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Friday, March 30, 2012

Kia Rio and Spotify Bring the Best Songs to Play with Your Windows Down!


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kia Rio for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Most of us were really music lover! Myself is truly a living proof! I love music! In my office, I always have my headphone plug into my ears to listen to the my favorite mp3 collection. Even in my bed, the radio is open serenading me with music 'till I sleep!

As a music addict, I always ensure and update my playlist with the latest hit music. Thanks God that there's a newest application that will bring us your favorite songs with your windows down!

Kia Rio and Spotify partner to develop the "Best Songs with your Windows Down" playlist. Users can contribute a song to create a playlist via the Spotify application or the Rio Playlist tab on the Rio Facebook page.

The Rio playlist will be promoted via display media and audio spots throughout the Spotify application. Users that click on any of the Playlist promotional units will launch a branded lightbox where they can submit a song. To extend reach outside of the Spotify environment, a Facebook application was created on the Rio Facebook page. Similar to the lightbox, users can submit a song and view playlist. Finally, users can subscribe to the playlist or share it with their friends.

How does it works?! Well, it's so easy as 1, 2, 3. Here's how:

First, visit… and search for your favorite song to play with your windows down. Then, choose your song, enter your name and email and click "submit!" Be sure to click on "view playlist" so you can see all the songs submitted by others. Oops, you'll have to download Spotify to enjoy the playlist if you don't already have it downloaded. Be sure to choose the application "Spotify" when the new application tries to launch. Finally, enjoy the "Kia Rio Best Songs to Play with Your Windows Down" via Spotify! Great!

"Best Songs with your Windows Down" playlist is always best to play with your car! It's because of it ease and convenience anytime, anywhere! Cool!

Well, if I were to ask you, if you were to submit other songs, which would you choose?! So, start submitting your songs and leave a comment here in this blog post about the songs you have submitted! Of course, tell me why you chose those!

Now that you have your playlist, go on with it! Go back and see all the new songs everyday! Nice! Moreover, there is also a Voice-Activated UVO Infotainment System powered by Microsoft which adds great feature to your playlist!

Take note that when submitting your song through Facebook, please note, all songs must go through an approval process and don't get added to the playlist immediately. You'll have to download Spotify to enjoy the playlist if you don't already have it downloaded. Be sure to choose the application "Spotify" when the new application tries to launch. All songs will be added by on the playlist, so don't be alarmed when you don't see your Spotify username there - this is because all songs are going through the review process Love it! c",)

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rocky and Alex Castro - Our First Photo!

As promise, I will share with you my many photos together with the different Kapamilya stars hopefully in a one on one manner!

Here is my photo with Alex Castro, our first photo together:

This was during the Christmas and New Year Celebration of "ASAP Rocks" last December 2011. Sorry for the late post, very busy within the past days! =)

I'll share more in my next succeeding posts. c",)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 19 is Also the Feast of Saint Joseph!

March 19 is my birthday. But aside from this celebration, the same date is also the day of Saint Joseph!

Yup, every 19th day of March, people were celebrating for the Feast of Saint Joseph.

I know all of you already knew who St. Joseph is. Yeah, he is the earthly father of Jesus Christ and the husband of Mama Mary. He is well known to be an industrious worker. If I'm not mistaken, Saint Joseph is a carpenter.

Before, I was not that aware that March 19 is also St. Joseph's feast. Until one of my close officemate friends gave me a statue of Saint Joseph as her birthday gift for me! She even told me that I should pray to Saint Joseph and he will grant me my wishes since we have the same birthday.

My mother even told me that if she first knew that my birthday falls to Saint Joseph feast, she will name me as "Joseph" rather than "Rocky."

Knowing the fact about Saint Joseph, March 19 will definitely a very significant date not only to me but to all the people in the world who believes to Saint Joseph! Happy feast day Papa Joseph! c",)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Birthday!

Today is my day! This is another special day to me. Yup, this day is my birthday!

I want to thank all of you who joined me in this another great celebration of my life. Thanks for all the greeting! To all my good friends whom with me, whom away from me, and to all my online friends...I truly appreciate your greetings! Hayz...I truly got tired replying to more than 500 friends in my Facebook account greeting me a happy birthday and wishing me good lucks! But then, it all worth!

Another year is added to my age. But rather than getting shy about our age, we should be thankful for it since the Lord gave us another year of hope and chances!

Hope this year will be my another successful year! Thank you Lord for giving me this another year in my life! c",)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rocky Together with Kim Chiu, Enchong Dee, and Xian Lim!

Will Star Magic has something huge TV series project for the four of us?! Looking at the four of us, can you see similarities?!

Kim Chiu and Xian Lim just starred together in the hit Primetime soap "My Binondo Girl." They have chemistry definitely because they were both Chinese! But what if me and Enchong Dee added to them?! What will be our new teleserye?!

Could it be "Binondo Friends" since all of us have Chinese eyes and all have Chinese bloods?! What about "Binondo Boys" and Kim will be one of the boys since she already portrayed the character of a boy in her previous TV series?

These cute photos were during the Christmas and New Year episode of "ASAP Rocks!" That was my first moment of mingling with the hottest stars!

