Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Magazine Cover!

I'm a certified cover boy of different magazines. And this is my latest magazine cover for the month of July 2011!

Take a look on this:

Yeah, this magazine is during the "No To Fakes" campaign of HP (Hewlett Packard) and BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) in Trinoma mall!

So glad that I was chosen to be on their magazine cover! Hehehe...

The said magazine is printed in glossy papers! The cover is too shinny that even lights reflected on it! Actually I tried to shot pictures of it. But I failed to get the best shots since light strikes to it!
As you can see even in these pictures, the cover is still shinny!

On my next post, I'll try to share you a better copy of this magazine cover! Have a good day everyone! c",)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Albie and RB

Spot the difference between the two of us?! Can you see any?! Or it's hard to find since the two of us really look alike?!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Albie and RB!

With so many similarities, Albie and I look almost the same! Yeah, we are twin brothers! Albie and I are identical twins! Though we have only one face, we have different destinies or career path. As they say "isang mukha, dalawang tadhana...", we're it!

Albie or Albie Casiño is today's hottest young actor who is said to be the father of Andi Eigenmann's baby! He rose to fame after playing the character of Christian in the phenomenal hit TV series remake "Mara Clara!"

RB or Rocky Batara is yours truly! Do I need to elaborate more myself to you since you already knew me from the start?!

If there's "The Sisters", then there's "The Brothers!" And if there's Javier and Alexander in "Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin," then there's Albie and RB here in "The Rock Land!" Hehehe...!!!

Who do you love more between the two of us?! Who do you prefer between Albie and RB?! It's your choice! This is another issue of star-studded look-alike but this time, it's the twin edition! Now you knew that Albie has a twin brother who is RB! Great! c",)

A Tiny Yellow Flower Plant!

Can someone tells me the exact name of this type of flower or flowering plant colored yellow which its petals bloom in the morning and close in the night?!

Here is the said plant which you can see in our home's mini garden:

Yup, one of my hobbies now is planting. I am now a collector of different plants. And I placed it outside our house, just in front of our door surrounding our home!

I am the one who collects and chooses the different plants. My mother then is the one who takes care of it!

Right now, I already collected several types of plants (sorry that I didn't know all the names of them). I even collected different bleeds of flowers! Yes, I have roses (pink and violet), santan, stargazer. and many more (I didn't know exactly the names of them! Hehe...)

That's what's I'm asking right now! Can you tell me the name of this tiny yellow flower with a strange characteristics?! That's your assignment guys! c",)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finding the Best Promotional Items on the Net!

Everyone one of us really loves to have a souvenir. In every events, gatherings, or companies we have joined, we are looking for a souvenir item. Souvenir or the so called promo item of the company is a form of treasuring them or making you remember that you become part of them for a moment!

Just like you who are treasuring those little items, I am also a sentimental person who truly cherishes every little thing I have!

Because giving souvenirs or promotional items is really a must nowadays to promote a certain brand or advertise a product, many companies were looking for the best online service that could give them the best offer every time they avail of different promotional products. Well, Branders is the answer! is the world's largest online seller of different promotional items. Over one million customers around the world are enjoying the good service, freebies, and guarantees of this site.

And why it gains the worldwide trust?! First, it's because it offers the lowest price guarantee. Second, it has 100% satisfaction guarantee. Third, it has an on-time shipment guarantee. It even gives free samples. And lastly, it provides free artwork enhancement.

The Website

Three Easy Steps to Avail

The Logo

What more, they sell promotional items with your own company logo! Actually, the site is committed to: "We've put more logos on more products than any other online promotional company!" Great!

These are some of the benefits Branders offers! That's why I am highly recommending it to all my friends. A simple product can be converted into a prized souvenir! For instance a business keychain can be a very special memorable item!

