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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Aljur Abrenica for Bits of Rocks' 5TH Year Blog Anniversary!

The Kapuso hunk actor Aljur Abrenica returns here in his favorite blog site. This time, he is expressing his greetings to our Bits of Rocks' 5TH Year Blog Anniversary     

Here is the very own Machete of today's generation, Aljur Abrenica:   

Aljur is already featured in this site many times now. We even had our cool videos together during various events. He even greeted my birthday last March 2013.

Aljur is currently part of the epic-serye "Indio." But after this primetime fantasy series, Aljur is set to return in drama series with onscreen partner Kris Bernal.

Thanks much for this Aljur and see you again soon! God bless! (RCB)     

Chris Cayzer and Rocky Go Wacky For the First Time!

Me and the international heartthrob singer Chris Cayzer had various photos now. Every time we meet, we posed different photos together. And this time, we go wacky!  

For the first time, me and Chris go wacky for a photo. And this is our very first wacky shot together:

Since this is our first time to go wacky, I wasn't prepared! Chris is wackier in this photo while me seems ordinary. But wait, take note, this is only the first! On our next meetings, we got too many wacky shots together. And I will share them all to you on my upcoming posts!  

So watch out for wackier photos of us coming up...! (RCB)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Rocky Meets Phil Younghusband!

If I have Angel Locsin, definitely, I also have her real life boyfriend, Mr. Phil Younghusband!

Yes, this is my very first time to meet in person the AZKAL heartthrob Phil Younghusband. And we met during the awards night of the 44TH Box-Office Entertainment Awards by the Guillermo Mendoza Scholarship Memorial Foundation.     

Check out our photos below:

Phil was in the awards night escorting his girlfriend Angel Locsin. Angel received her award as this year's Female Actress of the Year for their blockbuster movie "One More Try."  

See you again Phil in the next succeeding days! Congrats Angel and Phil! (RCB)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jayke Reyes for Bits of Rock's 5TH Year Blog Anniversary!

The acoustic sweetheart Jayke Reyes also expressed her greetings to our Bits of Rocks 5TH Year Blog Anniversary celebration.  

 Here is Jayke sharing not only her sweet voice and lovable smile but also her warm greetings:

Jayke is a Filipino teen singer who was raised in the USA. She popularized her very own rendition of the classic love song "Kay Palad Mo."

I had a fun time talking and mingling with this girl. She is really a jolly and friendly person.

Thanks much for this Jayke and see you again soon! (RCB)

Ian Batherson for Bits of Rocks' 5TH Year Blog Anniversary!

The hunk heartthrob Ian Batherson joins the celebrity bandwagon of our 5TH Year Blog Anniversary celebration.  

Check out Ian's greetings to our one and only Bits of Rocks  below: 

Ian is a product of the GMA-7 artista reality show "Starstruck V." He even joined the other Kapuso reality show "Survivor Philippines."  He is now famous being the Close Up guy in the said toothpaste TV commercial.

Ian is now the newest Kapamilya. Soon, he will appear in the different TV shows and movies of the said network.

Thanks much for this Ian and see you again soon! (RCB)  

An All-Black with Zanjoe Marudo!

For the third time around, we met with Zanjoe Marudo. This time during the awards night of the 44TH Entertainment Box-Office Awards  of the Guillermo Mendoza Scholarship Foundation. 

Me and Z were both wearing an all-black formal attire. From top to bottom, black was the color!

Check out my photo together with Z: 

On the said night, Zanjoe escorted his girlfriend Bea Alonzo who received her Box-Office Queen  Award for their movie "The Mistress." 

Aside from that, Zanjoe was also one of the presenters in the said prestige event for the stars.

I first met Z during the premiere night of "24/7 in Love" last year. Then our second meeting took place just this month during the presscon of his movie "Bromance: My Brother's Romance." Week after, we met again in this Guillermo Mendoza Awards night.  