Kim, Enchong, Xian, and Rocky - we're truly perfect combination! Cool!

More stars on my next succeeding posts so watch out...!!! c",)

Double R - "Rocky and Rayver!"

As I told you, this month of March here in The Rock Land will be a star-studded. I will use this month to share with you my different photos with the brightest celebrities. I wasn't able to immediately post my moments with them since I'm always busy with my career. Hopefully this March as my birthday blowout to all of you, I can share all. If not completed, maybe on the next succeeding months. :)

Let me start with you with Cristine Reyes' real-life boyfriend Rayver Cruz!

You can call us as "Double R" definitely because of our names - Rocky and Rayver! Here are our photos together:

This was during the presscon of Pokwang's movie "A Mother's Story." Ate Pokie portrayed the mother of Rayver and Xyriel Ann Manabat in the story.

The said movie is my very first attended presscon. I already shared with you my photos with Ate Pokie, Xyriel, Aaron, and Ogie Diaz in my previous posts.

What can you say about me and Rayver? Do we have a resemblance?! "Grabe, ang tangkad ni Rayver sa personal! Malaki pa sa'kin...!!!" Hehehe...

More stars on my next posts...! c",)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Cute Cat March Calendar!

Every start of the month, I collected different calendars featuring the current month and shared them with you in this site. I know I already shared with you my March calendars on my previous post.

I got another one! It captivated my attention because of her cuteness. Here she is:

Yup, she is a cat, a mother cat carrying a cute kitten. They were so nice and beautiful! I'm sure, Miming Negro will get jealous! Don't worry my Miming, I'll bring them to you to play with!

Have a prosperous month of March to all of you guys! This is my month...! c",)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Home Fresh Home!


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Triad Retail Media for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. - Glade Expressions Air Fresheners - Glade Expressions Air Fresheners

There is really no place like home! This is the place where our heart is. So, all of us really ensure that our home is clean, neat, fresh, and attractive.

Aside from making our home so attractive, one way of making it clean is by ensuring its fresh scent. Therefore, many of us use a fragrance spray.

Every time that we go to the grocery with my mother, we bought a home fragrance spray. We already tried different brands but we're unsatisfied! Until finally, we discover a new Glade® Expressions™ fragrance mist  !

Me, my mother, and my younger brother truly like it! The scent is so fresh which stays in the air for a long time! It even drives away all the bad odors like the greasy smell of the fried fish or the unhealthy smoke from the cigarette! Yeah, these are the things we love most for this brand!

I even love the design of the product! The design is so refreshing! It even relaxes my eyes! So cool!

We even use the new Glade® Expressions™ oil diffuser  which also ensures the freshness in our home! With this brand, the air keeps so cool, fresh, and relaxing without the kitchen oil floating in the air! 

All in all, Glade® is our trusted brand because of its long-lasting fragrance.  It is designed to compliment any home decor.  Its fragrance mist is refillable with any Glade® Expressions™ scent. And, the oil diffuser fragrance lasts 30 days and doesn't require electricity! Wow, so amazing!

Moreover,  there is a coupon for $1.50 off of any Glade® Expressions™ that can be used at Walmart to take advantage of their everyday low price.  

It truly gives a fragrance satisfaction guarantee! You may fill out this form to ensure a money back guarantee! The form is also located here.

I really love Glade®. It truly ensures and keeps our home clean and fresh all day and all night long! Great! c",)

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Monday, March 12, 2012

March 2012 - "This is My Month!"

It's another month of March! And as everyone knows, March is my month! Well, do I need to elaborate it more?

Yeah, March is my birth month! This is so special to me since I was born during the month of fire! this the reason why I'm so hot?! Hahaha...!

Since this my my birthday month, I'll treat you once more with many exciting posts focusing on my self! Another up, close, and personal with the master of The Rock Land!

As my birthday treat, I will share with you some of my moments with the stars! Hayz, hope I can complete all since "sobrang dami ko na talagang nakasamang mga artista..!"

I'll share with you my star-studded life and other things you need to know about me! I will even open to you the pages of my love stories and success stories if time permits. =)

So let's embrace the month of March! Embrace me, hug me too tight, or kiss me with your kissable lips! Hehehe... Take care everyone! c",)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

So Yummy Foods Made from 'Soyami!'

As promised, I will share with you the meals we had during the recently concluded "Blogger's Meet Up" courtesy of the Soyami Health Chips.

Yup, all the dishes we had during that special night were all Soyami recipes. See how these great dishes made so healthy with Soyami. Here they are:

Dishes Made with Soyami

A Soyami Meal

Healthy Dip In Chips Made with Soyami

The Healthy Beans

Mac and Cheese with Soyami and Alugbati

Soyami Chicken with Mexican Rice and Beans

Great! I'm feeling hungry now...!!! I really love these foods served to us. My favorites were the burger, the Mac Cheese, and the Dip Chips!

These foods were some of the things I couldn't forget during this said event. Of course, faces of some of the people I met during this great night were still on my mind specially the one.

Looking forward for another exciting event like this in the succeeding days. See you soon...!!! c",)

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