-CBN. So for his special day, let me share with you some of our photos together:

They were also said that me and Lloydie are exactly lookalike! I have also featured here in this blog the Rocky-Lloydie lookalike posts! Remember?! Glad that I already met him! :) 

By the way, Lloydie turns 30 years old now! Sorry Lloydie in revealing your age. :)

Aside from my mom and Lloydie's birthday, today, June 24 also is my friend's birthday and of course the birthday of San Juan Bautista and Manila day! So today is the 'basaan' moment in the City of San Juan and Manila. I remember in my childhood days, when we go to church with my mother and father, we got wet while riding on the jeep when the street people poured water on us! That's a tradition! 

So let me greet my mother, John Lloyd Cruz, my friend, and San Juan Bautista a Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day today guys! (RCB)

James Yap Meets Rocky!

Finally, I met in person the basketball superstar James Yap!

James is very popular nowadays. Not only because of being a basketball MVP, but also because of his involvement with the Queen of All Media, Ms. Kris Aquino which pave him to be in the center of controversy.

Well, let me share  with you our photo moments with my one of my favorites basketball heartthrob James Yap. Here they go:

No matter what happen, James Yap is still my idol! He is truly kind and approachable in person!

Keep up the good work James! More power to you. See you again soon! (RCB)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rocky and the Chippendales!

Level-up! I now goes international meeting different international celebrities! Oh yeah!

One week after I met the cast members of the hit US musical TV series GLEE namely Becca, Melissa, Jacob,  and Dean,  I met and mingled with the hottest international hunk boy group, the Chippendales!

The Chippendales is actually a touring dance troupe best known for its male erotic dancing (striptease) performances and for its dancers' distinctive upper body costume of a bow tie and shirt cuffs worn on an otherwise bare torso. They were similar to Magic Mike.

Last week, they visited the country to perform series of performance in Manila and in Cebu. But prior to their shows, we met them in a grand presscon held in the Mariot Hotel, Pasay City.

Check out some of my photos together with the hot hunk group:

And of course, let me share with you some of the shots during the actually presscon where they sit for a hot questions and answers:

Well, this is only a preliminary post - a teaser post for the group! Yes, I will share with you my individual photos with each member! :) And take note, I also have a one-on-one interview with one of the members! I will share with you all those things in my upcoming posts!

We even watched their actual performance in Resorts World one rainy Tuesday night! :)

All of my photos with the group were already uploaded in my personal Facebook page the day right after the events.

Chippendales truly rocks turning the wet cold nights into a hot and more wet & wild nights! (RCB)

An Interview with Lougee and Ali Alejandro!

One Friday night, we met in person two of the country's rock icons Lougee Basabas  and Ali Alejandro. The two were both part of the Pinoy alternative rock band Mojofly.

Mojofly were the band responsible for the hit songs like "Mata" and "Tumatakbo" - two of the songs we loved with my college bestfriend. The said songs somewhat reflected our college love lives for the said year.

Lougee and Ali had their gig in Tambayan Sa Kanto dubbed as "Togs Sa Kanto." Right after their performance, we interviewed the two icons. And here is our video interview with them:

That was actually my second time to meet Ali. I first met and interviewed him in 7TH High, BGC as he was also the drummer of Chris Cayzer during the said gig. Yes, Ali is the son of the OPM icon Hadji Alejandro and of course the sister of the OPM diva Rachel Alejandro.

Meanwhile, that was my first time to meet Lougee. Yes, she is the lead vocalist of Mojofly. The said band was renamed to Delara composing of the same members of the band. As I've narrated in my previous post, Lougee became a mainstay of "Eat Bulaga" and already appeared in the different TV commercials and print advertisements.

In the video, Lougee and Ali revealed that they were set to return on TV via an exciting new TV show. They didn't yet disclose the said TV program but definitely, all of us were excited for it!  

Lougee and Ali were regular performers of Tambayan Sa Kanto. Every month, they showcased different performance in the said bar that offers all type of Filipino cuisines.

Well if you want to enjoy good food while listening to good music, visit Tambayan Sa Kanto located at the ground floor of The Podium, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

See you again soon Lougee and Ali! It was such a great night to jam with you! (RCB)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Rockin' with Mojofly's Lougee and Rocky!

Way back in college, me and my bestfriend truly loved the songs called "Tumatakbo" and "Mata" which were both popularized by the Pinoy alternative rock band Mojofly. Their music and the meanings of their songs truly fitted us that time. And because of their music, yes, we eventually love the band!

After seven years, I'm glad that I finally met in person the voice behind the band we like most. She's no other than Ms. Lougee Basabas or better known as Lougee. Lougee had her very successful performance in Tambayan Sa Kanto's "Togs Sa Kanto" gig one Friday night! 