On my next post, I will share with you our "Bromance" photos. Congrats Z! (RCB) 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Transform yourself with Schick

When I was a kid, I dreamed to be a superhero. Me and my cousins used to portray ourselves as heroes with superpowers that can save the world. We even dressed up like them wearing the curtains or bedding when our parents were not around! And yes, we avidly watched the different superhero cartoons and TV series like Batman, Spider Man, Captain America, Iron Man, X-Men, Conan, Power Rangers, Bioman, Shaider, and Superman to imitate their moves. Of all those fictional characters, my favorite is no other than, Superman!        

I wish that someday, I will be like Superman. I was amazed how he got his superpower to defeat the enemies and save the needy. I admired his strong body which functions like a steel irresistible of any harm. I grew up not only acting like Superman every playtime with my cousins and playmates but also collecting Superman memorabilia like comics, coloring books, toys, and text cards. I even cried out when my mom didn't bought me new Superman items!

Now that I'm already a young man in my mid 20s, my dream to be like Superman or any other superhero is seems to be unattainable. But as they always say, if you believe in your dream, you can achieve it. Nothing is impossible! Therefore, I'm still foreseeing myself to be like 'man of steel' even for a week!     
And for one week that I have the power like the 'man of steel,' I will use it based on my one week calendar schedule below: 

Day 1 (Sunday) - Before I help others or my community, I will render first my power to my own family. I will perform all the heavy tasks in our home just like a big machine therefore my mom could rest for a day free of all the household tasks!  

Day 2 (Monday) - For the meantime, I will take a 5-day leave in my office to use my given superpower. But for this day, since I already had my superpower, I will use it to finish all my office tasks and obligations in advance for one month! Therefore, I can contribute a huge advance productivity in my company increasing profits and clients' trust.

Day 3 (Tuesday) - Now its my community duty! Since I'm living in Valenzuela known as a place prolong to floods, what I will do is to cleanse the city - remove all the garbage, clean the drainage, and uplift the roads leaving no area for floods or other disasters.

Day 4 (Wednesday) - After my community, let's move to a larger one, the NCR. Since our region is the center of crimes, it's now my turn to eliminate the criminals! I will help the policemen defeat the criminals by hunting them and bringing them to jail leaving Metro Manila a state free from crimes and safe to live and work with.

Day 5 (Thursday) - If I was able to defeat the criminals on Day 4, here in Day 5, I will enter the government offices! Yes, it's time to eliminate and penalize the corrupt officials and remove them from their positions. In this case, corruptions were out of service and the money from our tax will be 100% to be used for the country and fellow Filipinos! I will also get their corrupted money and give it to the needy.

Day 6 (Friday) - Now for my second to the last day as a 'Man of Steel' I will help the needy and the beggars. Since I already got the money corrupted by the unworthy government officials, what will I do next is to distribute those money to the beggars and people on the road. I'll ensure that no more beggars or needy were begging for foods or coins by giving them not only money but also a stable job even a small business like sari-sari store.

Day 7 (Saturday) - Time to give thanks! Since I can fly high above the sky with superpowers, I will find a chance to talk with the Lord to thank Him for the power He had give me even for a week. And of course, to offer prayers for the sake of others! I'll ask Him to oversee the people and community when my superpowers were gone the next day.                               

That's my one week schedule that I will do given a chance to have a superpower like the 'Man of Steel' for a week.

Well if you want to be like Superman, know him first better - his abilities, his strengths, his power by joining the Schick’s Superman promo contest. Check this out: 

You can also click the image above for more details.

That's awesome!  Schick truly Free Your Skin  at the same time let you meet SupermanSchick. Free Your Skin. It rocks!

You may even watch out the official trailer of "Man of Steel" below:

Everyone of us can truly be a superhero no matter what if we really want to! Dream do come true if we will push through and strive for it! :) Per DTI-NCR Permit No.1843 Series of 2013. (RCB)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Another Winning Moment with Angel Locsin!

Last Sunday night, me and the country's most-awarded young actress Ms. Angel Locsin met again! And that was during the awards night of the 44TH Box-Office Entertainment Awards by Guillermo Mendoza Memorial Scholarship Inc.

