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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Arjo Atayde for Bits of Rocks' 5TH Year Blog Anniversary!

The son of the versatile actress Ms. Sylvia Sanchez has something to say with your favorite blog! Arjo Atayde expressed his greetings to Bits of Rocks' 5TH Year Blog Anniversary!

Here is Arjo joining the brightest stars in our celebration:

Arjo is currently leading the newest action-drama afternoon soap "Dugong Buhay" together with Ejay Falcon. He is portraying the bida-kontrabida character of Raphael, the real brother of Ejay's character.

I met Arjo for third time now. I first met him on the early part of 2012 during his first TV series project "eBoy."

Arjo is really kind and friendly. We call each other as "bro."

Thanks much for this Arjo! Good luck to your new teleserye. See you once again soon! (RCB) 

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