Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Best Nightlife of Your Life Through Party Registry!

Party! Party! Party! Party all night long! Who among us didn't love to party?! Who don't go on gimmicks every Friday nights or every weekends?!

Since December last year, I love to hang-out with friends and go for party! We dance on the dance floor and party 'till we drop! And we love to meet someone!

Here in our country, there are local prestige bars and discos that you may want to dance with. But in New York, did you know that there is a particular prestige bar that offers everything?! This is the Party Registry! And it gives everything you want in Nightclubs.

Party Registry is a site that offers everything you want to know on New York Nightclubs. It gives the best New York Nightlife we all want!

On PartyRegistry.Com you can find local DJ parties, parties at nightclubs or other events that may interest you. You can sort to view only your local events in clubs, restaurants, lounges and bars.

If you are planning a trip, we recommend that you search for events or parties in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chiago and Boston nightclubs, parties in night clubs in Las Vegas or hottest parties at clubs in Las Vegas. DJ’s, Promoters and Owners of night clubs have been posting their best events and parties on Party Registry.

One of the best DJ that you can meet in Party Registry is DJ Givi S. Here he is:

DJ Givi S

Aside from the list of events and upcoming shows, PR or Party Registry also shows different videos. Yup, videos of the related events that happening on the nightlife!

Party Registry even offers other applications. With Party Registry applications you can find local spots and events that may interest you. You can now join guest lists of the events that you plan to attend.

So let's go party...party...party! Hands up on the air! c",)

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Two Music Video Versions of 'Lupang Hinirang!'

Two versions of the music videos of our Philippine National anthem were introduced by the Kapamilya and Kapuso networks. And both of them presented it with art and prestige!

Both the biggest and the brightest Kapuso and Kapamilya stars were present in their respective music videos. And all of them have their respective parts in the said videos.

Both the music videos were like a Station ID (SID) as the brightest stars of the networks gathered together. But of course, the two music videos have their respective themes.

The GMA-7's version which was launched last year focused on the historic events of the Philippines. The Kapuso stars played as Philippine heroes and acted the event in our history. For instance Aljur Abrenica portrayed Lapu-Lapu, Dingdong Dantes as Gregorio Del Pillar, Richard Gutierrez as Manuel L. Quezon, and Marvin Agustin as Dr. Jose Rizal.

Meanwhile in the ABS-CBN's version, the Kapamilya stars were presented singing properly the national anthem. They were divided into the four main colors of the Philippine flag. They wore their respective colors as they sing "Lupang Hinirang". And of course, the beautiful Philippine sceneric views were also shown in the music video.

Now the question goes, which between these two music videos of "Lupang Hinirang" do you love and like more?! Which is better between the two?!

Well, let's check out and compare the two "Lupang Hinirang" music videos coming from the Kapuso and Kapamilya networks. Here they go:

Kapamilya Version:

Kapuso Version:

Both the two music videos were great! Both ABS-CBN and GMA-7 showed their efforts and gave their best for the music video of our Philippine National anthem! Two thumbs up for these two!

The two music videos were really different. They have their own styles! They have their own themes. There's no need to compare and fight for these since both were great!

Hmmm...is the third giant network which is TV5 also plans to launch their own music video of "Lupang Hinirang"?! We'll wait and see! c",)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The 'U Rock 7' Gifts of Appreciation!

Like I've told you on my previous post, I will share with you my simple but cute gifts of appreciation which I gave to my awardees in my recently concluded "U Rock 7". And here they go!

These are seven cute souvenir items I bought and gave to my top performing people during my release project. Let's take a quick glance on them.

These cute items are special memo notes and casing with a 'Good Work' or 'Good Job' or 'Excellent' marks. Of course at the back of them, I wrote my simple message and dedication of their job well done! I expressed in the said message how I appreciate their good works!

"U Rock 7" is a spin off of my first "U Rock 5". "U Rock" is my very own initiative which recognized the top performing people during my project. I chose the best among them and I rewarded them with gifts and chocolate at the end of our project.

These cute gifts of appreciations come together with the Choco Mucho. They were very happy and thankful for these simple gifts of appreciation!

"U Rock" is my way of saying thank you. It's my style of appreciating my top-performing people! It's my very own initiative of motivating people! 'Till next time of my next round of "U Rock"! c",)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Choco Mucho for U Rock Awards!

One of my trademark in every awards that I give is a chocolate. During my trainings, I always gave chocolates as one of my many prizes. And during my two "U Rock" awards, I gave chocolate to my awardees.

It started in "U Rock 5", I gave my recipients chocolate. And this chocolate is the ChocoMucho.

In my recently concluded "U Rock 7", I retain the ChocoMucho. Yup, I still gave my awardees this delicious chocolate-caramel crunch together with my souvenir items.

Unlike "U Rock 5" wherein I gave different flavors of ChocoMucho, in "U Rock 7", I bought one flavor. I bought this box of ChocoMucho and gave it to my seven outstanding people!

On my next post, I will share with you those simple cute souvenir items which I gave to them! Keep on rocking on! U Rock! c",)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

U Rock 7!

Our project or release which I handled for this year is already finished! And just like last year, I will conduct another round of the so-called "U Rock"!

"U Rock" is my very own initiative as a Test Manager or as a Test Coordinator which give recognition to my top performing people. I started it in 2010 during my first turn as a Test Coordinator or Test Manager. Then I continue it here in my new release.

It started before as "U Rock 5" which mean my top 5 top-performing people. But this time, it is "U Rock 7!" It's because, seven people really stand out!

The two pictures above symbolize my "U Rock 7." Yeah, the first one is my official "U Rock 7" design logo. As you can see, 7 shadows of people were there. That 7 shadows represent my Top 7 performers!

Just like I always do, I give gifts of appreciation! Last year it was a mini-pocket and a chocolate (Muchos). Now, can you guess what will I give?! Yeah, there is also a chocolate bar (another Mucho) but what do you think will be my souvenir or gift of appreciations?!

I will reveal it to you later. My "U Rock 7" awarding will be conducted tomorrow during our Team Building and Outing! So, you must wait for that! Enjoy! c",)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 2011 - "The Wedding and Back To School Month!"

Wedding and school...these are the two words that best describe the month of June!

June is the month wherein many of the wedding are set. This is also the same month when we go back in school!

Well for this month, I will share with you some of my school experience! Yeah, those precious memories we should back to in school days!

And of course, we will also tackle wedding and wedding bells! We will even touch some of my inspiring love stories!

So let's start the month right! We will look back and we will look forward this month of June! We will look back in my school days and we will look forward to my future wedding! Nice! c",)

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