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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chris Cayzer and Rocky Share Upcoming Gigs!

Chris Cayzer and I had a very successful gigs last April 2013. These include gigs in Tambayan Sa Kanto, 7TH High, Bagaberde 101,  and Globe Tatt Awards 2013.   

This month of May, expect for more exciting gigs from this international heartthrob artist.

Where to catch Chris Cayzer this month?! Well, watch our another cool video:  

Chris is 7TH High's opening salvo for the month of May. From May 1 to present, he had successful gigs together with the other stars like Barbie Almabis, Cookie Chua  of Color It Red, Erik Santos, and Markki Stroem. I'll share with you all these gigs on my upcoming posts!    

Chris and Rocky truly rock! (RCB)

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