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Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 2011 - "Preparation for the BER Months!"

We are already in the fourth quarter of 2011. Two months to go and we will once more say "Merry Christmas!"

The BER months already arrived! Have you already prepared for it?!

October seems to be the one of the busiest BER months as it approaches the Christmas season. In my case, I'll be very busy this month!

All the preparations were taking place on the month of October. Preparing for different things were done by many people starting this month.

Some is starting to prepare for gifts to be given to the love ones during Christmas. Others are preparing on what to buy whenever they received their bonuses!

In my case, I am also preparing myself! I'm preparing for something new...!!!

What preparations are you doing right now?! Can you share it with us the way I'll do for this month?! c",)

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