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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Missed This Event!

So sad that I missed this event:

It's already three months ago before I learned that there is a Bloggers Night sponsored by Kenny Rogers Roaster. The even is called "Kenny's Bloggers Night."

This event is a gathering of all the active bloggers around the net. Of course there were free foods and meals offered by the restaurant. But the big event was that, the hottest AZKALS brothers Phil and James Younghusband were there!

Yup, Phil and James were the special guests of the event since they were the newest endorsers of this restaurant! And they will share their insights via interviews. They were free for questions and answers and of course for picture taking! "Sayang"!

Hayz...too late to know! When I surf the net, I saw many blogs featuring this event. And I saw many bloggers having their picture takings with Angel Locsin's rumored boyfriend Phil Younghusband!

"Sayang talaga...!" "Sana ngayon I have pictures with the AZKALS heartthrobs na ipagyayabang...!!!" Hopefully there's more next time! Hoping...!!! c",)

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