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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rocky and Mommy Pia Magallona!

After I got shots with Elmo Magallona, it's now time for her mommy.

Her are two of the best photoshots with celebrity mom Ms. Pia Magallona. She is the mother of Elmo Magallona.

Let's take a quick glance with our pictures below. Here they go:

While we were having picture takings with her son Elmo, Ms. Pia was currently gracing live interviews from Studio 23, TV5, and GMA-7. After our photoshots with Elmo, I waited a while to have a shot with his mommy.

After her interview, I said, "Mam can we have picture?" And she willingly posed with me.

Since very few people were on our side, we got perfect photos. "Hindi masyado magalaw" unlike with Elmo. And these two were our best photos!

If Elmo and I look like brother, me and Ms. Pia on the other hand look like mother and son! Hehehe...

After Ms. Pia, I had one more shot. It was now with Ms. Tessa Nieto-Valdez! Coming it to you shortly...!!! c",)

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cool, nice pics!!! - ariel

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