Angel received her award as Film Actress of the Year for their blockbester movie "One More Try."

Angel came wearing a green sexy backless gown. As usual, she shined the brightest during the night!

Check out one of our photos together during the said star-starry night:

This was actually my third time together with Angel in an awards night. First was during the 2012 Star Awards for TV, second during the 2012 Star Awards for Movies, and third during this 2013 Guillermo Mendoza Awards. Me and Angel shared our winning moments together! :)

I first met Angel during the grand presscon of "Unofficially Yours" with John Lloyd Cruz.   

Later, we will meet again for her upcoming movie "4 Sisters and a Wedding."

The  awards night took place at the AFP Theater, Camp Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City on May 19, 2013.

Again, congratulations Ms. Angel Locsin! You are truly the best! Keep it up and more power! (RCB) 

Meeting the "Moonlight Over Paris" Acoustic Prince Paolo Santos!

Who can't forget his greatest love song "Moonlight Over Paris" which revitalized the return of the acoustic love songs in the music scene?! Well, I'm only a college student that time when the said song dominated the different radio stations giving rise to original prince of acoustic music, Paolo Santos!

Again, I was so privileged to meet and talk with this Acoustic Prince Paolo Santos one Friday night in Tambayan Sa Kanto. On the said night, Paolo is featured and performed in the resto-bar's "Acoustic Night."      

Well before  anything else, check out our cool photos together:

It seems that we've traveled back in the early part of 2000's as Paolo played his music. He made me reminisce my college love stories as he sang his undying hit "Moonlight Over Paris" and his very own rendition of the previous hit song "Because of You."    

Aside from the said songs, Paolo even serenaded us with his versions of the love songs like "Overjoyed," "Close," "Perfect Day," and "I'll Be Over You."

Paolo is not only a good singer, he is also a perfect guitarist! He played his own instrument which is his guitar while singing. Check him out performing below:

While enjoying the music of Paolo, me and my good friend Carlo even enjoyed the foods served to us by Tambayan Sa Kanto. I ordered my favorite kare-kare (this time kare-kareng bagnet) and tinapa rice while my friend enjoyed pancit guisado. And for drinks, I was satisfied by the banana-papaya shake while Carlo by iced margarita!    

Those were just some of the great foods served by Tambayan Sa Kanto. The restaurant was known as an All-Filipino Cuisine Restaurant Cafe as it serves all types of Pinoy regional foods!

And yes, aside from the Pinoy foods, Tambayan also shows "Acoustic Nights" every Friday and Saturday nights featuring the different famous and talented Filipino artists! And one of these is Paolo Santos!

Want to enjoy great music while enjoying Filipino dishes at the same time?! Well, come and visit Tambayan Sa Kanto located at the ground floor of The Podium, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

So let's go, tara, tambay na! (RCB)    

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Red Shot with Anne Curtis!

Finally,  I got pictures together with the country's "nag-iisang dyosa" and Anne-bisyosa Ms. Anne Curtis.

Me and  Anne already met for three times now - first during the story conference of their teleserye "Kailngan Ko'y Ikaw" in ABS-CBN, second during our Zac Efron event in SM MOA Arena, and third just recently in the Guillermo Mendoza 44TH Box Office Entertainment Awards in the AFP Theater, Quezon City.    

On the first two moments, we didn't had a chance to took photos together. But on the third time, we posed together with big smiles!

Check out our photos together:

Wearing an all-red gown and lipstick, Anne received her award of being the 2012-2013 Female Concert Performer of the Year  for taking Araneta Coliseum by storm. And take note, Anne showcased her singing talent by singing the Whitnet Houston's hit "I Will Always Love You" getting louder screams from the audience during the prestige awards night!   

These were our first photos together with Anne and it will count sooner these days! Borrowing Anne's message during the night, "mabuhay ang mga Anne-bisyosa!" Cool! (RCB) 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chris Cayzer and Rocky Share Upcoming Gigs!

