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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rocky and Vin Abrenica Together on Photos and Video!

Vin Abrenica, the brother of the Kapuso hunk actor Aljur Abrenica was recently declared as the very first "Artista Academy" Best Actor  or grand winner of the said TV5's artista reality search! In the male category, Vin is my bet! 

Just like Jeric Gonzales who is my personal bet in GMA-7's artista search "Protege," Vin also won in this another prestige artista battle!

I'm glad that before the finale round dubbed as the "Artista Academy Awards,"  I've got a chance to talk and have a picture together with Vin. What more, we even have a video together!

In our video, Vin expressed supports to one of my websites, TV Series Craze. On the other hand, I expressed my support on him. Here is our video. Let's all watch this:  

Vin is equally hunk as his brother Aljur. It's also good to know that Aljur also won in another artista reality search in GMA-7 which is "Starstruck IV." Nice! They were truly sharing many similarities! 

During our meeting, I've asked Vin if who between him and Aljur is older. He said that Aljur is older than him, Aljur is his kuya!

Congratulations Vin for winning this prestige artista reality show! Good luck and more power as you enter the world of showbiz! See you again soon!(RCB)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

An 'Artista Academy' Moment!

It's proud to say that I became part of two of the country's rival hit artista reality shows namely "Protege: The Battle for the Big Artista Break" of GMA-7 and "Artista Academy" of TV5.

I've already shared with you some of my moments with the "Protege" aspirants but expect for more specially the winner on my next succeeding posts. For now, let me share with you my moments with the AA Scholars.

Here are my cool photos with them:

I love our pictures. They made me belong as one of them! I'm so thankful for this once in a lifetime moments with them!

Have you observed that besides me, in my right and left sides were the two male and female finalists?! Yes, in my right side was Akihiro Blanco (my 'katukayo'), the male finalist and in my left side was Channel Morales, one of the female finalists. They belong to the Top 6 scholars of Kapatid network's biggest artista reality show that were vying for the grand prize.

Aside from Aki and Channel, I also have photos and videos with the other finalists namely Vin Abrenica and Mark Neumann. Yup, I'll share with you our another exciting and cool photos and videos later on.

Who do you think will be the grand winners of this TV5's artista search?! And who among them are your bets?! Well, let's wait and see tonight as the grand finals of the show dubbed as "The Artista Academy Awards Night" air live on TV5!(rcb)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rocky and Lovi Turn the Red Carpet Purple!

For the first time, I met in person the so-called "Horror Princess" Ms. Lovi Poe! Lovi once more stars in another horror flick, "Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles."

I personally met Lovi during the Red Carpet Premiere Night of the said movie last October 15, 2012 in SM Megamall Cinema 9. It was so surprising to see that me and Lovi wore the same color of cloth. We were both in purple! Many says, "terno kami nang gabing iyon!"

We fitted one another! "Bagay na bagay daw kami!" We posted a chemistry on that prestige night.

We didn't only took our photos together, we even got a video! Yes, and in our video, we promoted the exciting horror movie released by GMA Films. 

Well, here is our video. Let's all watch this:

Lovi is so kind, humble, and approachable in person! It was so opposite to her personality in person wherein she was always misinterpreted as 'mataray' or 'masungit!'

What can you say about our photos and video together?! Do I have a gut to be her next new leading man?! c",)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Getting to Know the Boys of 'Protege: The Battle for the Big Artista Break!'

 I even got a chance to hanged-up with the final three boys of "Protege: The Battle for the Big Artista Break." The final three in the male category are Jeric Gonzales, Mikoy Morales, and Ruru Madrid.

Before their rehearsal and pre-final performance, I've talked and interviewed them. They shared some of the interesting facts about their selves and about their battle for this big artista break.

Jeric Gonzales, my personal bet is from Laguna. He already finished a nursing course and already joined in the different pageants in their area. 

Mikoy is a UST student. He is talking up an architectural course. According to him, he will still pursue his studies even though he is busy with showbiz.

