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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 2013: "Starting Anew"

We are now on the first day of the year, January 1. Well, it's another year to face. Just like many of us, when a new year arrived, we are always thinking, will it be better than the previous year? Am I be luckier this year? And what are the opportunities that await me this year?!  

For the month of January, this blog Bits of Rocks will be busy wrapping up the year 2012. Yes, I'll share with you the 12 highlights of my previous year which include the good and the bad ones. This is my routine I always do every start of the new year. So sad that I wasn't able to share one for 2011 since  I'm too busy!

And of course, I will share with you my Top 13 plans for 2013 or should I say my New Year's resolutions?! I'll post it right after my year-render article. :)   

I'll also continue sharing you my last year's events and moments with the different personalities which were pended because of the Holidays! 

January is truly a month where all of us were prepping to start another new beginning! Join me as I start anew! (RCB)   

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