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Monday, December 10, 2012

With My Long Curly Hair!

Our 2012 Company Christmas Party was over! As expected, I always transform during this once in a lifetime huge party of the year.

The theme of our company Christmas party is "Black and White Masquerade Ball" or "Noic and Blanc!

My outfit during that night once more surprised my officemates. Yes, they didn't easily recognized me as I came to the party with an artistic mask having a long curly hair.

Do you imagine how I would look like with a long curly hair? Well, take a glance on these photos below:   

That photos were right after the party! As you can see, I already removed my mask inspired by the "Phantom of the Opera" and by the mask superhero "Zorro!" But, my long curly hair remained!

After the party, me and my friends enjoyed picture taking of ourselves in unusual look!

Many said, I look like an action star having a long curly hair. I even look like Eric "The Eruption" Tai, one of the members of the Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team who popularized the "Gangnam Style" in the Philippines! Remember his viral video?!

But for me, I truly look like a Mexican telenovela actor! Remember Mario Cimaro, the hunk Mexican actor having the same long curly hair just like mine? Yup, he is the lead star of the hit Mexiconevelas like "Pasion De Amor" and "El Cuervo!"

How about you, what can you say about my new look having a curly long hair?! Do you like it more?! (RCB)

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