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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sabrina Orial Sings Me "Saranghae!"

I'm very happy and inspired the night after I attended the blogger's conference of the "Accoustic Princess" Ms. Sabrina Orial. The event didn't only became an ordinary media conference or launching of an album. But indeed, it became an acoustic night as Sabrina serenaded us with her sweet music. What more, she sang me "Saranghae," one of the best songs I love most!   

"Saranghae" is actually the official theme song of the 2010 hit Koreanovela of Lee Min Ho called "Perfect Match" which aired on ABS-CBN's Primetime Bida. The original or the Korean version was performed by Younha and is titled as "Can't Believe It".

I love the original version but when I heard the Tagalog version, I got amazed! I love more the Tagalog version because I understand the lyrics and the message of the song at the same time, Sabrina sings well just like the original or even surpasses the Korean version! That time, I went to the record bars in our mall to know who is singing the Tagalog version of the song. And I found...Sabrina!

Last week, all things of the past were reminisced after I met in person the sweet singer of the song. And yes, she sang and dedicated it to me! Here is our short video wherein Sabrina serenaded me with "Saranghae:" 

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Sabrina is truly the best! Still I can't believe that I already met Sabrina, the singer of "Saranghae!"

Yes, I love the said song 'cause it reminded me of someone way back in 2010. I got a crush to my former teammate which eventually became my friend. We had perfect moments every night since both of us were in a night shift. I wouldn't elaborate more our moments (at baka bigla ako itext nun pag nabasa niya ito, yari!) Let's keep all those good things in the past :)   

And here is the fan-made music video of the complete version of Sabrina's Saranghae which also features kilig scenes from the Koreanovela "Perfect Match:"

Right now, Sabrina just launched her fifth album called "I Love Acoustic 5." It contains songs from her very own composition like "Oh Boy, " "Make Believe," and "Terrified"  which features Christian Bautista in the music video. And of course, the album also contains her very own rendition of the different hit songs like "Payphone," "What Makes You Beautiful," "Call Me Maybe," "Starships," "Somebody that I Used to Know," "Domino," "A Thousand Years," and "One Thing."     

Thanks much Sabrina! Hope to hear more of Sabrina's songs to be used in the other TV series! God bless and more power! (RCB)

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