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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A 'Juan Dela Cruz' Fever with Martin Nievera and Gina Pareño!

Let me share with you another set of celebrity photos. This time with the country's Icon of OPM songs Martin Nivera and of course with Lola Gets Ms. Gina Pareño.

This was during the red carpet advanced celebrity screening of today's No. 1 hit superhero series, "Juan Dela Cruz."

Check out our cool shots:   

Martin sings the soundtrack of the said fantaserye called "Maging Sino Ka Man." And of course, Ms. Gina plays Coco Martin's grandma named Lolaine.

I'll share with you more more celebrity photos and videos in the coming days. Just too busy within these days! :)

This was actually my first time to meet in person Martin and Gina. And that really turned out great! 'Till next time! (RCB)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Sam Pinto and I!

I was so blessed to meet and talk in person with the FHM sexiest woman in the world, Ms. Sam Pinto. And that was during the 2012 Yahoo! OMG Awards Night held in SM Mall of Asia Arena.

Aside from being sexy and beautiful, Sam is truly kind and friendly. She is very approachable. I love her smile. And yes, she is taller than me! Our pictures together prove: 

Sam was hailed as the FHM Sexiest Woman for two consecutive years! A product of the hit reality show "Pinoy Big Brother Double Up," Sam is also a favorite cover girl of the different magazines and endorsers of the different brands. She is still the image model of San Miguel

Right now, Sam is seen in the Kapuso fantaserye "Indio" where she is playing one of the diwatas (fairy). I was also with her during the red carpet advanced screening of the said superhero series.

See you again soon Sam! Keep up the good work! (RCB)

Bryan Termulo Gives a Taste of His Birthday Concert!

The "Teleserye Theme Song Prince" Bryan Termulo is currently celebrating his 25TH Birthday. And as a form of treat to his fans and supporters at the same time a way of thanking all the blessings he had received, Bryan will be having his major concert in Music Museum called "Bryan XXV Birthday Concert"  this coming March 9, 2013.

Bryan is the voice behind three of the very successful teleserye theme songs. Last year, he made his very own rendition of Walang Hanggan's OST "Dadalhin" which paved the way for his rise in stardom. Then this year, he sung again another theme. This time, it's for the current hit TV series "Ina Kapatid Anak" called "Kailan." And of course, he also sings "Sa Isang Sulyap Mo,"  one of the OST of the hit superhero series "Juan Dela Cruz."       

During the recently concluded bloggers' conference held in Insomia Bar, Centris Walk, QC., Bryan sang two of his teleserye theme songs! He even shared interesting facts about his personality and dream date! 

Bryan also sang me his birthday theme song. And that is, "I Believe I Can Fly." He even revealed top 5 interesting secrets about him (I'll share the video in my other blog). And of course, he shared the singer whom he wants to have a duet with. She's no other than Angeline Quinto.   

In one of our videos, Bryan sang a portion of his current hit "Kailan." Let's check out my two short video clips with Bryan Termulo:

That said bloggers' night was actually my fourth times to meet Bryan. The first one was during Tambayan 101.9 Awards night, the second was during our first Blog Con with him, the third one was during the Star Awards for TV, and the latest was this event!

Good luck to your concert Bryan and more power to your career! See you again soon! Happy Birthday!  (RCB)

Meeting Ping Medina's Brother, Alex Medina!

Since we're already talked about Ping Medina in my previous post, let us then take this opportunity to talk with the other Medina - Alex Medina. Yes, he is the brother of Ping and of course, the son of the veteran actor Pen.

Alex started his way in the showbiz industry via Indie Film. Last year, he won in the Cinemalaya as Best Actor via their Indie movie entry.       

Alex was also part of the movie "Iliw" joining his brother Ping. He played the character of Kaye Abad's younger brother.

Right now, Alex is seen in the hit Primetime TV series "Ina Kapatid Anak" playing one of Enchong Dee's kabarkadas.But his character will be very significant in the succeeding chapters of the teleserye!

Alex is also as talented as his brother and as his father. Pen, Ping, and Alex were truly great actors! "Like father like sons" as they say! (RCB)

Ping Medina Shares His Indie Film Experience!

He is the son of the veteran actor Pen Medina. He starred in the different Kapamilya TV series before particularly in "Tayong Dalawa" where he played the sidekick of Coco Martin. But he became popular when he portrayed the character of Tiyo Carlo, the kind and loving uncle of Mara and the secret-holder in the 2010 remake of "Mara Clara."     