At first I didn't know Lougee since she is part of the band for many times. Until I met and talked with her, we found that she is the lead vocalist and the leader of the band Mojofly who popularized the songs we love!

Well to refresh your mind about the songs I'm talking about, I've brought you the music videos of their popular and our college favorite songs "Tumatakbo" and "Mata." Let's watch these:

 "Tumatakbo" Music Video:

"Mata" Music Video:

And of course, I took my opportunity to have her together in photos. Check out our rockin' photos above and below this post:  

During my interview with Lougee, she revealed that their band Mojofly was renamed to Delara. Until the members of the group went solo.

It's also great to know that the OPM icon Hadji Alejandro's son and Rachel's brother Ali Alejandro is also part of their band. And he is always present in their regular gigs!

More on Lougee, she was part of Eat Bulaga's dabarkads. She even endorsed many products and appeared in the different TV commercials before. 

On my succeeding post, I'll share with you my video interview with Lougee and Ali! So stay tune! (RCB)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meeting "Vincent The Husband" Tom Rodriguez!

Tom Rodriguez or better known as Vincent Soriano is now a household name. This is after portraying his character as a bisexual man married to Carla Abellana's character in the newest GMA-7 TV series offering "My Husband's Lover." 

Tom is a former "Pinoy Big Brother Double-Up" (Season 3) ex-housemates along with Jason Francisco, Paul Jake Castillo, Johann Santos, Sam Pinto,  and Melai Cantiveros. Yes, in that said season of PBB, Tom is my bet and my favorite housemate! Thanks God I've already met and talked with him in person! What more, he was even part of my Bits of Rocks' 5TH Year Blog Anniversary celebration.  

Check out some of our photos with this hunk actor above and below:

Tom made a decision of transferring from Kapamilya to Kapuso station. In Kapuso's hands, he landed his very first major starring role as the lover of Dennis Trillo in the hit TV series "My Husband's Lover" wherein his character created a big mark not only on TV but also in the world wide web!

Prior to moving in GMA-7, Tom appeared in the TV series like "Your Song Presents: Isla" with Gerald Anderson and co-PBB housemates in 2010 and in the recent daytime hit series "Be Careful with My Hearts" pairing him with Aiza Seguerra. He even appeared in various movies.

On my upcoming post, I'll share with you my video interview with this hunk actor.  

Great meeting and mingling with you Tom! See you again soon in the coming days! (RCB)

Monday, June 17, 2013

GLEE Actor Dean Geyer Meets Rocky!

Yes, he is my favorite GLEE Star! He is no other than the hunk Hollywood actor Dean Geyer! Oh yeah, I finally met, talked, and mingled with him in person! :)

In the said hit US musical TV series, Dean is playing the character of Brody Weston, the gigolo and the new love interest of Rachel.  

Prior to being the new cast member of the fourth season of Glee, Dean is actually the third finalist in the 2006 edition of Australian X-Factor! Yes, Dean is a South African Australian singer-songwriter. In his country, Dean made a notable role as Ty Harper in the Australian soap opera, "Neighbors." He even played Gabe in the TV series "Single Ladies" and as Mark Reynolds in the series "Terra Nova."       

Dean joined his co-GLEE stars Becca Tobin, Melissa Benoist, and Jacob Artist as the newest endorsers of Coca-Cola's Coke. They visited the country for the said brand and for their loving Filipino fans.

I love the outfit of Dean as he arrived in the prestige grand presscon one Friday (June 7, 2013) afternoon held in The Manila Peninsula, Makati City. I like his pink polo, maong pants, brown mountaineer shoes. From top to bottom, he is truly gorgeous! If I'm a woman, I may easily fall in love with him! :)

Aside from his hunky physical appearance, Dean is also kind, friendly, and approachable! You can easily deal with him! He will treat you as one close barkada   

With his talent, attitude, and physical appearance, I may say that Dean is really a complete package! He is truly a dream guy of many of us! And I'm so lucky to have him even for one day! c",)

Great and nice meeting you Dean! Hope to see you soon! God bless and more power! (RCB)

Rocky and the GLEE Star Jacob Artist!

 Aside from Becca Tobin and Melissa Benoist, I also met the GLEE actor  Jacob Artist. 

Jacob is also one of the new members of the fourth season of this hit US musical TV series. In the TV series, Jacob portrays Jake Puckerman, the younger half-brother of Noah Puckerman,

Aside from being an actor, this 20-year old American guy is also a singer and a dancer. Because of having a multiple talent, many fans truly admire him aside from the fact that he is really friendly and approachable in person.

Jacob is also one of the new endorsers of Coca-Cola's Coke softdrink brand. And he visited the country together with the other cast members.

