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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Angeline Quinto Shares the Challenges of her Character in 'Kahit Konting Pagtingin!'

The so-called "Queen of Teleserye Theme Songs" now leads her very own teleserye! Angeline Quinto stars in her debut teleserye entitled "Kahit Konting Pagtingin."

After talking with her leading men Sam Milby and Paulo Avelino, the camera now rolls to the leading lady Ms. Angeline Quinto. Just like Sam and Paulo, we talked about her character in the teleserye.  

Angeline is playing the character of Aurora. She is a bus conductress who is determined to do everything for her family and to reach her goal. 

Meeting the Now Called "Teleserye Darling!"

Unlike in real life, Angeline is not singing in the TV series. But her loud voice will be heard in the bus being a lady conductor. But comparing Angeline and Aurora, they have their commonalities. "Pareho po kami ni Aurora na nangarap at patuloy na tinutupad ang aming mga pangarap," Angeline shared. Both of them were working hard to achieve their dreams.    

Here is a video of my short interview with Angeline Quinto revealing her character in the story: 

This is actually my third meetup with Angeline after her first movie "Born to Love You" with Coco Martin and after her performance in an awards night.

When members of the press asked Angeline if how she got these blessings, she said: "Nakukuha po 'yan sa dasal. Ipinagdasal ko pong lahat ito, lahat ng mga biyayang natatanggap ko." It's such a very inspiring story!

Catch Angeline Quinto with Sam Milby and Paulo Avelino in "Kahit Konting Pagtingin" which will premiere this Monday, January 28, 2013 before "TV Patrol" in ABS-CBN's undisputed Primetime Bida! We are really excited to see Angeline in her first teleserye ever! Two thumbs up Angge! (RCB)

Rocky and Paulo Avelino: The Boys Next Door Photos!

This is my fourth times to meet in person and talk with one of the country's hottest leading man Paulo Avelino. And therefore, this is our fourth time together in photos!

Check out our so-called Boys-Next Door photos: 

My first meting with Paulo was during the grand presscon of "Walang Hanggan," last January 2012 in ABS-CBN followed by its red carpet premiere night in SM Megamall. Then again in December 2012, I met and interviewed him again for "Shake Rattle and Roll 14: The Invasion" during its red carpet premiere night in SM Megamall. And two weeks ago, I met him for the fourth time during the grand presscon of "Kahit Konting Pagtimgin" his newest Primetime teleserye. 

On my next posts, I'll share with you my previous photos with Paulo Avelino.

Keep up the good work and more power Paulo! (RCB)

Paulo Avelino: From Nathan of 'Walang Hanggan' to Lance of 'Kahit Konting Pagtingin!'

Paulo Avelino made a remarkable and a legendary character in the phenomenal hit TV series "Walang Hanggan" after playing the character of 'Nathan.' Now, Paulo returns in the TV series but not anymore as Nathan. Instead, he is now 'Lance' in the upcoming Primetime Bida kilig-serye "Kahit Konting Pagtingin."

Once more, I got a chance to talk again to this country's Breakthrough Actor of 2012 Paulo Avelino during the grand presscon of their newest teleserye in Laffline Comedy Bar, Timog QC.

In our conversion, Paulo differentiated his character in "Walang Hanggan" as Nathan to his new role as Lance in "Kahit Konting Pagtingin."

It's Paulo and Rocky Once Again!

According to Paulo, his character as Nathan before was dark, 'malalim!' That was his character wherein he played as a mentally retarded husband. He made the life of his wife Katerina (Julia Montes) miserable and even raped her!

Now being Lance in "Kahit Konting Pagtingin," his character is light and kind. He is opposite of his brother Sam Milby in the story who is playing the boss Adam. As per Paulo, his character now as Lance is more challenging as he shifts from a heavy drama with a deep character to a romance-comedy with a light role!

Here is our cool video conversion wherein Paulo compared his character as Nathan and as Lance: 

Truly, Paulo showcased his great acting ability in "Walang Hanggan" being Nathan. He even got numerous good commendations after playing the said breakthrough role. Now being Lance, everyone is really looking forward for a brand new Paulo, a more boy-next door type of leading man admired by many! 

"Kahit Konting Pagtingin" also marks the very first teamup of Paulo and Angeline Quinto who is playing the character of Aurora.