Aside from TV, he even played different characters in the movie and in the different stage plays. Until last week, I finally met him in person as he starred in an exciting Indie Film.

Ping Medina is one of the two leading men of Kaye Abad in the historical film "Iliw" or "Nostalgia." During the red carpet advanced screening of the said movie in SM Megamall, I interviewed Ping about his latest Indie Film.

Ping narrated the highlights of his character in the film. His character was truly inlove with Fidela, the character of Kaye. But Fidela falls to the Japanese soldier.

According to Ping, "Iliw" is based on the true story set on the Japanese era. Because of the love between Fidela and the Japanese soldier, the City of Vigan was saved from tragedy! And yes, I witnessed that part on the movie. And that was truly tearful.

The movie was shot in the beautiful and in the rich place of Vigan, Ilocos Norte. The term "Iliw" actually means "nostalgia" in English.

Here is my video interview with Ping. Let's all watch this:

At the end of the movie, you can find yourself crying. The story was so touching. It will truly leave pain in our hearts specially when one character in the story sacrificed not only his love but also his life to save the person he truly loves!

And I now understand why the City of Vigan is still standing strong. Thanks for the true love! (RCB)

A Trip to Hell!

Last year, I've shared with you a post regarding my day to day MRT struggle! What's new?! Still the struggle continues and challenges risen up. I don't know where these people came from making all the sides of MRT entrance full!   

Well, if you think I'm only creating a fictional story or making excuses, think twice and put yourself in my shoes even for once! Last week while having my camera on my bag (since I'll use it in my event after work), I took some photos of a very hassle trip starting from the MRT until the bus station. 

Check these out:      

These everyday scenario truly makes me angry! My fresh look eventually turns into a haggard feel. "Kaya pagdating ko sa opis, ang init na ng ulo ko! Gudluck sa masisigawan ko!" Hehehe... 

Why did you try this trip even for one day and let me know what you feel! Big good luck! (RCB)

Cooking The Chef Dino Ferrari Way!

Chef Dino Ferrari is a half-Filipino half-Italian chef who is a product of a hit international cooking reality show. Together with Ms. Eugene Domingo, he is hosting the new season of "Del Monte Kitchenomics" which started to air in GMA-7. 

I personally met Chef Dino during the launch of their cooking show in the Kapuso network. In the event, he gave his actual cooking demo of the Hawaiian Beef which was also served during our dinner. 

Again, I got a chance to interview this popular celebrity Master Chef. And he shared to me his favorite recipes. And one of those recipes is the Pinoy trademark dish 'adobo!' 

Here is our video conversation wherein he shared his own style of cooking adobo as well as revealing his other recipes. Let's all watch this:

Chef Dino is really kind. He is always willing to share all his knowledge in terms of cooking. I've learned a lot from him. And yes, he is superb in cooking! He can transform plain food to a very delicious dish! Cool! 

Catch Chef Dino and Eugene in GMA-7's newest "Del Monte Kitchenomics" every Wednesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays at 11am. Yummy! (RCB)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Ms. Gina Pareño: From "Lola Gets" to "Lolaine!"

Finally, I met in person the very famous "Lola Gets,"  the award-winning veteran actress Ms. Gina Pareño! Ms. Gina is now playing "Lolaine," the grandmother of Coco Martin in the hit Primetime superhero TV series "Juan Dela Cruz."

Actually, Ms. Gina reunited with Coco in the said teleserye. And this is now their third TV series together! They first worked together in the 2009 hit drama series "Tayong Dalawa" where Gina grabbed the title of "Lola Gets." Year after, they once more played the characters of grandma and grandson in another hit "Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo." Now after three years, Coco and Ms. Gina reunited for this hit fantaserye.

Right after the celebrity advanced screening of "Juan Dela Cruz" in SM Megamall, I got an opportunity to talk with Ms. Gina. And here is our video clip:

Ms. Gina is really an ideal lola! Though they were only "mag-lola" onscreen, Gina really treats Coco as her real apo! Me too, I like Ms. Gina to be my lola! My lola already died 14 years ago. And yes, I'm also close with my grandma!

The character of Ms. Gina truly adds spice to "Juan Dela Cruz." She put humor to the show. Thumbs up Lola Gets! (RCB)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meeting the Newest Blue Water Day SPA Endorsers Iya Villania, Ian Batherson, and Aljur Abrenica!