Actually, I remember my souvenir items I received here in my company. That was late 2009 when our company gave different souvenir items or promotional products from every Bravo cards or 'Good Job' you received. I grabbed a mug, a notebook, a ballpen, an emotional magnet, and highlighters. And the logo of our company were all in those products. I really cherished those things! I kept them all in the cleanest and safest locker I have in my room!

How about you?! I hope you enjoy all the promotional items you got from your company. On the other hand, if you want to give your own promotional products, hope you will also try Branders. Their service is really superb! c",)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rocky and Tessa Nieto-Valdez!

And these are the best photoshots I have with a celebrity. Picture perfect as they say!

If my pictures together with Elmo Magallona look like brother, and with her mom Ms. Pia Magallona look like mother and son, this time, my pictures with Ms. Tessa Nieto-Valdez look like 'mag-dyowa!' Hahaha...!!!

Take a look on our photos below and be the judge:

What can you say on our pictures?! Yeah, they were the best shots ever! They say we are a perfect couple! Hope not a May-December affair! Hehehe..!!! Maybe it's another Vicki Belo - Hayden Kho story! Haha!

The celebrity singer and fashionista Ms. Tessa Nieto-Valdez is always elegant and glamorous! In all the events she attended, she always wear her glamorous trademark! Actually, this is her second dress. Right after her interview during the program, she eventually changed clothes before signing autographs and gracing picture-takings!

After the mother and son Elmo and Pia, I immediately go to Ms. Tessa and asked for a picture taking. Thanks God, she already finished autograph signing that's why I solely taken her. And these two pictures were the products! A cute picture perfect!

That's all folks! Hope next time, I can share with you more pictures of me together with the other celebrities! Good luck! c",)

Rocky and Mommy Pia Magallona!

After I got shots with Elmo Magallona, it's now time for her mommy.

Her are two of the best photoshots with celebrity mom Ms. Pia Magallona. She is the mother of Elmo Magallona.

Let's take a quick glance with our pictures below. Here they go:

While we were having picture takings with her son Elmo, Ms. Pia was currently gracing live interviews from Studio 23, TV5, and GMA-7. After our photoshots with Elmo, I waited a while to have a shot with his mommy.

After her interview, I said, "Mam can we have picture?" And she willingly posed with me.

Since very few people were on our side, we got perfect photos. "Hindi masyado magalaw" unlike with Elmo. And these two were our best photos!

If Elmo and I look like brother, me and Ms. Pia on the other hand look like mother and son! Hehehe...

After Ms. Pia, I had one more shot. It was now with Ms. Tessa Nieto-Valdez! Coming it to you shortly...!!! c",)

Rocky and Elmo Magallona!

The recently concluded event of Hewlett-Packard or HP and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or BSP which aims to promote original products and fight fakes allow me to mingle with celebrities. And I took my opportunities to have pictures with them!

The first one is with the young actor / singer Elmo Magallona. Yup, he is the son of the late Master Rapper Francis Magallona.

And here are some of our photos:

We couldn't have a perfect shot with Elmo (aside from the first one above) since we're on the middle of the crowd. "Sobrang dami ng tao" around him asking for his autograph!

Well, while he was signing his autograph, I came closer to him. Then say, "Elmo pa-picture!" And he willingly posed pictures with me using my cellphone. It's hard to fit both our faces together in the camera. "Medyo magalaw pa sa dami ng tao." But still, he is willing to have a second, third, and fourth takes! Hahaha!

We got four takes in all that's why we have four pictures together! It's up to you to chose the best shot!

Rocky and Elmo...I and Elmo look like brother together!

I also have other pictures with Elmo's mom Ms. Pia Magallona and with the singer-stylish Tessa Nieto-Valdez coming shortly...! c",)

Friday, July 22, 2011

An HP Printer and BSP Money Endorser!

It's nice to be an endorser and advocate promoting original products! In the recently concluded event which fights fake products, I'm so glad being one of a commercial models!

