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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The 'Go AZKALS Go' Theme Song!

The hottest Philippine Football Team which is the AZKALS is getting more and more popular! They even have now lots and lots of exposures! And honestly speaking, I am now addicted to them!

Because of being the hottest sports team in the country, a theme song for this team has been created! And it is entitled as "Go AZKALS Go!"

The said team is so energetic! It cheers the AZKALS to strive and to show the best that they can!

I have here with you two versions of the music video of the said theme song! Aside from the song itself, the music videos were so cool! Imagine a creative caricature artwork was made for it! So nice! Here they are:

Great! Very nice artwork! Of course, I even love the music!

AZKALS really prove themselves! Not only being a good football player, AZKALS showed that they can even excel in other areas like in the field of modeling, print ads, and endorsements! Hmmm...when can we see them acting in a TV series or in the big screen?! I'm sure all will wait for that just like me! Good job AZKALS! Two thumbs up and more power to all of you! c",)

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