Catch the new Paulo Avelino in ABS-CBN's romantic TV series offering "Kahit Konting Pagtingin" which premieres this Monday, January 28, 2013 in the undisputed Primetime Bida! Two thumbs up Paulo and more power! Keep up the good work dude! (RCB)

A 7-Month Old Baby Dances the 'Gangnam Style!'

I've just watched this new viral video from YouTube as it was featured in the late night news of Net 25. In the video, it shows a 7-month old baby dancing the Psy's hit dance craze, "Gangnam Style."

The baby is so cute! And he was able to dance to the beat of the hit song. After watching the news program, I immediately search this on YouTube to share it with you.

See it yourself! Here is the cool viral video featuring the 7-month old baby doing the Gangnam:

"Gangnam Style" is truly a huge phenomenal hit all over the world! Even a cute little baby like this was influenced by it! Thanks Psy for bringing us this dance craze!

This 2013, what do you think will be the next phenomenal trending hit song after "Gangnam?" Well, we'll wait and see! (RCB) 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Cooking Experience with Camille Prats and Jolina Magdangal in 'Sarap Diva!'

It was such a great experience to be part of the famous morning cooking show "Sarap Diva." Finally, I became one of the visitors of the Asia's Songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez in her own kitchen with a great ambiance!  

When I entered the Studio 6 of GMA Network where every episode of the show is shot, it felt like I'm entering in a real kitchen of a real house. It all contain the things found in your own home sweet home from sofa to the dinning table. The sweet atmosphere truly makes you feel that you're at home!

I got more amazed when the show's host Ms. Regine came in the studio. As part of the show's program flow, Regine sings before or after the cooking session. Seeing her doing her stuff, I admired her more since she can shift from singing to hosting to cooking!

On the episode's taping, Regine's guest were two of the former "Ang TV" young stars Camille Prats and Jolina Magdangal who are now turned as celebrity wives. This also served as the reunion of these two former Kapamilya actresses.

In this episode, Jolina and Camille shared their own recipes. They cooked live the two dishes while having cool conversations with the Asia's Songbird. Jolina cooked the roaster pork ribs while Camille on the other hand cooked the marinaded pork.

Joining the Former 'Ang TV' Stars turning Celebrity Wives

The Asia's Songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez with us, her Episode Guests

With Ms. Regine Velasquez Episode Maid, Teri / Inday

While cooking the episode's featured dishes, the studio was filled with fun and laughter as the three ladies shared their own experiences. Jolina talked about her newly-wed life and her honeymoon with husband Marc Escueta. Camille then shared the feeling of greatness being a proud mother of Nathan. She was even admired by Regine and Jolens since at the young age, she was able to surpassed the great trials in her life. On the other hand, Regine shared how she can relate to Jolens being a newly married woman and to Camille being a proud mom!    

Aside from Jolina and Camille, the other guests of Regine on this episode were the teen group Chicser and the comedianne impersonator Teri playing her housemaid Inday. The Chicser helped Regine sell her clothes via the portion "Ga-Reg Sale," an online garage sale wherein the proceeds will be donated to the Kapuso Foundation. . 

The show concluded with Regine and Jolina singing the hit song "Only Excemption." Chicser also showed their moves dancing to the tune of the latest music including the "Gangnam Style!"

The complete episode of this Jolina-Camille guesting will be shown this Saturday, February 16, 2013 at 9:45am on GMA-7. It was such a great pleasure and experience to be part of the show! 'Till next time! (RCB) 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mylene Dizon Plays Antagonist to Angeline Quinto in 'Kahit Konting Pagtingin!'

It's Nice Meeting in Person the Famous Kontrabida 'Sally' of the Hit Soap "Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan!"

We loved and hated at the same time the different characters portrayed by the  Star Magic actress Ms. Mylene Dizon. We loved her character as Susan David, the martyr, patient, hard-working, and protective mother of Mara (Kathryn Bernardo) in the hit TV series remake "Mara Clara" in 2010 then hated her being the greedy and ambitious Dra. Grace Maniago of the advocacy-series "Budoy." But in real life, this actress is truly admirable!

