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Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 2012 - "It's Raining Stars!"

A new month has already comes our way. We are now on the seventh month of the year, the month of July!

July is usually marked with rains, typhoons, or storms. This is the month where classes were suspended because of floods or typhoons rocking the country.

But for this month, I will not anymore focus on rains or typhoons. Rather, I will focus on rains...raining stars!

Yeah, here in your favorite site, I will share with you raining stars! Let me flood you with your favorite stars and celebrities!

Since I have lots of events wherein I met different stars, I will share with you all (hopefully) of them this month. I will let you see how close the brightest celebrities to me! :)

So are you ready?! It's so exciting! Me too is also excited to share with you my moments with the different stars and personalities! Rain, rain, rain...more raining stars coming your way! c",)

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