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Monday, October 31, 2011

Some Ghost Videos!

Inline with Halloween, let me share with you some of the ghost videos in YouTube. Yup, videos pertaining to ghosts or paranormal activities today got so many hits.

Here are the said videos. Tell me if these are reals or just products of modern technology. Here they go:

Now what can you say about these videos?! Happy Halloween to all of you! c",)

The Music Video of Michael Jackson's "Thriller!"

This is the biggest selling album of all time from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson! Almost all of us were familiar with this all-time dance craze song. And many really know the trade mark dance step of it popularized by MJ.

Since we are now on the season of Halloween, let me share with you this great music video featuring the creatures from darkness, zombies, monsters, and other supernatural things. "Thriller" truly marks the Halloween!

Here is the said movie-like music video! Let's all watch this:

Yup, while watching this MTV, it feels like I'm also watching a horror movie! The cinematography is great! The intro is the best! "Simula pa lang mapapasigaw ka na...!!!"

Now I know why it became an all-time favorite hit! It truly created a trademark in the world of music! And it is a favorite Halloween treat!

Great one Michael Jackson! We really appreciate your talent your highness...!!! c",)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The New SSS ID!

The new Social Security System (SSS) ID has been launched. And here how it looks like:

Yup, this is a digitized ID card like the size of an ATM. And yes, it works like an ATM since you can withdraw your desire loan through ATM using this card.

Aside from being an enhance digitized ATM ID card, this new SSS ID is unified! It's a unified ID since the other government IDs were merged into it. Your SSS, GSIS, Pag-Ibig, and PhilHealth numbers were all in it. So whenever you need to loan in other government institution or you want to make a transaction, no need to present your other government cards. Only this ID will work for them!

Here are more about this new SSS ID card as well as the mechanics on how to avail it:

Do you already have this new SSS ID card?! Well, if you'll ask, I didn't yet have it! Mine is still the previous SSS digitized card issued to me last 2007 when I got my first job.

Sooner, I will apply for it! I love collecting IDs. I truly value them! c",)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why The Birds Get Angry?!

Do you wonder why the birds get angry?! Well, take a look at this picture below:

Oh my...! Even me will get angry seeing my eggs being fried like this!

Birds really get angry because of this! So sad...! Now you know why more angry birds are coming out and why they were a huge hit today! Hehe... c",)

Piolo Pascual Likes Big!

Piolo Pascual really likes big! Yeah, here is the evidence:

Hmmm...what do you think Papa P. is pertaining to in this picture?! Are we thinking of the same thing?! =)

Do you imagine how large is Papa P's shoe size?! Well, we should know maybe he's requesting for a big shoe that will fit him! c",)

Picture Story: Burned People!

This is a very tragic news happened somewhere in Asia. A crowd of people were burned!

It was shared by one of my Facebook friends. It's truly a very disgusting story! They were grilled live...!

So sad and very frightening...! =(

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Counting Down My Blog Earnings for the Third Quarter of 2011!

As promised, I will share with you my quarterly blog earnings. And here they are!

From July to September of 2011, here are the amounts I earned which were credited in my PayPal online account. The third one was the one I earned from my other publisher account occasionally. Let's take a glance on them:

These earning were in addition to my Google Adsense account. Yup, they were also aside from the other amount I received from my Union Bank!

I was very blessed because of my blogs! I am really, really thankful for them! "Sipag at Tiyaga Lang...!!!" Hope I inspired you once more! c",)

I Got My Union Bank Blog Earnings!

This is the latest amount I got from my income generating blogs:

I received my payments through my Pay Pal linked to my Union Bank. Advertisers paid me in dollar but when you withdraw the amount, it will be automatically converted to peso.

For the third quarter of 2011, I received an overall blog payment total of Php9,555.23.

I'm very thankful now that my blogs return me earnings! They were now bearing fruits for me! Wow! c",)

Teaching the Doctors!

This 2011, I have been hospitalized twice. First was last June for my surgery and the second one was last September when I was diagnosed with Dengue. Thanks God, all things back to normal now!

Because of these experiences, the hospital near in our place becomes closer to my heart. We already knew by the attending doctors and nurses. What more, I got a secret crush with one of the doctors and nurses who took care of me! Hehe...

I love the training these doctors had! Aside from being experienced doctors, I like how they discuss things with me. Do you imagine if they attended in medical training company?!

Well, taking about a medical training company, Oxford Medical is in!

Oxford Medical is one of the UK's largest and best providers of medical interview skills training, medical teaching course, medical management course and other career development courses. Formed in 2004 they are an established company with a history of success and have a formidable reputation. Based in Oxford and London they provide expert help and tuition in management training, interview skills training and Medical Education training to current doctors. Their various interview courses and consultant interview course are aimed at those with a consultant interview, GPST or CT/ST Interview. With the current competitive climate within the NHS medical job market they are fully aware of what you require. Their tutors are experts in this field, fully trained and have vast experience in the medical selection process. What more, they even have the so-called teach the teacher course wherein the teacher were given further more useful trainings!

All their courses have been externally assessed and validated and come with recognized CDP certification.

This is why Oxford Medical is considered to be the best medical training company in the UK.

Great! Thanks that there is a training company like this which truly equip the skills of the doctors! Keep it up! c",)

Friday, October 14, 2011

My Fourth Google Adsense Earning!

Check out my fourth blog earnings from Google Adsense. Here it goes:

This is another proof that my blogs were all doing well! For the fourth times now, I am receiving payments from Google Adsense sent to me through Western Union.

For this period (two-month earning), I accumulated an earnings in dollar of $144.70.

Converting the said amount in Philippine peso, I got a Php6,175.06.

This is only from Adsense! Yeah, I also received other payments from other advertisers. And I will discuss it to you on my next posts! Thank you very much Adsense! c",)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Have You Already Got the Latest Issue of "Maasim" Magazine?!

Have you already grabbed a copy of the latest edition of Maasim Magazine?!

If not yet, I have this one for you:

This is posted by one of my friends in Facebook! It's another humor post to laugh with...!

What if Aling Dionesia posed in other Men's magazine just like this?! Do you think she will be crowned as the FHM's Sexiest Woman of the World?! "May asim pa talaga si Aling Dionesia...!" c",)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 2011 - "Preparation for the BER Months!"

We are already in the fourth quarter of 2011. Two months to go and we will once more say "Merry Christmas!"

The BER months already arrived! Have you already prepared for it?!

October seems to be the one of the busiest BER months as it approaches the Christmas season. In my case, I'll be very busy this month!

All the preparations were taking place on the month of October. Preparing for different things were done by many people starting this month.

Some is starting to prepare for gifts to be given to the love ones during Christmas. Others are preparing on what to buy whenever they received their bonuses!

In my case, I am also preparing myself! I'm preparing for something new...!!!

What preparations are you doing right now?! Can you share it with us the way I'll do for this month?! c",)

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