I started to admire Mylene when she portrayed the character of 'Sally,' the remarkable and the legendary kontrabida of Claudine Barretto in the hit teleserye "Sa Dulo sa Walang Hanggan" way back in 2001. Yes, I got hooked with the said series not only because of Claudine but also because of Mylene. I love the catfight and the killer lines between the two actresses in every exciting scene. And yes, Mylene caught the attention of many viewers because of Sally.  

Now Mylene returns in the TV series world playing another villain. But this time, it's not as serious or as hardcore as Sally. It's light and enjoying!

Mylene is playing the character of 'Nerissa Ledesma' in the upcoming romance-comedy series "Kahit Konting Pagtingin." She will be the antagonist of Angeline Quinto who is playing the lead character of Aurora. Nerissa is the auntie of the characters of Paulo Avelino and Sam Milby. She is against Aurora and she doesn't want this poor girl for her nephews.

Here is our video conversation with Ms. Mylene Dizon revealing her character in the story:

Definitely, Nerissa will add more twist and conflicts to the love story of Angeline, Paulo, and Sam. And of course, there's something about her character that we should watch out in the succeeding episodes of the series.

"Kahit Konting Pagtingin" premieres this Monday, January 28, 2013 in ABS-CBN's leading Primetime Bida replacing the timeslot of "Aryana." I really can't wait and see how Mylene reinvented herself to another new role! Exciting! (RCB)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sam Milby Talks About His Character in 'Kahit Konting Pagtingin!'

Sam Milby came in the videoke-comedy bar themed grand presscon of their newest teleserye "Kahit Konting Pagtingin" in a nerdy-intelligent look wearing an eyeglass. This quite depicted his character in the newest kilig-teleserye of the Kapamilya network.

Sam is playing the character of Adam Ledesma. He is the brother of Lance, the character of Paulo Avelino.

In my interview with the country's so-called "rock-coustic heartthrob," Sam described the character of Adam.

Adam belongs to a rich family owning the chain of hotels in resorts. He is workaholic, perfectionist, and striving for the best.

Because of his attitude giving more importance to work, Adam is not close with anybody. Even his own employees were not actually at ease with him!

Here is my video conversation with Sam talking about his character in the TV series

Sam even gave a glimpse to watch in the teleserye. This is about how his character will change from the usually 'terror' boss to a loving kindhearted man. And that will depend on the character of Aurora played by his new leading lady, Angeline Quinto

Yes, in real life, Sam is actually opposite of his character in the series. He is kind, gently, friendly, and approachable! No wonder why many fans during that night want to take photos together with him. And he truly accommodated them all! He even patiently answered the simultaneous questions from the members of the press and media.  

Before gracing the night's event, Sam serenaded us with his very own version of The Calling's "Wherever You Will Go," one of the songs which became a theme song of my love story way back in 2004.

This TV series is actually Sam's first project for 2013. After this romance-comedy teleserye, get ready to see Sam in a more dramatic role pairing him with the "Teleserye Queen" Judy Ann Santos for "Against All Odds."

"Kahit Konting Pagtingin" premieres this Monday, January 28, 2013 in ABS-CBN's top-rating Primetime Bida. It replaces "Aryana" which is now on its last week. Nice meeting you again Sam! Two thumbs up and more power! (RCB)

Sam Milby Plus Rocky Batara Equals "Rock-coustic Heartthrobs!"

For the third time around, I met the the so called "Rock-coustic Heartthrob" Sam Milby. Well, putting us together gave him the said title - Sam Milby plus Rocky Batara definitely spells "Rock-coustic Heartthrobs!" 

I first met Sam in person during the "ASAP Rocks" holiday special way back in December 2011. This was the time when we co-incidentally wearing the same shirt. Many audience said, "Para kayong kambal ni Sam" and they loved taking pictures with us together. Later on, I will share that said photos of me and Sam.  Sad that my copies were blurred! :(    

Our second meetup with Sam was during the red carpet premiere night of "24/7 in Love" in November 2012. On that time, we talked longer and got our first video.

And last week, January 16, 2013, our third meeting took place. This was during the grand presscon of his newest teleserye "Kahit Konting Pagtingin."

The grand presscon was a videoke-comedy bar inspired which took place in Laffline Comedy Bar, Timog, QC. He performed singing his very own rendition of The Calling's "Wherever You Were Go."

