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Sunday, January 8, 2012

'Budoy' Fever!

"Budoy," the Primetime TV series of Gerald Anderson now becomes a huge hit. Aside from being a consistent top-rater in the TV rating race, "Budoy" also becomes a trending topic in the world wide web.

Aside from these, the comedian Jose Manalo also impersonates "Budoy" in one of the segment in "Eat Bulaga."

Here is the said face-off of Jose Manalo and Gerald Anderson wherein they both portrayed the character of Budoy:

Aside from impersonation, "Budoy" was even became a famous joke. Check out this "Budoy" joke featuring Baby James:

Ako Budoy! (Baby James)

Baby James : Yaya, am i normal ?

Yaya : Of course! You're not like them. Why did you ask?!

Baby James : i'm so confused.
... my grandfather is Ninoy,
... my uncle is Noynoy,
... my brother is Abnoy,
... my dad is chikboy,
... my mom,, iba-iba ang boy,
... my ninong is tito boy,but he's not a boy!

... di kaya .. Ako Budoy ?!

Hahaha! Nice one Baby James! And good job "Budoy" for making everybody crazy 'bout you! c",)

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