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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another Day for Our Departed Love Ones!

Another special day has come. It is the special day to commemorate our love ones who already passed away.

November 1 is All Saint's Day wherein we remember, we pray, we commemorate, and we visit our love ones who already joined our Almighty God. Yeah, just like many of us, we also go to the cemetery to visit them and light candles for them!

Yesterday, we visited the memorial places in Manila North Cemetery our departed lolo, lola, father, and auntie. We lighted candles and pray for their souls.

In our family, five love ones already passed away. Yup, our grandfather on March 4, 1992; our grandmother on December 3, 1999; our father on April 11, 2006; and our auntie just last August 23, 2010. My eldest brother also passed away right after birth on April 8, 1981.

It's our family's tradition to visit them every first day of November. And we light candles for them even in our home at 6pm onwards.

So sad that they already leaved us. But still, we should be glad that they were already in the hands of our Dear Lord.

For them and to all the memories of our departed love ones, I dedicated this post! I love them all..!!! c",)

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