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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Counting Down My Blog Earnings Last 2nd Quarter of 2011!

My blogs now are like golden geese who were laying golden eggs. Just like trees, there are now grown and giving me sweet fruits! They are giving me extra income right not!

It's like a harvest time last second quarter of 2011 (April - June). "Panahon ng anihan...anihan ng pera!" I already harvested the fruits of my blogs! They already bear fruits for me! They already laid golden eggs for me!

I like to summarize the income I received last quarter from my blogs. Yup, not included on this are the previous ones I received from January to March 2011.

So here are my income from different accounts of my blogs:

My Second Google Adsense Payment

My Accumulative Payment from Paid Posts

Another Ads Payment in Philippine Pesos

My New Paid Posts Account Payment

To sum up all these payments last second quarter, I have $122.41 plus $101.40 plus $50.40 and Php2,150.56. Do the honor of adding! =)

Just this month, I registered to two new income generating ads for blogs. One is a pop ad while the other one is a revenue generated from traffics.

And by the end of July, I will receive another Google Adsense payments, my third payment through Western Union! Yipee! The said incoming payment closed at $179. Don't worry, I will share with you that said income when I received it at the end of the month!

Once more, I hope I inspired you with my blogs! Until next time of financial statement of earnings! c",)

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