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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The New SSS ID!

The new Social Security System (SSS) ID has been launched. And here how it looks like:

Yup, this is a digitized ID card like the size of an ATM. And yes, it works like an ATM since you can withdraw your desire loan through ATM using this card.

Aside from being an enhance digitized ATM ID card, this new SSS ID is unified! It's a unified ID since the other government IDs were merged into it. Your SSS, GSIS, Pag-Ibig, and PhilHealth numbers were all in it. So whenever you need to loan in other government institution or you want to make a transaction, no need to present your other government cards. Only this ID will work for them!

Here are more about this new SSS ID card as well as the mechanics on how to avail it:

Do you already have this new SSS ID card?! Well, if you'll ask, I didn't yet have it! Mine is still the previous SSS digitized card issued to me last 2007 when I got my first job.

Sooner, I will apply for it! I love collecting IDs. I truly value them! c",)

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schedule of releasing of UMID ID.

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