I was so privileged to be invited in the prestige new endorsers launch of Blue Water Day SPA in the Palawan Ballroom in EDSA Shangrila Hotel, Mandaluyong City last February 19, 2013. In the said classy event, Blue Water Day SPA introduced the hunk model Ian Batherson, MYX veejay Iya Villania and Kapuso top leading man Aljur Abrenica as their newest image models.
I was so blessed to have an opportunity to talk one on one with the three sexiest celebrities. In my separate interviews to each of them, they shared to me how active their lifestyle is. Yeah, even though they were all celebrities, they still differ in their ways of living.

I've asked them how the Blue Water Day SPA (BWDS) fits their lifestyles, and I was amazed knowing how they relate their lifestyle to the SPA. They even revealed their favorite service in the SPA. I will share with you my individual interview videos with them in my next succeeding posts. :)    

With the New Endorsers Iya, Ian, and Aljur!

A Wacky Shot with Iya, Ian, and Aljur!

The event marked our third meeting with Aljur. He expressed his gratitude that I was able to attend the event despite of my very busy schedule. He even revealed that he already watched our videos in YouTube. "Kulitan" moments then followed.
For Iya, this was our second meeting. Though she was not able to recognized me in "ASAP Rocks" last December 2011, this event paved the way to know each other more! And yes, she was nice to talk with. She even apologized for having a not so good voice that time because of cough.  

Meanwhile, this was my first time to meet in person the hunk model Ian. He was so talkative. He was able to expound his answer to a one-liner question! He even revealed to me the last movie that he watched! And he shared a secret to me which I will reveal in my next posts! Hehehe...  Oh, I then realized that Ian Batherson has a great resemblance with my close friend! :)   

Aside from these three most-loved celebrities, present in the said event were the executives, managers, and VIPs of the SPA. Media, press, bloggers, and socialite people merged in this sosy event! Hunk model Brent Javier hosted the said program!   

Watch out my succeeding separate posts featuring my actual videos with them! Cool! (RCB)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Food Bits: The Red and White Spaghetti!

I enjoyed different foods and dishes in the different events or presscons I have attended from the different restaurants or hotels. Before start eating, I took first photos of the foods. And I really lots of them in my camera.  

Since I'm not a food blogger, I didn't include those foods in my posts. But since those foods were really great and may caught your interest, I am now starting again my food segment! Remember years ago, I shared with you my own recipes. This time, I'll share my food events.  

Let me start with the food during my recent UNIQLO Spring Summer 2013 Launch in Venice Piazza, Mickinley Hills. We had our dinner in Tokyo Cafe. The major dishes they served was the red and white spaghetti.   

Here are the photos of the foods I've tasted: 

The Red Spaghetti

The White Spaghetti

I Love Tokyo Cafe!

Tokyo Cafe is actually a Japanese resto. They were serving Japanese foods. The Spaghetti and the piazza were in Japanese style. Actually in the red spaghetti, there are shrimps. And the taste was truly extra-ordinary!

The white spaghetti is actually their style of carbonara. There are some strands of fish in the meal making it more delicious!

The two spaghettis were served together with fried chicken, bread, and fresh ice tea! So tempting! Love it! (RCB)

My "Kulitan" Shots with Marc Nelson!

I personally met the sports hunk Marc Nelson during the Soyami Event. Marc is the endorser of the said health chips at the same time the host of the event.

We got too many photos with him. And of course, I even got quota shots with him in the photo booth.

Marc is really so cool and fun in person! He is very active and lively the way we saw him on TV. Well, below are some proofs!

Here are my cool and wacky photos with Marc Nelson. Check these out:

Marc is still hosting the longest running sports show "Sports Unlimited." He is very athletic and sporty! He's my idol in terms of body building. That time, "hindi nagkakalayo ang katawan namin!" I need to go back to gym then.

Speaking of healthy and fitness, that is no other than Marc Nelson! You're the man! (RCB)

An Afternoon with the "Apoy Sa Dagat" Directors and Creative Staff!

"Apoy Sa Dagat" is the newest Primetime TV series of ABS-CBN which stars Piolo Pascual, Diether Ocampo, Angelica Panganiban, and Angelica Panganiban! With its flaming hot title, I really thought at first that this will be a sexy teleserye. But after meeting the directors, writer, and creative staffs of the said TV series, my outlook to this teleserye eventually changed! 

One Saturday afternoon, we had a Bloggers' Conference together with the Creative Team of "Apoy Sa Dagat." This was composed of the two directors FM Reyes and Nick Olanca, writer Arden Condez, and creative manager Henry Quintain.