Hewlett-Packard or HP company and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or BSP joined hands in promoting original products and fighting counterfeited items. The event was called 'No to Fakes' and was held in Landmark Trinoma Mall. It was delegated by other celebrities like Tessa Nieto-Valdez, Bam Aquino, Pia Magallona, and Elmo Magallona.

Below are some of my photoshots in the said event. Let's take a quick glance on these:

Aside from being a perfect endorser of their genuine products, I also enjoyed the different booths provided by these two big companies.

One of the booths is the BSP booth wherein they allow you to exchange your old peso bill to the new one. I was able to exchange my Php500, Php100, Php50, and Php20 bills into the new ones!

I also enjoyed the pictorial for a magazine cover. Yes, they'll launch their magazine called 'Original' mag and I'm the cover boy! Hehe...! I'll share with you the said cover in my next post.

And most of all, I enjoyed picture taking with the stars like Tessa Nieto-Valdez, Pia Magallona, and Elmo Magallona! Yup, I'll share with you those pictures in my next posts! Exciting!

We also watched a simple concert performed by Elmo and Imago during the event! Great!

This said event is a two-part event. I attended the first one. It was really fun and fulfilling even though I went home at 3pm from a night shift work! Hehe...!!! c",)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Advocate of Original Products!

Just this Wednesday morning, I accidentally attended a special event in Trinoma Mall. The event was brought by the largest IT company HP (Hewlett-Packard) and BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) which aims to fight fake products.

The event is called "No to Fake!" There were special booths wherein they give trivia about Philippine money, tells about the history of money, features visual effects showing the real peso bill, let us exchange our old or defective HP printers for the new ones, and let us exchange old peso bill for the new one.

And the thing I love most in the said event is that they gave us a free pictorial for a magazine cover! And the magazine is printed in a glossy paper using a hi-tech colored HP printer. It's free! So I took the opportunity! Hehehe...!!! On my next post, I will let you see how the magazine cover looks like!

While waiting for my magazine cover printout, I roam around the different booths to take pictures. Here are some:

Aside from these, the event gave us a short program, a talk show featuring four of the hottest celebrities. They were the singer Tessa Nieto-Valdez, the celebrity mom Pia Magallona, the advocate Bam Aquino, a stylish blogger, and the singer/actor Elmo Magallona!

Yes, I took pictures with Tessa, Pia, and Elmo! And I will share with you those pictures in my succeeding posts! Exciting!

Elmo Magallona even sung a song for us. Afterwards he graced interview together with his mom. The event was concluded by a live band Imago who performed music for us while we were waiting for our magazine cover printouts!

On my next posts, I will share with you more pictures taken during the event! c",)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Missed This Event!

So sad that I missed this event:

It's already three months ago before I learned that there is a Bloggers Night sponsored by Kenny Rogers Roaster. The even is called "Kenny's Bloggers Night."

This event is a gathering of all the active bloggers around the net. Of course there were free foods and meals offered by the restaurant. But the big event was that, the hottest AZKALS brothers Phil and James Younghusband were there!

Yup, Phil and James were the special guests of the event since they were the newest endorsers of this restaurant! And they will share their insights via interviews. They were free for questions and answers and of course for picture taking! "Sayang"!

Hayz...too late to know! When I surf the net, I saw many blogs featuring this event. And I saw many bloggers having their picture takings with Angel Locsin's rumored boyfriend Phil Younghusband!

"Sayang talaga...!" "Sana ngayon I have pictures with the AZKALS heartthrobs na ipagyayabang...!!!" Hopefully there's more next time! Hoping...!!! c",)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Education on the Internet!

We are now living on the modern busy world! Works, activities, business, and other things that really needs physical attention were surrounding our lives. And because of being too busy, sometimes we forget to pay attention to one of the most important needs - education!

Some people who already got a job didn't anymore pursue their students. Many employees nowadays have lack of education. They reason out that since they already earning money, why need to continue study or pursue another degree!