Aside from having our photos again together, we got our second video. Yes, I interviewed Sam sharing his character in the teleserye.    

On my next post, I'll share with you our cool video. (RCB)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rocky Interviews Sen. Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. for 'Indio!'

Rocky and Ramon Bong: Another Father and Son Photo!

For the first time, I met the ageless actor and one of the most favorite senate person, Sen. Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. on the red carpet advanced screening of the newest Telebabad teleserye. Sen. Bong is playing the lead star in the newest GMA-7 epic-serye offering, "Indio."   
"Indio" is actually the very first teleserye of Sen. Bong. And it was really a great pleasure for him to lead in this most expensive TV series of the Kapuso network. In the series, he is playing Malaya, the heir of a diwata and an indigenous Filipino. He is gifted with a supernatural power that will save his race from the cruel Spanish conquerors!     

I got a chance not only to meet in person and to have a picture-taking with the senator, but I was able to talk and interview him!    

Sen. Bong described his character in the TV series. He even stated the things that we should watch out in the coming days. We even defined the series as a movie made for TV.

Here is my short video clip interviewing the senator. Let's all watch this: 

"Indio" showcased the richness of the Philippine culture. It even cited some of the most important events in the history. Watching the TV series, you will truly appreciate Philippine history, one of my favorite subjects in high school which put me in stardom being the consistent "Best in Social Studies" student.

Aside from an epic-serye with a touch of Philippine History, "Indio" also exposes the audience to the magic of a modern high technology. Yes, "Indio" is indeed the new "Encantadia," the most successful fantaserye on Philippine TV.

In person, Sen. Bong is really very approachable and friendly. He always smile. With our similar eyes and smiles, we truly look like a father and son! Some even commented in our Facebook photo saying, "parang mag-utol lang!" 

Nice meeting you Sen. Ramon Bong Revilla! See you again soon! (RCB)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

'Sisterakas' and 'One More Try:' A Back-to-Back Movie Marathon!

 My 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival experience wouldn't be completed if I wasn't able to watch two of the most awarded and blockbuster movies of the film fest, the "Sisterakas" and the "One More Try." On the last day of the festival (January 8, 2013), we found time to watch these two exciting movies from Star Cinema  

 It seems that we were having a movie marathon watching these two films in a back-to-back mode, one after the other. We decided to watch first "Sisterakas" since we were quite late in the movie house then our finale went to "One More Try."

A balance night or should I say a mixed emotion took place on the said night since from full comedy offered by Kris Aquino, Ai Ai Delas,  and Vice Ganda, we shifted crying because of the heavy emotions showcased by the characters of Dingdong Dantes, Angelica Panganiban, Zanjoe Marudo, and Angel Locsin in the film festival's 1st Best Picture winner, "One More Try."     

It seemed that another incident took place watching two movies in one night. Remember last December 2012, the other two MMFF movies namely "Sosy Problems" and "Shake Rattle and Roll 14: The Invasion" had their respective premiere nights at the same time?! So, I need to shift from one cinema to another to catch them both!

"Sisterakas" and "One More Try" truly fulfilled our night. They were truly satisfying! My friends bet "Sisterakas" since they made us laughed in a natural way! But for me, of course "One More Try" is my No. 1. Aside from being an Angel Locsin movie, I can relate to the story of "One More Try." I even love the passionate love / bed  scenes of the lead characters! :) 

If time permits, I will share with you my reviews in separate posts for these two great movies of 2012!

It's great to note that my 2012 movie events ended with MMFF (via "Sosy Problems" and "Shake RAttle and Roll 14") and my 2013 movie events begun also with MMFF (via "Sisterakas" and "One More Try"). Yes, "Sosy" and "SSR" were my last movies for 2012 while "Sisterakas" and "OMT" were my first movies for 2013! Cool!

I hope everybody enjoys the concluded MMFF! 'Till next time! (RCB)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Rocky and Cesar Montano: The Father and Son Photos!

As  I've told you, here are my photos with the country's hottest and most-loved action star, Mr. Cesar Montano:

In the photos, we're like father and son! One of my friends commented that I can play as Cesar's son in one of his movies or TV series. We can even host a particular TV program as they say that we are good host duo! Many were truly wishing for those things to happen! :)  

Truly, I'm so lucky to meet, talk, and got a photo and video together with Cesar Montano who just won as Best Supporting Actor in the recently concluded 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival after playing Andres Bonifacio in "El Presidente!" Congratulations Daddy Cesar! (RCB)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Rocky and Cesar Montano Share Hosting Skills in a Video!