My first question to the teleserye director FM Reyes was all about the title of the series. I got curious why this TV series was dubbed as such since it suggests a sexy name. Added to the fact, the series is led by three of the sexiest stars who showed skins in the trailer and poster giving me a hint that this is a Rated SPG TV show. But Direk FM explained why.     

According to him, the title "Apoy Sa Dagat" is actually a figure of speech. It was derived from the figurative phrase "fire on water," two objects that can't never be together! In the story, this pertains to the lead characters continuously battling! The title also suggests facing stiff challenges - how the lead characters will face the challenges which were impossible to win! 

"The story is not that sexy or daring everyone is thinking of. Yes, there are some sexy scenes in the first part of the series but as you will go along, you will see how it differs from the other teleserye," the director said. 

It's good to note that Direk FM Reyes is also the man behind the successful and phenomenal hit TV series like "Lobo," "May Bukas Pa," "eBoy," and "Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas."  And it's proud to know that "Lobo" and "Sana'y Wala Nang Wakas" were continuously hitting the other parts of the world as their rights were sold to other countries the way we did with the different Koreanovelas airing in the country.  

With Direk Nick Olanca, Writer Arden Condez, Creative Manager Henry Quintain, and Direk FM Reyes

The "Apoy Sa Dagat" Team!

A Sizzling Hot TV Series Poster of "Apoy Sa Dagat"

The teleserye writer Henry Quintain expressed how he admires Angelica Panganiban. "Nung una talaga ayaw na ayaw ko kay Angelica lalo na 'nung time na kontrabida siya ni Camille Prats. Kase big fan ako ni Camille then naging artist pa namin siya sa Marinella. But after ko siyang makatrabaho dito sa Apoy Sa Dagat, talagang bumilib ako sa batang ito! Wow, ang galing niya!" he shared.

Angelica is playing a dual role in the series. She is playing the poor and humble sea girl Serena at the same time playing the rich and the fighter Rebecca. "Hindi mo na kailangang ibahin ang itsura nung dalawang Angelica eh na 'ung isa is mahaba ang buhok at maiksi ung isa. Sa acting niya pa lang kitang-kita mo na ang pagkakaiba. Ganun siya kagaling," the writer and director agreed.

Aside from Angelica, the team also talked about the other characters in the series like the two leading men Piolo and Diether, the antagonist Angel Aquino, and the other veteran stars. 

They were all laughing as they shared how cool the character of Ms. Perla Bautista in the story. "Kilala natin si Perla sa mga roles na martir na ina. Pero dito, pokpok ang role niya! Lipstick ang katapat ng kaligayahan niya," Direk FM revealed.

The creative team also unveiled how cruel the character of Angel Aquino. "Kung sa Magkaribal at Maria La Del Barrio naintindihan natin at minahal ang pagiging kontrabida niya, dito sa Apoy Sa Dagat, grabe at magagalit talaga kayo at kasusuklaman niyo siya!" It's really evilness to the fullest Angel Aquino is in the series!

Here is the full trailer of "Apoy Sa Dagat:"

The series also explores the beauty of the Philippines. Yes, the scenes were also taken in the different tourist spots of the country. The team even narrated how they shoot in the cruise and in the mid of the sea.  

"Apoy Sa Dagat" just premiered last Monday, February 11, 2013. And it truly got high pilot ratings beating its rival TV series! This week and in the next succeeding weeks, expect to see more exciting twists as the story progresses!   

This is such another great teleserye from the home of breakthrough TV series, ABS-CBN! Once more, two thumbs up Kapamilya! (RCB)

A Valentines with Rocky and Angel Locsin!

Last year, I spent my Valentines with the country's sexiest and hottest actress Ms. Angel Locsin. And that was inline with their romantic movie, "Unofficially Yours."

It was exactly one year ago! And that was also my very first time to meet, mingle, and talk with my favorite actress. 

Our first meeting turnout to be my most memorable event since it was my first time to see Angel in person. And this meetup proved that Angel is truly beautiful not only outside but more inside. Yes, she is truly nice and kind! She is very approachable and easy to deal with! "Talagang siya pa ang lalapit at babati sa'yo!" Falling in love with her is truly irresistible!          

Aside from our lunch photos above, below are my other photos with Angel Locsin during the grand presscon of "Unofficially Yours:"  

My latest photos with Ms. Angel Locsin took place in the Awards Night of PMPC Star Awards for TV. And that said photos got a half a million likes and shares in Facebook! :)

I was also supposed to see Angel in the 2012 Yahoo OMG Awards Night in SM Mall of Asia Arena but was not prosper because Angel wasn't able to attend due to "One More Try" filming in Baguio.  

