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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rocky and Tessa Nieto-Valdez!

And these are the best photoshots I have with a celebrity. Picture perfect as they say!

If my pictures together with Elmo Magallona look like brother, and with her mom Ms. Pia Magallona look like mother and son, this time, my pictures with Ms. Tessa Nieto-Valdez look like 'mag-dyowa!' Hahaha...!!!

Take a look on our photos below and be the judge:

What can you say on our pictures?! Yeah, they were the best shots ever! They say we are a perfect couple! Hope not a May-December affair! Hehehe..!!! Maybe it's another Vicki Belo - Hayden Kho story! Haha!

The celebrity singer and fashionista Ms. Tessa Nieto-Valdez is always elegant and glamorous! In all the events she attended, she always wear her glamorous trademark! Actually, this is her second dress. Right after her interview during the program, she eventually changed clothes before signing autographs and gracing picture-takings!

After the mother and son Elmo and Pia, I immediately go to Ms. Tessa and asked for a picture taking. Thanks God, she already finished autograph signing that's why I solely taken her. And these two pictures were the products! A cute picture perfect!

That's all folks! Hope next time, I can share with you more pictures of me together with the other celebrities! Good luck! c",)

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