Cesar Montano was hailed as the Best Supporting Actor in the recently concluded 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival. He played Gat Andres Bonifacio in the historical film "El Presidente."

It was such a great privilege to meet in person Cesar during the grand presscon of his movie "Biktima" pairing him with Ms. Angel Aquino and Mercedes Cabral

In the presscon, Cesar shared to us how challenging his character in the movie. He even gave a glimpse on the things to watch out on the movie. 

Aside from that, Cesar and I shared hosting moment in a video. If you can recall, Cesar Montano is also a great host. Remember how he handled "The Singing Bee" before in ABS-CBN Channel 2 and "Artista Academy" in TV5?!

Well, check out how we shared our hosting skills in this video wherein Cesar invited you to visit my websites at the same time, I invited you to watch "Biktima." Here it goes:

Cesar is also very friendly and approachable in person! He can be a great public servant if he wants to. :)

On my next post, I will share with you my other photos with the country's hottest action star, Cesar Montano! (RCB)

Monday, January 7, 2013

12 Celebrity Photos of 2012!

2012 was a star-studded year for me. This was the year when I met different celebrities and showbiz personalities. And I got cool photos together with them.

Looking up in my album of celebrities, I'm trying to find the 12 best celebrity shots. But I found more than 12! But still, I've tried to pick 12 of them to be featured in my concluding post for 2012. 

I'm not saying that these 12 photos were already my best celebrity photos because it's really hard for me to choose since I got so many pictures with the stars. Atleast, I can still share 12 of them! 

Here they go: 

1. Angel Locsin During "Unofficially Yours" Presscons

2. Dennis Trillo During the 2012 Yahoo! OMG Awards Night Purple Carpet 

3. Rafael Rosell During the "Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig" Soundtrack Launch  

4. Derek Ramsay During His TV5 Contract Signing

5. Alex Castro During the "Mundo Man ay Magunaw" Premiere Presscon

6. Thai Heartthrob Chantavit "Ter" Dhanasevi During the "ATM" Premiere Night 

7. Jericho Rosales During the "Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig" Pictorial

8. Regine Tolentino During the SM Crazy for Fashion Event

9. Karel Marquez During the 2012 Yahoo! OMG Awards Night

10. Xyriel Ann Manabat and Zaijan Jaranilla During the "24/7" Premiere Night

11. Enrique Gil During the "Amorosa" Bloggers' Conference 

12. Piolo Pascual During the "24/7" Bloggers' Conference

Those are my 12 chosen celebrity photos for 2012. If time permits, I will have a part two of this post since I have lots to share but I'm not promising.

Which of these twelve photos you like and love the most?!

This 2013, I'm looking forward to meet the other celebrities I didn't yet met. And I'm also excited to see them again this year! Happy New Year everyone! (RCB)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Go 13 for 2013!

After I concluded and wrapped-up the year 2012, time now to face the challenges of the new year, the year 2013.

Many of us write down their so-called new year's resolutions every start of the year. Their resolutions include the things they will do to become more better in the coming year. Some even consulted fortune-tellers to have a glimpse on what the new year has something to give.   

Every start of the year here in my blog site Bits of Rocks, I'm writing down the things I will do for the rest of the year. I even list my expectations, goals, or the things yet to happen in the year.

And for 2013, here are my 13 things you can expect on me as well as the important events that are yet to happen on this said year:

 1.  Going Back to Gym

This year, I'll be more health conscious. My main priority this year is health and wellness. Last 2012, I rarely go to gym because of the different events I have attended on weekends. This year, I will allot more time specially on weekends to workout. I'll maintain my body to become sexier and hunkier this year.   

2. Career Wiser

In 2012 my professional career seemed stagnant. Many challenges and conflicts blocked my way. This year, expect a career wiser strategy and expect changes that will happen.    

3. Events, Events, and More Events 

Last year, I truly became busy in terms of events. 2012 marked the year of events. This year, expect more new events to come. I'll still attend exciting events which I haven't yet attended before.