Again, I was so lucky to meet, talk, and mingle with this cool guy one Friday (June 7, 2013) afternoon in The Manila Peninsula Hotel, Makati. :)

Yes, Jacob is truly kind and friendly. I like his sense of humor.  Glad that I encounter him in person.

On my next post, I'll share with you my favorite GLEE cast member. c",) Exciting! (RCB)   

Meeting the Girls of GLEE Becca Tobin and Melissa Benoist!

Becca Tobin and Melissa Benoist are two of the newest cast members of the hit US musical TV series GLEE. And these two gorgeous girls together with their male counterparts just recently visited the Philippines! And I'm very glad that I met and talked with them in person! :)

Becca plays the character of Kitty Wilde while Melissa takes the role of Marley Rose in the said TV series.   

Because of their popularity, the two together with the other two male casts Dean Geyer and Jacob Artist became the newest endorsers of the Coca-Cola brand Coke. They visited the country for the said endorsement as well as to greet the Pinoy fans. 

Glad that I got invited in the grand presscon of these new GLEE cast members one Friday afternoon, June 7, 2014 held at The Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati City.

After the presscon, I got a chance to personally talk and mingle with them. And they were truly friendly and approachable. They love to share their experience both in the US and here in the Philippines.

On my succeeding posts, I will share with you my photos with the male Glee members Dean Geyer and Jacob Artist so stay tune! c",)

This is another celebrity moment leveling up now in the International scene! (RCB)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rocky and Raymond Gutierrez: Double "R" Rules!

It's Rocky and Raymond! Wow! c",)

I finally met in person the famous celebrity host and alta fashionista Raymond Gutierrez one gig night! We met in one of the prestige high-end bar in BGC.   

Well, let's talk a little this time 'cause I want you to check out our cool photos together. Here we go:

Raymond is the twin brother of the Action Primetime Prince Richard Gutierrez! Though we were not yet met with Richard, it was still glad to meet in person his twin brother Raymond! And yes, this is also our first meeting and mingling moment with Raymond.

Thanks for the great night Raymond! See you again soon! (RCB)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Charice Rocks!

The International Singing Sensation Charice is currently a trending topic in the world wide web. It's not because she has a new album or she has an international appearance. Rather because of her honestly in coming out of the closet! 

In the recent episode (June 2, 2013) episode of The Buzz, Charice admitted in the national TV that she is a lesbian! "Ako po ay Tomboy," the words that shocked the Philippine TV at the same time, cleared out the issues against her gender.  

But instead of receiving criticism, this revelation of Charice via one-on-one exclusive interview with Tito Boy Abunda garnered praise, applause, admiration, and positive reactions from the netizens.

After this controversial revelation, two days later, Tuesday night at the URBN Bar and Kitchen, I met in person Charice during the grand presscon of 2013 Yahoo OMG Awards.

I see the happiness in the face of Charice. She is more comfortable now. It seems that, "para s'yang nabunutan ng tinik sa dibdib." She even graced photos for the fans which made the other side of the resto-bar ala Charice Pictorial Session! "Talagang pinilahan siya!" 

We may recall that before her great revelation, Charice is a topic of the internet receiving different bashes and a victim of cyber bullying. But after the Sunday episode of The Buzz where she admitted her real personality, the world change to her! She is now the idol of many, the subject of admiration! Everybody is now saluting this artist! Of course count me in Charice, I'm one of the many who is saluting and admiring you!

Two thumbs up Charice for your honesty! You really deserve respect from the people around you! Charice truly rocks! (RCB)  

Monday, June 3, 2013

June 2013: "Sharing More Great Things"

It's already June 2013! And yes, we already reached half of the year.

The first part of the year for me is really challenging. Turns of events in my life, in my career, and in my love life is really drastic! If time permits, I'll share with you all these things.   

Now, let's talk about my feature posts for this month of June and expectations in this blog.

There are more new events lineup for me this month. Of course, I'll share them all to you. Yes, there are still lots of thing to share from the previous month. Therefore, I'll continue to post them all this June. 

For this month, expect also for new segment in this blog. We will start the so-called photo-serye featuring our thousand photos with the international heartthrob Chris Cayzer.

Expect also for the Bits of Rocks webisodes featuring my different encounters with the brightest celebrities and exciting events.

I still have pending posts regarding the different awards night I have attended in the previous months. I hope I can post them all this month of Junio.

And, I'll continue to feed your appetite with the new foods to be featured in your favorite yummy segment, Food Bits.

So are you now more excited here in Bits of Rocks this month of June?! Definitely! Expect also for more surprises as I always do! Let's start the month right! Let's continue the greatness of 2013! (RCB)  

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