Ruru on the other hand is still a high school student. He filed a school leave to spend some times in "Protege."

The guys even revealed their showbiz crushes and the actresses they want to work with in the future. Jeric is Marian Rivera while Ruru is Barbie Forteza.

With Jeric Gonzales

With Mikoy Morales

With Ruru Madrid
After talking with these three gorgeous guys, the three already showed their best performance of the night. Each one of them performed unexpected performance.

Ruru started singing and dancing via an adaptation of "West Side Story" pairing him with Bea Binene. Mikoy performed a "singing in the rain" dance with LJ Reyes. Jeric on the hand showed his singing skill via a very emotional hit of Adam Lambert!

The costume of the three were also awesome! Let the pictures speak for their attire!

Jeric, Ruru, and Mikoy, who among them is your bet?! c",)

Meeting the Girls of 'Protege: The Battle for the Big Artista Break!'

Tonight is the Final Battle of the six finalists of the Kapuso network's biggest artista reality search, "Protege: The Battle for the Big Artista Break."

Before their final battle, I got a change to talk, mingle, and watch the pre-final performance of the six aspirants who made it on the final!

Here are the final three girls of 'Protege:"

With Thea Tolentino

With Elle Ramirez

With Zandra Summer
 Thea Tolentino, Elle Ramirez, and Zandra Summer are the three female finalists. They truly showed their best performance during their pre-final night.

Zandra danced in the tune of the novelty hits namely "Bakit Papa" and "Itaktak Mo." Thea sang and danced with Adelle's hit, "Rumor Has It." Meanwhile Elle performed a monologue of a modern Sisa.

Of the three girls, Elle got the bow of the judges! His modern Sisa portrayal was not only acting the traditional Sisa. In the end, she turned sexy dancing and singing an 80's hit!

Thea, Elle, and Zandra, who do you think will be the next Protege Big star in the female category?! Who among them do you think has the big star power?! And who among them is your bet?!

Well, we will know the answer later tonight as "Protege: The Final Battle" is airing in GMA-7! Good luck girls! c",)

Meet "Pedrito," The Miniature Version of Saint Pedro Calungsod!

It's good to know that our second Filipino Saint who is Saint Pedro Calungsod has his own miniature. He is no other than "Pedrito," the cute little version of our very own teen saint.  

Pedrito truly looks like Pedro. He dressed the same way Pedro dressed wearing a white polo shirt with a palm, Doctrina Christiana bible, and shoulder bag. Just like Pedro, he loves to travel and spread the word of God.

Well, join me as I witness the adventures of Pedrito. Here are some:

The Cute Pedrito Spreading the Word of God!

Pedrito Visits the Manger!

Pedrito Visits the Holy City of Vatican During the Canonization Ceremony

He is such an awesome little boy! Everybody truly loves him! And many want to own him. I also want to own a cute version of Pedrito! I'll add him in my collection. :)

Until your next adventure Pedrito! Saint Pedro Calungsod seems so alive even though he died almost 300 years ago! He is still inspiring us specially the people of the young age! Pedro and Pedrito rock! c",)

Different Images of Saint Pedro Calungsod!

Finally, he is now an official saint! We can now officially call him as Saint Pedro Calungsod!

The canonization of our second Filipino saint, San Pedro Calungsod was already concluded in the Holy City of Vatican, October 21, 2012. The ceremony lasted for two hours. Saint Pedro Calungsod was canonized together with the other six saints from different countries.  

In my previous post, I shared with you the life and martyrdom of Saint Pedro Calungsod. Now, I'll share with you the different versions of his images (imahe, rebulto).

Here are some of his cute images:

If I'm not mistaken, Saint Pedro Calungsod is the youngest saint. He was only 17 years old. He was killed in Guam by the natives being the missionary of Catholicism.

Now in times of crisis, a new name of Saint can be called, San Pedro Calungsod! 

