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Friday, May 6, 2011

Another Ads Payment!

I just received a notification of payment from my paid post. It worth $25! Nice!

Sorry for the shaded items. I decided to shade those confidential items for privacy purposes. -)

This $25 payment now adds to my previous accumulated $29 fund in this account giving me a total of $54. Now I can withdraw this amount via my pay pal since you need to accumulate a minimum of $50 before you can withdraw your fund to avoid certain charges.

This is one of my blog earnings. I was being paid by writing articles about their company, website, or business. It's called a paid post wherein either you blog about them or you put their links on your post!

Well, I hope I inspire you once more. Next week I will receive my second Google Adsense payment! Yippee! So what for my next inspiring post about my blog earnings! Have a good day everyone! c",)

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