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Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 2012 - "Reaching Farther!"

It's August already! We are now on the third quarter of the year! One month to go and we will stepping again to the BER months!

What's up for August?!

In Chinese community, August is the so-called "Ghost Month." This month is the counterpart of the Halloween in the Western culture!

Well this month of August, I will not frighten you with different ghost stories (wait, that will be for the month of November). Rather, I will share with you some cool stuffs of the different events I have joined with!

Yup, this be the continuation of my supposed to be Star-Studded month of July! But since I wasn't able to share with you all last month (sobrang busy po kase sa lahat ng bagay!), I will give them this month of August!

I would not make any promise topic for this month. Rather, the posts will speak for you! Happy month of August guys! Expect the unexpected! c",)

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