San Lorenzo Ruiz and San Pedro Calungsod are now the two Filipino Patron Saints proving the Philippines as one of countries with strong faith in God! Two thumbs up!(

The Martyrdom of Saint Pedro Calungsod!

Right now, October 21, 2012, the canonization of the second Filipino saint, the Blessed Pedro Calungsod is taking place in the holy city of Vatican. After San Lorenzo Ruiz, here comes another Filipino saint who showed martyrdom in the name of faith.

But, who is actually Pedro Calungsod. Do you know him as well as his life story? Why he is now hailed as the second Filipino saint?! 

In tribute to San Pedro Calungsod, I'll dedicate this post to make you aware and inspire to the good deeds he did for God's faith. Here is his story:

 Pedro Calungsod or Pedro Calonsor (his surname spelled 'Calonsor' in Spanish records) was born in Cebu on 1654 and April 2, 1672 at the age of 17. Just like San Lorenzo Ruiz, our first Filipino saint, Pedro also suffered religious persecution and martyrdom in Guam for their missionary work in 1672. 

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia narrating the martyrdom of now Saint Pedro Calungsod. It reads:

A Chinese named Choco, a criminal from Manila who was exiled in Guam began spreading rumours that the baptismal water used by missionaries was poisonous. As some sickly Chamorro infants who were baptized eventually died, many believed the story and held the missionaries responsible. Choco was readily supported by the macanjas (medicine men) and the urritaos (young males) who despised the missionaries.

In their search for a runaway companion named Esteban, Calungsod and San Vitores came to the village of Tumon, Guam on 2 April 1672. There they learnt that the wife of the village chief Matapang gave birth to a daughter, and they immediately went to baptise the child. Influenced by the calumnies of Choco, the chief strongly opposed; to give Mata'pang some time to calm down, the missionaries gathered the children and some adults of the village at the nearby shore and started chanting with them the tenets of the Catholic religion. They invited Mata'pang to join them, but he shouted back that he was angry with God and was fed up with Christian teachings.

In their search for a runaway companion named Esteban, Calungsod and San Vitores came to the village of Tumon, Guam on 2 April 1672. There they learnt that the wife of the village chief Matapang gave birth to a daughter, and they immediately went to baptise the child. Influenced by the calumnies of Choco, the chief strongly opposed; to give Mata'pang some time to calm down, the missionaries gathered the children and some adults of the village at the nearby shore and started chanting with them the tenets of the Catholic religion. They invited Mata'pang to join them, but he shouted back that he was angry with God and was fed up with Christian teachings.

Determined to kill the missionaries, Mata'pang went away and tried to enlist another villager, named Hirao, who was not a Christian. Hirao initially refused, mindful of the missionaries' kindness towards the natives, but when Mata'pang branded him a coward, he became piqued and capitulated. Meanwhile, during that brief absence of Mata'pang from his hut, San Vitores and Calungsod baptised the baby girl, with the consent of her Christian mother.

When Mata'pang learnt of his daughter's baptism, he became even more furious. He violently hurled spears first at Pedro, who was able to dodge the spears. Witnesses claim that Calungsod could have escaped the attack, but did not want to leave San Vitores alone. Those who knew Calungsod personally meanwhile believed that he could have defeated the aggressors with weapons; San Vitores however banned his companions to carry arms. Calungsod was hit in the chest by a spear and he fell to the ground, then Hirao immediately charged towards him and finished him off with machete blow to the head. San Vitores absolved Calungsod before he too was killed.

Mata'pang took San Vitores' crucifix and pounded it with a stone whilst blaspheming God. Both assassins then denuded the corpses of Calungsod and San Vitroes, tied large stones to their feet, brought them out to sea on their proas and threw them into the water.

The Catholic Church considers Calungsod's martyrdom as committed In Odium Fidei ('In Hatred of the Faith'), referring to the religious persecution endured by the person in evangelisation.