Chris Cayzer and I had a very successful gigs last April 2013. These include gigs in Tambayan Sa Kanto, 7TH High, Bagaberde 101,  and Globe Tatt Awards 2013.   

This month of May, expect for more exciting gigs from this international heartthrob artist.

Where to catch Chris Cayzer this month?! Well, watch our another cool video:  

Chris is 7TH High's opening salvo for the month of May. From May 1 to present, he had successful gigs together with the other stars like Barbie Almabis, Cookie Chua  of Color It Red, Erik Santos, and Markki Stroem. I'll share with you all these gigs on my upcoming posts!    

Chris and Rocky truly rock! (RCB)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bryan Termulo for Bits of Rocks' 5TH Year Blog Anniversary!

The Teleserye Theme Song Prince Bryan Termulo is back at Bits of Rocks. This time, he is sharing his greetings to our 5TH Year Blog Anniversary celebration.
With smile and music reflected on his face, check our Bryan's greetings below:

I met Bryan four times now in different occasion. The last one was during his 25TH Birthday.

Bryan is also a product of reality singing competition in GMA-7. He transferred to the Kapamilya network where he emerged as today's Teleserye Theme Song Prince singing the theme songs of different hit TV series like "Juan Dela Cruz," "Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig," "Ina Kapatid Anak," "100 Days to Heaven,"  and "Walang Hanggan."

Thanks much for this Bryan and see you again soon! (RCB)

Food Bits: Get to Know 'Kare-Kareng Bagnet!'

Kare-Kare is one of my favorite ulam. I love the kare-kare made with pata or twualya (beef's internal part). Yes, this very own Pinoy favorite comes in different types or in different flavors. At first, I thought that kare-kare comes only in two (that I mentioned above). But actually, there's more!        
On Friday night, I met Kare-Kareng Bagnet in Tambayan Sa Kanto. And it tastes awesome! 

Well before I eat this yummy dish, I took first photos of it so that I can share it with you. So, feed your appetite and crave below: 

Bagnet is a crunchy pork's liempo. It is usually fried ala-lechon kawali or serves as a topping of lugaw. But this time, I found and tasted a new recipe for bagnet. That is via my favorite kare-kare.  

Kare-Kareng Bagnet was served with a saucy peanut sauce. Veggies like sitaw, talong (eggplant), and puso ng saging were mixed into it.

Served hot and freshly cooked, I couldn't helped myself to eat it! I even took home some to share it with my mother and brother. Just like me, they started to love this new breed of kare-kare

I truly salute Tambayan Sa Kanto for serving us a very Filipino cuisines like this! They are truly lifting up the Filipinos now in terms of serving our signature dishes, the regional favorite Pinoy foods.

Want to taste more?! Well, visit and dine in Tambayan Sa Kanto located at the ground floor of The Podium, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Aside from Pinoy recipes, you can also enjoy great music every Friday and Saturday nights via Acoustic Nights featuring different artists.   

Two thumbs up Tambayan Sa Kanto, the place I love to hangout! (RCB) 

Food Bits: Tasting Tambayan's Very Own 'Tinapa Rice!'

Last Friday night, me and my good friend once more visited our favorite tambayan resto-bar in The Podium, the Tambayan Sa Kanto. We jammed with the celebrity guest Paolo Santos who was that night's "Acoustic Night" featured celebrity.     

What caught my interest during the night was the food I ordered. I got amazed when I learned that Tambayan offers a type of rice called "Tinapa Rice!" And this is unique which we can only order in Tambayan. 

We were very much familiar with fried rice, java rice, japanese rice, pandan rice, or any types of rice offered by different restaurants. Now this time, get ready to know Tinapa Rice

Check out the up, close photos of Tinapa Rice and tell me why it is called as such:   

Tinapa Rice is a rice topped with Tinapa (smoked fish) bits. Completing the cast of this very good yummy dish are itlog na maalat (salty egg), tomato slices, onion rings, and dahon ng sibuyas. It tastes a little salty which compromised the tasteless taste of the ordinary rice.     