Other people who already had a job even wants to have a degree! But the problem and the main barrier is time! Lack of time to study!

But since we're already on the modern world, this is not anymore a major problem! The solution is online education!

Since internet is truly an in-demand need nowadays, online education is now offered! Yes, there is now an education on the internet which offers Online Courses. Name it, they have it!

Variety of degrees and courses are now on the internet! For instance in the field of nursing and medicine, there is an online degree programs in nursing.

Another example is the which gives a Free Application For Federal Student Aid! Nice!

See, it's truly a hassle free!These online degree programs let us earn our degree while still working full or part-time. We can study at our own convenient time! Even the house moms or house dads can take online course on their free time! Great!

With these online programs, no more reasons to say no, no to education! Rather we can now say, go...go..go..!!! c",)

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Search for a Puma Bag!

Last Tuesday morning right after my nigh shift work, I go to Trinoma to look for a Puma bag. Yup, it's for my brother. He will use it as a school bag.

I go to the department store of Trinoma to look for the said bag. My brother desire for a shoulder Puma bag. But I fail to see what he's looking for.

Until I go to the Puma store still located in Trinoma. And I found a bag similar to his need. Below:

Too Big to Handle!

The Price is So High!

Yeah, that said bag is very similar to what my brother wants. But it's too big! It didn't looks like a school bag but a vacation package bag! And look, the price is too high! It's almost Php2,000 plus!

Well, I took then the opportunity. I like the saleslady who attended me. And I ask her to took this photos of me holding and wearing the said bag! Hehe...!

Yeah, I want to have a picture with her. But it's too obvious to ask her to have a picture with me!

To end up the story, I just bought a similar bag in Bench. And my brother now is using it! c",)

The Last Movie Date!

Until now, I wasn't yet fully recovered from the pain brought by my wounded heart. Still, the short memories we have keep on haunting me!

I was with that person month ago watching the romance-drama movie of Angel Locsin, Aga Muchlach and Jake Cuenca. While we're watching the film, our hands were holding too tight! And that made us feel the real emotion and love brought by the said film!

I even loved the soundtrack of the said movie. Eventually, I remembered her whenever the said music was played! That was my theme song for her.

After having our movie date, we still go out together. I even plan to have another movie date to her. But eventually, "In the Name of Love" will be our last movie date!

We have no communications at all for the last two weeks. I missed her texts. When I text her last Monday, I received a too painful bad news! I asked her for another date. But a painful replied said: "Malabo na, Committed na ako!" Ouch! "Kelan pa," I asked. "Two weeks ago!"

I think I'm loving her na! Why did now that she's gone makes me missed her?! Why did I realized too late that I needed her?!

Hayz...I don't want to watch a movie or an event anymore! I'm gonna lost now my Chicago White Sox Tickets or my Los Angeles Angels Tickets. So sad that I couldn't anymore share with her my Chicago Cubs Tickets or my Houston Astros Tickets. It's so sad if I'll watch alone using my Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets!

Right now I'm trying to heal the pain! I'm looking for a better one! Hope that God will send me a better person that would heal the wound in my heart! Seems that I'm once again taken...taken for granted! =(

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Got Free Men's Items from My Men's Health Magazine!

I am an avid reader and collector of Men's Health Magazine since September 2009. Every month, I bought a copy of it. My bookshelf cabinet was almost full because of these magazines as well as my other magazine collections.

I love this magazine because it gives me proper training workout tips and healthy food diets. It also gives health facts about foods, prevention of diseases, and sex guides. Featured male actors also shared workout tips on how they got a chiseled sexy body!

But the June's issue of the said magazine is the one I love most! It's because, it gives lots of free items! Yeah, it gives a complete men's kikay kit all for free!

Here are the free items given by this mag:

I Like the Free Pouch Bag

I Share with My Brother the Free Men's Kikay Kit!

