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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Got My Payments from My Paid Articles!

I'm thinking on where to get money within these days because right now, my salary for this month was on-hold since I'm already resigned. My salary from my new company will be given on the next next pay day.

Thanks God, I already got my payments from my paid articles. They were sent through my pay pal account. And this is the accumulated amount:

So sad that in every withdrawal done through Paypal, there's a deduction of $5. Seems that there is a withholding tax or a processing fee in every transaction.

I already got accumulative payments for three times now! Thanks to my advertisers! =)

Withdrawn Account

I'm Already Paid Three Times Now

Now I'm starting to receive new offers from advertisers. Hope that I can still focus on blogging next week since I'm going to start anew in my new company! So exciting! c",)

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