Different TV shows will also pay tribute to San Pedro Calungsod. ABS-CBN tonight will air their documentary TV program sharing the life and times of this second Pinoy saint. GMA-7 on the other hand via their GMA News Channel 11 will air a docu-drama of San Pedro Calungsod wherein the hunk actor Rocco Nacino portrays the character of Pedro Calungsod. Aside from TV specials, different stage plays were already shown portraying the character of this blessed young man.  

Through his story, I hope many of us got inspired with him. His story just simply notes that, anyone of us can be a saint, even at a young age provided that we put in heart and act the good deeds showed by Jesus. c",)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Derek Ramsay and Rocky Together in a Video!

For the third time around, I met the Universal Leading Man Mr. Derek Ramsay. This time, right after his grand presscon of his upcoming TV5's fantaserye "Kidlat" where he will play the title role. This will be his very first TV series in the Kapatid network after transferring from the Kapamilya.   

I first met Derek last March of this year when he was still in the Kapamilya network during the press conference of his horror movie "Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang." Afterwards when he transferred to TV5, I was invited by the Kapatid network to witness his contract signing!  

I got many pictures of Derek together during his three different events. I will share them to you in my next posts! Imagine how close we are now with Derek! :)

For now, I will share with you our video together. I have let Derek to promote his newest fantaserye "Kidlat" via video. Watch out short video clip below:

I was also supposed to meet him again for the promo of his newest film "A Secret Affair." But for certain reason, it wasn't prosper! But sooner, we will meet, talk, take photos and video again!

Derek is such a cool and kind guy in person! He is friendly and approachable! Good luck and see you again bro! c",)

Friday, October 19, 2012

John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo's Tandem is a Blockbuster Hit!

The tandem of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo or better known as "Labers" which is currently celebrating its 10TH year anniversary once more proves its dominance in the blockbuster record. Their recent romance-movie "The Mistress" from Star Cinema now took the second spot of the All-Time Top Grossing Films in the Philippines!   

I got chance to talk, interview, and mingle (aside from having picture-taking together) with the country's hottest love team during the Blog Con of their movie. We asked interesting questions about them and about their movie. I even got curious how their love team stays stronger for 10 years now. Lloydie revealed that, friendship is the secret! "Hindi kami tatagal ng 10 years kung naging kami in real-life," Lloydie revealed.   

Actually, this was the second time that I met Lloydie. The first one was during the grand presscon of "Unofficially Yours," his first movie team-up with my female counterpart Ms. Angel Locsin. The said movie which was Star Cinema's 2012 Valentine's movie offering was another top-grosser film!

The event also served as my chance to meet the beautiful Ms. Bea Alonzo. Yes, that was my first time to meet Bea in person and to have a "rubbing elbow" with her! She is truly kind in person! Another lady who is beautiful inside and out!

In the movie, Bea and Lloydie portrayed a much mature roles far from their previous movie characters. For the first time, Bea plays a mistress! Well, if you didn't yet able to watch the movie, you may check out its full trailer below.

In "The Mistress," Lloydie is playing the character of JD, the lover while Bea is Sari, the mistress of the benefactor portrayed by Mr. Ronaldo Valdez. Ms. Hilda Koronel completed the four-sided love affair playing Ronaldo's wife!

After this blockbuster movie, Bea and John Lloyd return on TV via their newest teleserye "A Beautiful Affair." And I'm also excited to meet them again next week! Exciting!

Two thumbs up and more power Bea and Lloydie! c",)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Samsung Makes BIG BANG ALIVE!

Big Bang is taking the country by storm! As their band name suggests, they already created a 'bang' in the music scene specially in the world of K-Pop! Well, who among you didn't know the K-Pop smash hits like "We Belong Together," "La La La," and "Blue?" Yeah, these were some of the hits popularized by the group which created great impact in the modern hi-tech music!     

The group Big Bang is actually one of the most successful Asian acts in the world. G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri are the five Korean guys who comprise the group.  

The group is actually analogous to the newly launched Samsung Galaxy SIII. Just like the Galaxy SIII which is composed of six different colors, Big Bang is also composed of five hot members. 