4. Advertisers, Endorsements, and Sponsorship 

My blogging career keep on blooming every year. Since the time I started blogging, I wouldn't deny that I earn income from them. I have my Adsense, Innity, Ambient, or Pay per Posting which bring some amount of money to me. This year, I'm targeting now direct advertisers and sponsors in my blogs.          

5. Celebrating 5 Years of Blogging

Speaking again of blogging, 2013 marks the 5TH Year Anniversary of my blogging career. Yes, this blog site Bits of Rocks which is my personal and lifestyle blog will be turning 5 years old this coming March along with my other first blogs namely Rhythm of the Rock  which is my music blog and my literary blog called The Rock's Literary Collection. I started blogging in 2007 using the social networking site Friendster. But it was on March 2008 when I officially use Blogger or the blogspot platform in blogging. This gonna be a huge celebration indeed!       

6. Meeting More Stars and Personalities

2012 was truly my celebrity year since I already met the different personalities and celebrities both local and international. This year, I'm looking forward to see more stars whom I didn't yet personally met before. More photos and videos to come!  

7. More Bank Savings

I'm looking forward to earn more this year. Therefore, I can save more. Hopefully, I can reach my target savings at the end of the year! 

8. Meeting New Friends and Expanding More My Network

In my 2012 yearender, I've told you that my network of friends truly expanded and I met new people. Of course I wouldn't deny that I also met antagonists. This year, I'm expecting to met more people, friends, and lovers! 

9. A Brewing Romance

In 2012, my lovelife truly bloomed. I got three official relationships plus countless short affairs. This year, we'll see if our relationship still prosper or becomes stronger. I'm currently attracted to a person whom cannot be mine (but there are chances that we can be). Let's see how our love story prolong!  

10. Buying Gadgets and Other Things     
In terms of material things, I'm looking forward to buy gadgets I'm dreaming of. We will also buy other things (e.g. furniture, appliances, etc.) if needed in our home.     

11. Starting to Become a YouTube Sensation

In 2012 I started to upload my personal videos which include my interviews and moments with the celebrities. My YouTube account started to become active. This year aside from uploading my videos together with the stars, I will also start exposing my talent in the YouTube. Yes sooner, you will see me singing in the videos having my own cover versions of the hit songs! Hehehe...!!!

12. My Brother's Graduation

This year, I'm looking forward to see my brother marching wearing his graduation attire. Hoping that he can passed all his subjects without any failing marks so that he can graduate and be ready to the corporate challenges.

13. Traveling Outside the Country

In 2012 I was supposed to be sent outside the country as I mentioned in my yearender. But, it was not prosper. This year, I'm looking forward to travel outside the country. 

And of course as I mentioned a while ago, expect for a great change! I wouldn't elaborate it more here in my post. But later on, I will share it with you.            

These are my 13 for 2013! My goals, expectations, and target things to accomplish in this year of the Water Snake! Hoping that all these things will come to life this year!

Have a Blessed New Year Everyone! (RCB)

12 of 2012: The 12 Highlights of My 2012!

The year 2012 was another wondrous year for me. Many exciting things happened in my life for the said year. I even faced different challenges which I surpassed. But in all those things, the year 2012 marked my celebrity career. It was a shinning year, a year of events!    

Last 2011, I wasn't able to wrap up my year since I was too busy and I neglected to write my own yearender. But this year, before I face the new challenges of 2013, let me share with you the twelve things which highlighted my year.     
Ladies and gentlemen, here are my "12 of 2012: The 12 Highlights of My 2012" which I enumerated the same way I did every year end:

1. The Year of the Shinning Stars
As I have said, 2012 was my year of the stars! This was the year where I met the brightest stars of the country. I met different personalities from the movie, TV, and music scenes both local and international. Some of the local artists I met were Angel Locsin, Piolo Pascual, Vilma Santos, Coco Martin, Kris Aquino, John Lloyd Cruz, Anne Curtis, Kim Chiu, Richard Gomez, Aga Muchlach, Dennis Trillo, Marian Rivera, Arnel Pineda, and Sam Milby to name a few. Meanwhile in the international scene were Mario Maurer, Chantavit "Ter" Dhanasevi, Preechaya "Ice" Pongthananikom, and Zac Efron.        
A Shinning 2012!