It's so extravagant! The amount of the magazine is only Php140. But the free men's items were more than the magazine's price!

The free items were a pouch bag, a Dove for men soap, a Clear Men Shampoo, a Rexona Sports Deodorant, and Vaseline Men Facial Wash! When I looked at the actual individual price of the items in the department store, the Dove is Php62, the Rexona is Php82, the Vaseline is Php84, and the Clear Shampoo is Php70. Summing the amount, its greater than the actual magazine's price! Amazing!

I bought the said magazine on Shell Select in Ayala, Makati. I wonder why the said magazine has free men's package only in Shell Select. In other bookstores like in SM, Trinoma, or in Book Sales, the magazine has no free items!

So I immediately took the opportunity to buy the said magazine right after my night shift work in Shell Select. "Hirap na baka magka-ubusan!" Thanks God I grabbed one!

Now, I enjoyed the magazine as well as its free products with my brother! "Minsan lang 'to!" Hopefully sa susunod uli...! c",)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Billboards Which Cause Accidents!

These are the two of the very controversial billboards posted along the busy roads of EDSA.

The models are mainly the members of today's hottest football teams. They were very daring on the said billboards wearing only underwear and exposing their hot bodies. All of the them endorse the hit clothing brand Bench.

Here are two of the hottest Bench Body billboards:

AZKALS' Aly Borromeo on Estrella Street Rockwell

The Philippine Rugby Team on EDSA Guadalupe

The Team Captain of AZKALS football team Aly Borromeo was spotted on Edsa Southbound, in between Guadalupe and Estrella Street/Rockwell. On the other hand, the Philippine National Rugby Team, also known as the Philippine Volcanoes, spotted on EDSA Guadalupe.

Because of the different complaints for the said billboards, MMDA chairman already removed the said billboards of the Philippine Rugby Team. The billboard of Aly Borromeo is the next target!

Someday I will be having daring billboards just like these! But I'm thinking right now if I'll continue to do so...! "Sayang naman baka ipatanggal din!" c",)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Counting Down My Blog Earnings Last 2nd Quarter of 2011!

My blogs now are like golden geese who were laying golden eggs. Just like trees, there are now grown and giving me sweet fruits! They are giving me extra income right not!

It's like a harvest time last second quarter of 2011 (April - June). "Panahon ng anihan...anihan ng pera!" I already harvested the fruits of my blogs! They already bear fruits for me! They already laid golden eggs for me!

I like to summarize the income I received last quarter from my blogs. Yup, not included on this are the previous ones I received from January to March 2011.

So here are my income from different accounts of my blogs:

My Second Google Adsense Payment

My Accumulative Payment from Paid Posts

Another Ads Payment in Philippine Pesos

My New Paid Posts Account Payment

To sum up all these payments last second quarter, I have $122.41 plus $101.40 plus $50.40 and Php2,150.56. Do the honor of adding! =)

Just this month, I registered to two new income generating ads for blogs. One is a pop ad while the other one is a revenue generated from traffics.

And by the end of July, I will receive another Google Adsense payments, my third payment through Western Union! Yipee! The said incoming payment closed at $179. Don't worry, I will share with you that said income when I received it at the end of the month!

Once more, I hope I inspired you with my blogs! Until next time of financial statement of earnings! c",)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2011 - "Anything Under the Sun!"

Another new month has come! We're already on the 7th month of the year - the month of July!

We are already on the mid part part of the second quarter of 2011. And just like we always do every start of the month, I'm giving you bird's eye view on topics that you can expect here in The Rock Land.

What do you think is our topic for this month?!'s anything you want! It's anything and everything under the sun!

Since there's nothing so special for this month of July, I will share with you posts and stories anything under the sun! Different topics that are really interesting!

Expect for humors, fun posts, photographs, inspirational stories, and of course my personal updates!

So are you now more excited?! Definitely! There's more surprise to come this month of July! Get ready...! c",)

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