It's interesting to note that each member corresponds to each color of the Galaxy SIII. Each color truly depicts each member's personality! 

G-Dragon or Kwon Ji-yong fits the color Galaxy SIII Green. It's because green symbolizes nature, the dominant color on earth which lead everybody's path. As we all know, G-Dragon is the leader of the group which also directed each member of the team. And just like green which is relaxing and refreshing to the eyes, G-Dragon's talent and appearance relaxes the mood of the viewers!

T.O.P. or Choi Seung-hyun fits the color of Galaxy SIII yellow. T.O.P. is better known as the lead rapper of the group who already seen talents in acting in the different films and dramas like  "I Am Sam," "Iris," "Nineteen" and "71: Into the Fire." In short, he is dubbed as the 'entertainer' of the group! He fits yellow because yellow comes in different variations like gold, pale, glow and can easily blend in other colors to form yellow-orange, yellow-green, etc. These characteristics of yellow symbolize the multi-talent characteristics of T.O.P.       

Taeyang or Dong Young-bae better fits the color of Galaxy SIII pink or purple! Of the five members of the group, Taeyang is the hunkiest! He got the sexiest body among the other members of the group. His physical appearance truly depicts a tough guy! He has a baby-face look depicting a young angel. Pink or purple fits him much since pink is a light color which always connotes a baby. And as they always say, a tough guy wears pink! His toughness and hotness then spells pink!  

Meanwhile, Daesung or Kang Dae-sung reflects the color of Galaxy SIII red. As we all know, red symbolizes braveness and love. Daesung for me is the bravest member of the team because at the young age, he took the courage decision of dropping out of school to focus on his activities in the team. But the group didn't served as a hindrance to his studies. Eventually, he passed his college entrance exams in 2008 and got admitted into Kyunghee University in Seoul. His braveness then makes him well-loved by many!

Last but not the least is the member Seungri or Lee Seung-hyun. Seungri really fits the color of Galaxy SIII black. Black symbolizes an abstract, a movement or dynamic! Of all the members of the team, Seungri is best known for his dancing skills! Before, he was eliminated in a boyband because although he was noticeable for his dancing skills, he lacks vocal skills. Until later on, he improved this aspect to become one of a dynamic member of the team Big Bang!         

Color is truly a part of everyone's life. Just like them, we also have our own color which depicts our personality. In my case, my personality better fits the color of red because I'm a courageous and a hopelessly romantic person! It's nice to know the characteristics and stories of each member via the Galaxy SIII colors! Cool! 

Samsung Galaxy SIII also depicts the group's total characteristics - electronic, hi-tech, advance, and well loved by many! It makes everyone crazy!

If I will to ask you now to choose among the members of the team, who will you bet for? The Green Leader G-Dragon, the Multi-Talented Well-Blended Yellow T.O.P., the Tough Hunky Angelic Pink Taeyang, the Brave Lovable Red Daesung, or the Dynamic Dancer Black Seungri?! Well, it's your choice! Get ready to see them live in the country later on via Samsung Galaxy SIII Bigbang Alive Tour! So exciting...! c",)      

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Maroon 5's Adam Levine's Billboards in EDSA!

Adam Levine, the front man and vocalist of one of the hottest boybands today which is Maroon 5 is the newest endorser of the global clothing brand Bench.

Well being a Bench endorser, expect for billboards around EDSA! Four billboards of Adam were now up and erected in EDSA Guadalupe, the place where the controversial billboards of the Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team posted one year ago. But unlike the players, Adam's billboards were all wholesome showing no skin at all! 

Here is a picture featuring the EDSA billboards of the hunk Adam Levine:

Adam and his band Maroon 5 popularized the hit songs "Moves Like a Jagger," "She Will Be Love," "Won't Go Home Without You," "Never Gonna Leave This Bed," and "Payphone!"

Adam visited the country last month for Bench and for a concert together with his band.

This photo is courtesy of Carl Valenzona. Thanks! c",)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Taxi Modus Operandi!