My Star-Studded Year!

2. The Year of the Events

2012 was also the year where I got so many invites from the different events. Presscons, movie premieres, concerts, product launches, set visits, bloggers' conferences, and award nights were some of the things which kept me busy in the previous year.   

3. The Year of My International Software Certification  

In 2012, even though I was busy with the different things outside office, I still managed to excel in terms of my profession. 2012 was also the year where I got my International Software Certification called the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualification Board). I passed the exam with a high score!     

My Variations of Looks in 2012

Company Activities

4. The Year When I Got My VISA

For the first time, I got my US VISA with a three-month duration. I was supposed to sent by my company in Nashville, USA for first-hand training and actual work last August. But it was postponed. The schedule then was moved this 2013.

5.  The Year When My Three Main Blogs Come in New Look  

Three of my very first blog sites come in new look in 2012. My personal blog Bits of Rocks, my music blog Rhythm of the Rock, and my TV series entertainment blog TV Series Craze all look brand new with their new template designs and with their new logos. They were now looking great and fresh attracting more fans, visitors, and followers. 

6. The Year When We Got a New Pet Cat

Yes, 2012 was the year when we officially adopt our cute pet cat named Macmac. At first, my mom was hesitant in having a pet cat inside our home. Before, we only feed Macmac outside of our house. But all of a sudden my mom eventually changed her mind and allow Macmac to live with us inside our home sweet home. He now sleeps, eats, and roams around our home. He can sleep everywhere he wants - in my bed, in our sofa, in my brother's computer table, or in my own laptop table.   

My Three Classic Blogs Come in New Look!

The Reunion!

7. The Year When I Faced Challenges and Conflicts

The year 2012 was not always a good year. This was also the year when I got conflicts with certain persons. I wouldn't anymore elaborate them here in my yearender. They already know who they are and the challenges I faced. It only proves the saying, "Sa lahat ng gubat may ahas!"       

8. The Year of Material Lost

As I've said, 2012 was not always a good year. Aside from conflicts which made me stressful last year, one of the things which made 2012 remarkable in not so good category was loosing consecutive material things. These were: my wallet was snatched in the bus in the rainy night of August, my cellphone was lost/dropped in the FX van a week after, my coin purse was lost, and borrowed things were not returned to me by the borrower! And before the year end on the Christmas eve, my expensive shampoo was stole by my gatecrasher cousin!

9. The Year of the Reunion                

Back in the good things in 2012, the year also served as a reunion with my close friends. I was reunited with my college friends and besfriend! I was with them in some of the events I attended. I even watched three premier night movies (superhero movies) with my bestfriend. 'Rockyron' returned in 2012! 

Event! Event! Event!

My Network of Friends Expand More!

10. The Year When I Found New Friends Expanding My Network  

I found new set of friends in 2012! Yes, my network of friends truly expanded in the previous year. I met friends from the different events I've attended, from the different organizations, and even in my own office. I even met new bloggers this year. I also joined in different organizations in 2012.   

11. The Year of  My Blooming Romance and Lovelife

Aside from having new set of friends, my lovelife truly bloomed in 2012! Yes, I was full of romance last year! And take note, I got three affairs at the same time (yup three gfs at the same time) last March. But now I'm stick to one! I was supposed to have another affair but I think that will not prosper because of a certain reason which I will not mention here (baka mabasa niya). About my sexlife, I prefer to shut up this time.

12. The Year When I Became Kapamilya, Kapuso, and Kapatid 

2012 also let me to become a Kapamilya, Kapuso, and Kapatid at the same time! I got chances to attend events and become part of these three networks (ABS-CBN 2, GMA-7, TV5) making me feel like a freelance artist with no exclusivity!  

I Got Too Many Movie Premieres!

I Successfully  Passed An International Board Exam

We Got a New Pet Cat Macmac!

These are the 12 things which paint colors in my 2012. I will cherish and keep all the good things that happened. And of course, I'm throwing away those bad moments but I'll kept the lessons they brought me.

2012 is now part of the memories and history. It made me happy, sad, inspired, stressful, and stronger at the same time! Hope you enjoy my 2012 yearender. Join me next year in wrapping up the things happening in my life! (RCB)    

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