The box-office hit "Unofficially Yours" starring Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz was Star Cinema's 2012 Valentines movie offering. And I watched it together with my ex. This year, the Star Cinema's Valentines movie is "A Moment in Time" starring Julia Montes and Coco Martin.

Looking forward to see again Angel Locsin this 2013 and have more photos and videos with her! (RCB) 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rocky Meets the 'Temptation of Wife' Primera Kontrabida Glaiza De Castro!

She is now dubbed as the TV series "Reyna ng mga Kabit" as she effectively portrays the antagonist character of Heidi in the hit TV series remake "Temptation of Wife." She is no other than, Ms. Glaiza De Castro!

I got a chance to talk and mingle with this favorite kontrabida weeks ago in GMA-7 network. Right after her guesting in one of Kapuso's TV program, I interviewed Glaiza! 

Since she already played both the bida and kontrabida roles, I asked her which of the two roles is more challenging for her. And here are her answers:

Glaiza alternately plays the bida and the kontrabida characters. In 2010, she played bida in the fantaserye "Glazilda" right after playing konrabida in the musical teleserye "Diva." Then she shifted back to bida in Biritera" in 2011. Now, in 2012, she returns playing the kontrabida character of the most talked about role of Heidi.  

Aside from having our video together, I even got more photos together with her (kota!).

In my 2012 TV Series Craze Awards online poll, Glaiza got the title of being the Kontrabida of the Year after receiving a landslide votes defeating her other contenders.

Glaiza also got a resemblance to my favorite actress, Ms. Angel Locsin. Agree?!

Honestly in "Temptation of Wife," I truly love the character of Glaiza as Heidi. She is very passionate and has a full of determination to get Marcel (Dennis Trillo) who also became hers in the early part of the story! "Ang sarap maging kabit at mang-agaw ng asawa...!" Hehehe... (RCB)

Monday, February 11, 2013

My Red Winning Moment with Bryan Termulo!

It was the eve of Chinese New Year when we had a Bloggers' Night with the "Teleserye Theme Song Prince," Bryan Termulo in Insomia Bar, Centris Walk, Quezon City, February 9, 2013. And yes, that night proved to be a lucky night for me. I didn't only got a chance to talk and mingle again with Bryan for the fourth time, I even won a grand prize of Sketchers Sports Shoes!

Yup the color red once more proved to be my lucky color. Remember last year, I was also wearing red when I passed the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB)? And that repeated on a Saturday night with Bryan! And it was so surprising seeing Bryan also wearing red. "Naging termo pa kami!" 

I wore red that time for my two consecutive events following the tradition of a Chinese New Year. Though Feng Sui said that green is a lucky color for the Year of the Water Snake, I still preferred red since this is also my favorite color!

So Surprising to Win the Sketchers Shoes!

They Say Wearing Red is a Lucky Charm...and That's Explain Why!

During the Bloggers' Conference for Bryan Termulo's 25TH Birthday Concert, exciting prizes were given away to the bloggers via raffle. Five bloggers won Facial GCs worth 1,000K and two bloggers won the two major prizes, the Sketchers Shoes. And I'm one of the lucky two! 

The Sketchers Shoes worth Php3,695. I was so lucky that night having that cool white sports shoes. That was a perfect treat from Bryan!

Bryan is celebrating his 25TH birthday hence his concert is dubbed as "Bryan XXV Birthday Concert." It will be held on Music Museum this coming March 9, 2013.   

I'll share more of the stories about our event with Bryan in my next succeeding posts. By now, I just want to share with you my happiness and my another lucky moment.  (RCB)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Year of the Snake Inspired Russian Salads!

It's already Year of the Water Snake! The whole world is currently celebrating the fun, cool, and colorful Chinese New Year. 

Different countries have their own forms and styles of celebrating the Chinese New Year. Some reflected their rituals in the form of food. They may serve you Chinese foods like dimsum, siomai, mami, siopao, or tikoy. But in Russia, they have their own styles of serving food with a touch of Chinese.

Since 2013 falls on the year of the snake, the Russians serve their own salads in the form of snake. And here are some:

The Potato Snake Russian Salad

The Kiwi Chicken Style Salad

The Snake Potato Salad

The Fish Snake Salad

So yummy! And at the same time, they were all healthy. I hope to taste some of these. Hmmm...I need to look for some restos serving Russian foods!

These photos were courtesy of The Mendeleyev Journal blog with the following url: The complete ingredients and recipes of those salads were also found in the said site. Thanks much!

Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone! (RCB)  

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