Different incidents of taxi robbery, holdap, and molestation headlined the news within the past few days.

Below is a post now circulating on Facebook. It was shared by many of my friends to keep us aware of the things happening around us specially those who always ride on cab or taxi as a means of transportation. Let me also share with you the same story. Here it goes:  

REPOSTING: Just want to share this ordeal that happened to a friend last Friday. She was held up at The Fort, where all her belongings were taken away from her—laptop, wallet, ATM cards, IDs, even her books. She decided to board a cab just to go home, but turns out it is also part of the modus operandi. Two men immediately got in and covered her face with a black cloth. They forced her to give them the PINs of her ATMs. After they withdrew all her money, they tried to grope her, and hit her head and body several times when she resisted. They eventually stopped when they sensed that she will not give in. After a long cab ride, they dropped her off, after threatening not to scream else they will shoot her. From The Fort, they took her to Cubao. With the help of a jeepney driver and his wife, she was able to report the incident to the police. Apparently, this incident happened twice already. Only she was lucky
because the two other victims were not only robbed, but raped.

It might sound unbelievable, but this actually happened, and can happen to your loved ones, friends, family. No one deserves to go through this ordeal. Be vigilant and as much as possible, do not go out on your own late at night.
This is the taxi that was part of the modus operandi: CELYNN plate number UVY 636

And if it’s not too much to ask, please reblog.
Please watch out for CELYNN taxi plate number UVY 636. If you see it, please report to the authorities immediately.
PNP Hotline Patrol: 117 or send TXT PNP to 2920
MMDA: 136
Emergency Police Assistance: 166
Please share!

A related news story can be read at: "Cabbie Arrested for Passenger Heist!"

I'm sharing this with you guys to keep you safe. Be Alert! Share this link to everyone you love and to anyone you care of! Take care everyone! c",)

Meg Imperial Meets Rocky!

Meg Imperial is one of the TV5's Princesses. She is currently seen in their eco-fantaserye "Enchanted Garden."

It's so nice to meet and talk in person with this beautiful lady. We had met during the red carpet premiere night of the blockbuster Indie Film and Cinemalaya's 2012 Best Picture "Bwakaw."

Aside from taking pictures together with her, we talked about her upcoming movie. She revealed that she will going to star in a movie called "Menor De Edad."

We even had videos together! In two separate videos, Meg invited you to visit my two top-rating blogsites namely TV Series Craze and Bits of Rocks. We even promoted her upcoming movie which is "Menor De Edad"  as well as her teleserye "Enchanted Garden."

Here are our two videos together. Let's all watch these:

Meg Imperial for TV Series Craze

 Meg Imperial for Bits of Rocks


Meg is really nice and kind! She is not only beautiful outside, but more inside!

Meg also reminds me of my former officemate Camille. Yup, Camille truly had a resemblance with Meg as well as with Danita Paner. 

Nice meeting you Meg! See you again soon...!!! c",)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Zac Efron Experience!

  Zac Efron, the Hollywood A-lister hunk actor visited the Philippines on the last week of September for a vacation and for his Penshoppe endorsement.

I got a chance to see Zac in person during his exclusive Fan Conference in SM Mall of Asia Arena on a rainy night of Saturday, September 29, 2012. Many thanks to PR Asia, the publicist of Penshoppe who invited me for this once in a lifetime event.

The venue was filled by people two hours before the actual start of the event. Of course, I got a best seat allotted.

I already posted the whole story of this ultra hot FanCon in my TV Series Craze blog site so I won't anymore talk with it here. I'll just share you some of my photos. Here they are:

It's also nice to see that I have the same outfit Zac often wears in majority of his movies or TV appearance! Cool! :)

Last year, it was the Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer who visited the country also being the endorser of this huge clothing brand. Sad that I wasn't able to see him in person. But hopefully this month during the premiere night of his movie with Erich Gonzales called "Suddenly It;s Magic."

Great job Penshoppe for bringing international actors in the country! Two thumbs up! c",)

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