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Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 2013: "Starting Something New"

We are now on the month of May. Yes, time is really fast! And because we are too busy with the different commitments that we have, we didn't notice the changing of dates in the calendar! And speaking of change, this month speaks of lot of changes!  

Yup, there is really a great change that took place in the early part of May. And thanks God, it's a good change! It's getting better now! And I'm starting a brand new! 

The month of March and April for me was not that good. Even though I celebrated my birthday and blog anniversary on the month of March, I faced unusual trial wrecking my path. But still, I kept strong and fighting therefore I am now on the better hands!   

I will not yet reveal those exciting changes and happenings in my challenging life but later on you will all know! But still, I will keep on sharing and posting here some of those great things for you to have an inspiration.

This month of May, expect to read more new events and encounters with the brightest stars. Of course, the 5TH Blog Anniversary celebration of Bits of Rocks continues. More greetings from the different celebrities were yet to be posted! 

So get ready for the brand new start! Let's embrace May, let's embrace change, let's embrace the coming of the great good things! (RCB)  

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