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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sabrina Orial for Bits of Rocks' 5TH Year Blog Anniversary!

I finally found the sweet voice behind the Tagalog version of the Koreanovela "Perfect Match" OST, "Saranghae." And she's no other than the Asian acoustic princess, Sabrina Orial!

After having a fun time with Sabrina during our blog con and after singing me my 2010's theme song, she expressed her greetings to Bits of Rock's 5TH Year Blog Anniversary.

Here is Sabrina serenading your favorite site a Happy 5TH Birthday:

Sabrina is the female counterpart of the Asian Pop Prince Christian Bautista as she conquered the hearts of the different Asian countries just like in Indonesia. And yes, she is very popular in the world's largest continent! 

And I was really blessed meeting Sabrina in person! She is very kind, approachable, and full of humor! She is as sweet as her music!

Sabrina also made her very own acoustic rendition of the hit songs like "What Makes You Beautiful," "Payphone," "Starships," and "One Thing."

Thanks much for this Sabrina! See you again soon! (RCB)

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