As you can see, Tinapa Rice is very Filipino! If there is a Japanese Rice which carries the banner of Japan, then here at Tambayan, we have our very own Filipino Rice named Tinapa Rice which is Pinoy foods another flagship!

Tinapa Rice is only one of the great Filipino recipes that you can taste here and only here at Tambayan Sa Kanto. Yes, this resto-bar is a restaurant very much popular of serving different Filipino cuisines. Name your favorite Pinoy foods or regional foods, they have it cooked with love and hospitality - the two traits Filipinos are known! :) 

Want to taste more Pinoy favorites? Well, come and visit Tambayan Sa Kanto located at the Ground Floor of The Podium, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Eat and enjoy the music! (RCB)  

Friday, May 17, 2013

Rocky Talks with South Border's "Aspog" Vince Alaras!

When I was in college, I really love the songs like "Rainbow," "Love of My Life," and "Ikaw Nga" from the popular RnB boyband South Borders. Those songs were somewhat part of my college love life. And I really felt inspired listening to them.    

I'm so glad that I finally met in person one Friday night the band's lead vocalist Vince Alaras in Tambayan Sa Kanto's "Acoustic Night." That was his very first gig in the resto-bar which offers an all Filipino cuisine!        

I talked with Vince via a cool video. In our conversation, he shared some interesting things about himself. According to him, he was called by his barkada as "aspog" which means "Astig na Pogi!" And from that term, they derived the name of their band.

Vince also expressed his gratitude and experience performing in Tambayan. Here is our cool video:  

This Saturday night, May 18, 2013, Vince will have his second gig in Tambayan Sa Kanto. Expect to hear once again his team revitalizing their hit love songs! And of course, watch him performing his very own rendition of the classic love songs!

Tambayan Sa Kanto's Acoustic Nights happen every Friday and Saturday from 9pm to 2am. The resto-bar is located at the GF of The Podium, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

See you again Vince this Friday! (RCB)   

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pet Photos: A Mother Cat Breast-Feeding Her Baby!

We just concluded a special day to our mothers - the celebration of Mother's Day.   

Mothers were truly great! She takes good care of her children. She will do everything for them! Not only humans are good mothers, even our lovable pets were great mothers too!

Last week, our female cat Choleng gave birth to three cute little kittens. And we love to see how she took good care of them! Of course, I also love taking photos of them!

Let me share  with you my initial photos of our cute mother cat breast-feeding one of her kittens. Here they go: 

On my upcoming posts, I will share with you more photos of our cute pet mother cat with her three cute little kittens!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! (RCB)   

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One Soulful Night with Markki Stroem!

Me and the heartthrob crooner Markki Stroem already met many times now in different events. But two weeks ago, we had a special night with him!

Markki is featured in the 7TH High's "Soul Nite." In the said event, Markki performed his music which includes the songs he composed, his popular love songs, his cover versions, and his renditions of the current hits.    

Well, Markki is the only male acoustic artist who can truly give a new life to the songs originally performed by female singers. Some of these are Adele's "Rumor Has It," Rihanna's "Diamonds," and Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe."   

Just like we always do, we pose photos together:

But that night was different... We posed for the first time a wacky shot! And here how Rocky and Markki turned wacky:

Rocky and Wacky Turn Wacky!

I even brought my friends to Markki. And yes, they truly enjoyed the performance and humor of Markki in the stage! Markki didn't only sing, he even moved around and serenaded the audience! My two female friends were really "kotang-kota" with him!    

And of course, we posed a shot with the hot guy!

Markki performs every other Wednesday in the APEX Lounge of 7TH High in BGC. Then every Friday and Saturday night, he is in Bagaberde 101 resto-bar sharing his great lovely talent.   

If you want to know more about Markki, watch out my upcoming posts 'cause I will share with you my one-on-one interview videos with him! So stay tune!  

Markki truly rocks! (RCB)

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